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Coast 2 Coast AM - April 24, 2012 - Bigfoot & Beast Of Boggy Creek

Coast 2 Coast AM - April 22, 2012 - Martin Luther King Jr. Assasination & Zodiac Killings

Anderson Cooper - Alien Abduction

The media has a habit of finding the nuttiest of UFO believers and giving them air time while the more interesting cases are pushed to the side. I have not seen all of these video clips but that appears to be what's going on here.

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Book Review: The New Orleans Voodoo Handbook

The book is, The New Orleans Voodoo Handbook by Kenaz Filan.

I'm not quite sure what to make of this book. Either Filan knows so little about New Orleans Voodoo that he has to pad the book with his opinions on restaurants, accommodations, Mardi Gras, celebrities, music and musicians, and Hurricane Katrina, or else there really is nothing to New Orleans Voodoo. If the former is true then Filan should be ashamed for writing this book.

The book is a very basic introduction at best. Section 1 of the book has nothing whatsoever to do with New Orleans Voodoo, save for a scant 10 pages that deals with the alleged "recreation" of New Orleans Voodoo. The actual "good" part of the book doesn't start until section 3 where Filan delves into spirits. This section is interesting but it is only a brief introduction. In section 4 Filan tries to present the magic of New Orleans Voodoo. Of couse this magic is nothing but traditional hoodoo/rootwork/conjure that has been mutated or transformed into something else. It seems as if Filan was very dependant upon Cat Yronwode's website,, for most of his information. The sections on candles and oils are trite and leaves the impression that Filan does not have a lengthy experience with using such items. There are a couple of good "spells" provided; however in one of them Filan makes the assumption that the reader is a gay male like himself and advises the reader to anoint a red penis candle with their own semen in an "anti-impotence" rite on a male lover. Section 5, the final section, deals with vacationing in New Orleans.

I was not impressed with this book and simply would not recommend it. It's a waste of time. The one part I do agree with Filan on was his acknowledgement that New Orleans Voodoo is inclusive and not exclusive, meaning it's a "Do Whatever You Want" tradition.

On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest, I give this book a 2. Don't waste your money on it. If you must read it then try your local library.

Naked Wiccan Ceremony Goes Up In Flames

Two naked Wiccan men managed to set fire to their apartment during a Wiccan cleansing ritual. Even though it was obvious that the fire was growing out of control the two men did not want to voluntarily leave and had to be forced out by firefighters. The two men also refused to cover-up.

 Naked men started flat fire in Wiccan ritual to get rid of negative vibes

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The Hex House

Remember those tales from your childhood of witches enslaving people? Well, the legends are true for the Tulsa, OK, "Hex House".

In 1944, Police raided a home owned by Carolanne Smith in Tulsa, OK. During the raid the police found a casket containing the remains of a dog buried in the backyard and two women living in squalor in the basement. The women, Nell Willeta Horner and Virginia Evans, were dressed in tattered clothing and were forced to sleep on orange crates. Meanwhile, Smith lived a life of luxury upstairs. When interviewed the victims claimed that Smith had forced them to live in squalor by both threats of spells and witchcraft as well as promises of a big reward that was to come. The women also claimed to have been beaten, or rather "purified" in religious ceremonies and that they were forced to turn their paychecks over to Smith. Additionally, Smith was conning the father of one of the women into paying her $31 a month for a "nurse" and treatment of one of the women whom she claimed was mentally ill.  Several books on witchcraft, hypnosis, mesmerism, and mind control were found in the house which seemed to support the accusations. Additional research revealed that Smith's husband had allegedly shot himself and that Smith was living off of the insurance money. Smith's housekeeper also strangely died soon later when she walked out into traffic for no apparent reason and was struck and killed. Smith had taken out a life insurance policy on the housekeeper as well and also collected a large sum of money.

Due to the nature of the case the police dubbed it, "Hex House". Smith would eventually be sentenced to 1 year in jail. In all the woman claimed to have been kept prisoner for seven years.

Was Carolanne Smith a witch? Did she use her powers to make her husband kill himself and force her maid into walking out into traffic? Was Smith using the dark arts to enslave the female victims and make them give her their money? Did Smith plan on taking out life insurance policies on the two victims and was this the big reward that she spoke of?

In 1975 the Hex House was torn down and became the parking lot of the Akdar Shrine. Legend has it that only the house was demolished and that the basement containing Smith's witchcraft paraphernalia still exists underneath. The Akdar Shrine is no longer located there but the parking lot still remains. There have been reports of all kinds of paranormal or supernatural occurrences at the location. The most common report is of parked cars moving. The location of the Hex House is still a popular hang-out location and place to explore around Halloween-time. The OKC public library allegedly kept a file on the Hex House until the contents of the file were stolen. The Hex House has also inspired the formation of a local haunted attraction of the same name that operates around Halloween.

The Hex House, or rather the parking lot, is located at the corner of 10 E 21 St, in Tulsa, OK.

Only In Oklahoma: 'Hex House' Never Lives Up To Spooky Name

The Spook Files: Tulsa Hex House

Hex House Haunted Attraction

Book Review: American Voudou

The book is, American Voudou: Journey Into A Hidden World by Rod Davis.

I first read this book back in 2000. This is a rather entertaining and interesting read that could best be summed up as a "road trip", as that is basically what the author did. The author went on a road trip to discover "voodoo" in America. Unfortunately he should have left his assumptions at home before setting out. Davis labels pretty much anything that can be described as African as being "voodoo". Thus we have actual Voodou, New Orleans Voodoo, Santeria, Ifa, Palo, and even Hoodoo as being "Voudou", or more specifically, "American Voudou".

Can you imagine a person going around asking to be taken to a Voodooist? Because that's exactly what Davis did. He went to places where workers, practitioners of hoodoo/rootwork/conjure, can be found and just had this assumption that it was Voudou and that these people worked with the Loas and the Orishas.

There are hints that Davis did know that hoodoo and voodoo are not the same thing. Then there are big whopping misses. For example, Davis claim that a 'mojo' can be used as a synonym for a gris-gris bag, which is true but in the South the term mojo is far more common than a gris-gris. However, Davis states that a mojo more properly refers to a black cat bone. Nope!

The good things about the book is that it is entertaining and keeps the reader's interest. Part 2 deals specifically with hoodoo/rootwork/conjure. The bad news is that Davis got it wrong, big time. The problem is not the writing, but his assumption that everything was "Voudou".

On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest, I give the book a 5. Had Davis chose to write specifically on hoodoo/rootwork/conjure or even New Orleans Voodoo, then I would definitely have rated the book higher.

Book Review: Ozark Tales And Superstitions

The book is, Ozark Tales And Superstitions by Phillip W. Steele.

This is a short little booklet with a mere 96 pages. In it can be found tales of spooks and native legends. My personal favorites were the lists of superstitions and omens. I was surprised to see so many listed that I was told from a little kid. Included is a small section on the Heavener Rune Stones, an enigmatic set of glyph near Heavener, OK, that may have been carved by the Vikings.

Now for the bad news. The book is rather boring. It was also obvious that the author did not do much research for this book.

On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest, I give this book a 3.

Book Review: The Witch's Bag Of Tricks: Personalize Your Magic & Kickstart Your Craft

The book is, The Witch's Bag Of Tricks: Personalize Your Magick & Kickstart Your Craft by Melanie Marquis.

I picked this book up based solely on the title. I was disappointed with the book and did not finish reading it.

There is a certain trend among Wiccans and other self-described witches in which people talk about magic instead of actually doing it. This is one of those books. It's the author's opinion on magic and her suggestions or advice on how to get in touch with your power. The information provided is mostly of a trivial nature. Despite the title of the book, there are no actual "tricks" provided.

On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest, I give the book a 1.

Nessie On Sonar?

An image of a long, serpentine object trailing a vessel has been recorded on radar. Is it the Loch Ness Monster?

Is this the Loch Ness Monster? Sonar picture shows 'serpent-like creature' at bottom of mysterious loch

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Midnight Offerings (1981)

This is the 1980s version of The Craft. I remember seeing this as a kid. In fact, I think this may have been the first "witch" movie that got me fascinated with magic and interested in hidden things.

When Debunkers Attack: Exeter UFO Incident

Recently certain notorious debunkers have attacked the Exeter UFO case, which is one of the most interesting and frightening of modern UFO cases. They have failed of course to debunk the case but this example serves to expose that debunkers cannot and must not allow a case to remain unexplained. A debunker is not going to throw their hands up in the air and admit that there is not a logical explanation for any alleged sighting. Instead, all unexplained sightings must be attacked and dismantled and even if what the debunkers claim happened is more absurd than the original sighting.

If you are not familiar with the Exeter UFO case then read my blog entry on it below:

The Exeter UFO Incident

Now, for the blog entry on the debunkers attack on the incident:

The Recent Fuss About The Exeter Case

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Strange Universe - Tupac Lives!

Coast 2 Coast AM - April 20, 2012 - Police UFO Sightings

Suge Knight Says Tupac Might Be Alive

In a recent interview Suge Knight dropped hints that Tupac might be alive. Knight claims that nobody saw his body and that the person who allegedly cremated him up and disappeared.

I think Tupac is dead; however, if he shows up in 2014 like the believers in the 7 Day Theory Conspiracy believe, then I will be completely shocked and Tupac will go down as one of the world's most creative geniuses to have ever lived.

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Buffy In 10 Minutes

For Buffy/Angel Fans....Go See 'Cabin In The Woods'!

If you haven't seen Cabin In The Woods yet then I highly recommend it. I saw it last night and was very pleased. Joss Whedon is the producer and the movie fits well into the buffyverse. In fact I would venture to say that it's probably the closest thing we will have to an actual Buffy movie unless the remake is back on. Be on the look out for Buffy/Angel actor cameos.

Alex Sanders And Doreen Valiente Speak - Earth Magic (1989)

Teen Drugged, Molested First Day On The Job At Botanica

A male teen who had just started a job at a Botanica was allegedly drugged and raped by his boss.

Cops: Inwood Man Drugged Teen, Had Sexual Relations With Him

Real Men In Black Caught On Camera

UPDATE!: This video has been exposed as a viral vid for the Men In Black III movie.

Live-Birth Chicken

A chicken in Sri Lanka has given birth to a live chick. For some reason the egg was not laid but kept inside where the baby chick grew and hatched. Unfortunately the mother died shortly afterward.

'Eggless' chick laid by hen in Sri Lanka

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Hoodoo Truth: Tired Of The B.S. Online?

If you are tired of the b.s. online and want to discuss real hoodoo/rootwork/conjure, come on over to my blog, My Secret Hoodoo. You are welcome there and unlike other places it is run by me, a worker that doesn't kiss other workers ass and it is a place where you can freely speak your mind. I don't believe in censorship (unlike other sites online!).

The only thing I ask is that you be interested in real, traditional, old-school conjure work. I don't want witches and people from other traditions to show up simply because they want to steal the work and make it theirs. Because I'm no sell-out. If you just can not work with God and the bible then you aren't worthy of learning conjure work.

A Witch Is Born - Alex Sanders

This Morning - Rendlesham Forest UFO

UFO Filmed Over Lake Lawtonka In Oklahoma


Moon Landing: Hoax, Hype, Or Both?

I'm in the middle of watching a documentary that just blew my mind. I'm sure many people have heard of the moon landing hoax conspiracy, the belief among some that we never landed on the moon and that the whole thing was faked. If not let me just go over a few important things about the theory:

1.) Some have stated we didn't have the technology. Looking back it is weird that just a couple of years prior we didn't have the technology to do it but then "boom" everything fell into place.

2.) Some claim the radiation would kill the astronauts. It is true there was little to no means to protect from radiation.

3.) Billions of dollars of tax-payer money was spent on the project so the plan was allegedly made to fake it after it was determined that it was not currently possible back then in 1969. You know in order to prevent public outrage.

4.) The U.S. also wanted to save face and make them appear to be more technologically advanced so they faked it.

5.) What most people have no idea about: NASA built gigantic simulations of the moon's surface and built multiple simulators and simulations. The purpose of this was supposed to be for training purposes. However, some speculate these were in fact used to fake the entire thing.

Now, I do not believe in the moon landing hoax conspiracy. However, the documentary, "Secret Space", blew me away with a scenario. What if the believers in the conspiracy were half-right?

It's called "Manipulated Reality". It's where reality is a purposefully altered, via altering of pictures, video, staged scenes, etc., and then presented as if it is unaltered reality. So, what if the believers in the conspiracy are half-right, that SOME of the pictures and footage of the moon landing are fake or have been altered? Ponder that.

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Oklahoma Woman Murdered Dwarf With Crystal Ball

Probably the oddest crime I've heard of in a long time! An Oklahoma woman has been convicted of murdering a dwarf with a crystal ball. She was sentenced to life in prison for her crime.

Oklahoma City woman gets life for crystal ball murder


Grasper, The Butt-Pinching Ghost

The Queen Anne's pub is reportedly haunted by a spectre that enjoys pinching bums, of both men and women. The ghost also like to light up though smoking is banned.

Call the health inspectre! The pub poltergeist who likes to flout the smoking ban (and enjoys pinching the barmaids' bottoms)


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The Hoodoo Truth: Bowing Out Completely

I talked to a mentor of mine and did some soul-searching. I've decided that I will no longer write on hoodoo/rootwork/conjure simply because 99% of the people who want to learn it are witches and don't give a damn about actual traditional, conjure work. They will not pass true, traditional conjure work on to other people because they are witches. Instead, they will take it and claim it was theirs from the very beginning and traditional conjure work will be dead and extinct.

My mentor previously warned me not to mess with anybody online but I didn't heed her advice. Now I know what she was trying to warn me about. Pearls to swine. Not everyone is worthy to learn it. But the problem is online is that it's being taught to anyone who is willing to pay. For the first time in conjure history pagans, witches, druids, Buddhists, and people of all other faiths are being taught conjure work when in real-life this would never happen. Repeat: NEVER HAPPEN. If you could not use the Christian God and the Bible then you were not worthy of learning it. Because you are not entitled to learn it. (And why are they so attracted to it? -No craft in their so-called witchcraft.)

So this is my bow out. I won't contribute to the destruction of the tradition. I know that in my time writing on it that I have met a few people who I know have a genuine interest. This said, I've spoken to more witches who don't give a damn about conjure work and freely admit their goal of assimilating it and claiming it as their own.

So to my readers, beware the online wolves. In my years online I've only met one traditional conjure worker and multiple witches claiming to be conjure workers. What does that tell you?



Addendum & Clarification: I may still blog on certain things about hoodoo but I will no longer share secrets, give instructions or recipes, etc. Like if there is a news article or an interesting video or blogtalk show, then I will blog on it. All the stuff that I've normally been blogging on I will discontinue.

Book Review: Strange State: Mysteries And Legends Of Oklahoma

The book is, Strange State: The Mysteries And Legends Of Oklahoma by Cullan Hudson.

This book did not start off well for me. I saw there was a section on "Voodoo and Witchcraft in Oklahoma", so I immediately turned to that section. What I discovered was that the author had not done his homework. There was no voodoo in Oklahoma. There was a lot of hoodoo/rootwork/conjure going on. And most people would be suprised about just how much hoodoo was happening in Oklahoma! People forget that Oklahoma is also a Southern state! So the author does not know the difference between hoodoo and voodoo. The author also only gave small crumbs of information instead of fleshing out the material. For example, he mentions that Charles Becker, a former Oklahoma City Chief of Police had stated back in the 1930s that he had recovered multiple "ouangas" and gris-gris bags from people. This fell under the authors title of " Of Loas and Lawmen". The information had nothing to do with the loas and the author for some reason didn't include a picture of Becker, a reprint of any existing newspaper article or an official quote. It's like he just briefly mentions it and moves on. Much of the material presented is in that fashion. It's a shame because there are some hints at really good stories here. For example, in 1947 a man burst into the Oklahoma State Attorney's office claiming that he was being hexed by his wife and sons. However, the author doesn't even include their names and like most of the stories presented, the tale remains "fleshless" or "bare-boned".

So I have three basic issues with this book. The first being the author didn't do his homework with regard to the whole "voodoo" nonsense. The second being that the author did not flesh out the stories. The final criticism I have is that the author pursued a skeptical or debunking approach to several legends. As far as I can tell that was not the purpose of the book but simply something the author chose to do. I think it was a poor decision and a good editor may have been able to tell him that it didn't quite fit. It is possible to write on local folklore and legends while not presenting yourself as a believer or a debunker. I think the author should strive for this in any future writings. I also think the author should try to use more descriptive or even "poetic" or "flowery" language to attempt to set the tone. The tone of this book was very straight-forward and dry. That doesn't make good storytelling. When you recount folklore you need to write it as if you were telling a story to a group of people and you need to set the tone and invoke that feeling of mystery, awe, and even fright. All of that good stuff was missing.

On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest, I give this book a 3.

Indian Politicians Offer Reward For Vampire Corpse

Residents of Dharmapuri, India, believe that vampires are killing their cattle. Local politicians have offered a reward for the corpse of a vampire to help bring an end to the hysteria.

Vampire Bounty Offered By Politicians In India

Cannibal Couple Turned Women Into Empanadas

A Brazilian couple have been arrested for murdering two women and eating them. The pair believed that the spirits advised them that the women were "bad". The pair also believed that consuming human flesh would cleanse them.

Brazil 'cannibals turned women into pastries'

The Hoodoo Truth: Thaumaturgic Dysfunction (Magical Burnout) - Why It Happens And What To Do About It

Magical burnout happens to every worker. I call it, "thaumaturgic dysfunction" (thaumaturgy = "working of magic"). Unfortunately there's no little blue pill you can take. If by chance you find that you cannot rise to the occasion then just realize it's natural and that all practitioners of any magical tradition will experience it at some point. So what causes "thaumaturgical dysfunction" or magical burnout? Below is a list of possible reasons.

Signs of Thaumaturgic Dysfunction (Magical Burnout)

1.) You are physically exhausted.

If in your mundane life you have had a hard day or week then you may simply be too physically exhausted to perform effective conjure work.

2.) You have not been getting enough sleep.

Similar to number 1, if you are not getting proper sleep this this will effect all areas of your life, including your conjure work.

3.) You are sick or physically ill.

Being sick will sap your strength and energy and will effect your conjure work.

4.) You are under a lot of stress.

If you are under a lot of stress then it will effect your conjure work. Usually workers who are stressed out cannot concentrate effectively and the stress may make their work go 'wonky'.

5.) Your body doesn't have the proper vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, etc.

I know this from personal experience.

6.) You are extremely emotional or angry.

Emotions can provide an extreme amount of energy to a working but being too emotional may actually prevent you from concentrating and thinking clearly. This will effect your conjure work.

7.) You've been doing unjustified work.

Conjure is a gift and if abused it can be taken away by God.

8.) You are experiencing an episode of depression.

When you are depressed you have low energy to begin with and this will effect your conjure work.

9.) You are experiencing an episode of having low self-esteem.

10.) You are doing the same thing over and over again.

11.) You've been crossed or tied-up, held-down by another worker.

12.) You've crossed up or tied up yourself unknowingly.

13.) You are doing too many works in a short period of time.

Some people say don't do no more than 3 works a day. I say that even 3 can be too much. Judge your energy level and your level of concentration. One day you may have only energy for 1 work. The next day you may be able to pull off 4 works. It all depends on how you feel when choosing to do the work.

Tips For Dealing With Thaumaturgic Dysfunction (Magical Burnout):

1.) Get proper rest.

2.) Exercise.

3.) Take vitaminss or mineral supplements.

4.) Eat healthy.

5.) Do stress relieving exercises or activities.

6.) Go for a walk in nature, if possible.

7.) Make sure you are only doing justified work.

8.) Perform an uncrossing or cleansing.

9.) Learn new ways of working. (Don't do the same thing over and over. Ex- If all you do is work with candles then you will eventually get tired of it. Learn new ways of working.)

10.) Give it a rest. Set a specific time, such as three days, a week, two weeks, a month, etc., in which you will not perform any works.

11.) Take a vacation.

13.) Recharge your batteries faster by going somewhere with a lot of ambient energy, such as a football game, or place with a large excited crowd. Another choice would be to get out in nature where there is a lot of life present. Then you suck up the ambient energy. It's not hard because you already have a vacuum to begin with.. The extra energy will automatically flow into you. All you have to do is let it in. The third option is sex.

14.) Wake up your dulled brain by forcing yourself to do a new activity. For example, most people drive the same route to work each day. Break that up by choosing a different route. Another thing you can do is to switch the hand you hold your toothbrush in. This sounds trivial but I can assure you that if you do small things like that your brain will be awakened and you will find that you are suddenly more alert. The reason being is that anytime you do something new your brain has to learn it and process it and this requires it to pay more attention, meaning you are more alert and responsive. That sensation will last a good while.

The Hoodoo Truth: Quit Spamming These Threads

I'm not one for censoring. I will allow any comment from people who want to voice their opinions. However, I will immediately delete all spam comments. Normally blogger does a great job of isolating spam comments but people can get around it by posting fake comments. This is not the place for you to spam the services of a spell caster, Wiccan, Voodooist, or psychic medium. I promise you I will delete any and every spam comment. If you continue to spam these threads then I would just like you to know that you are wasting your time. I'm not stupid. I can spot a spam comment a mile away. Typing, "Great information Doc!" as the first sentence doesn't fool me.

To my actual readers, if by chance you catch a spam comment before I delete it then please don't be fooled. I am not associated with any group online. Some of them are written as a fake person 'thanking me' for recommending them to a spell caster. Included is the website and contact info of that spell caster. It's a lie, folks.

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The Hoodoo Truth: Do You Have To Believe?

I got an email the other day where a woman asked me if she had to force herself to believe in magic in order for it to work. The answer is no. You do not have to believe in magic in order to achieve success. However, you do have to be open to the possibility. With me, belief has nothing to do with it. If I need something done I do it. I don't stop to question if I believe it will work.

Now, one of the most common things you will hear outsiders or non-practitioners say is that if they don't believe in it then it won't effect them. They are talking about curses and enemy work. Of course this is a load of b.s. and is not true. However, let them think what the want to think. So for example if you have to do enemy work on a person all that matters is that you, the worker, are open to it. It doesn't matter one bit if the target doesn't believe in it. So let the target think what they want. Their life will go to crap and they will still disbelieve. They will come up with all kinds of rationalizations. Let them.

So you don't have to believe in magic, just be open to the possibility. If you disbelieve then your chance at success will be slim to none. Because if you disbelieve in it you are going to get what you want, which is nothing and failure.

For most people they enter into a magical tradition or practice being open-minded. If they experience success then they might become true believers. Those who do not experience success usually quickly drop out and become disbelievers. It's just that belief itself is not necessary for producing effective work.

They way I look at it is like this. Most people will say they don't believe in magic. However, such people are betrayed by their actions and responses. Don't believe me? Ask someone if they believe in magic. If they say they do not then ask them if you can have a snip of their hair. LOL Belief is not required.

The Hoodoo Truth: Why Your Works Ain't Workin'

If you are having problems with works not working then the cause of such may be included below.

1.) You are just going through the motions and are not empowering your works.

2.)  You have not properly defined what your desire or goal is. If your desire is fuzzy in your head then it will be fuzzy when it manifests, if it manifests at all.

3) You have conflicted desires. You can't want something and not want it at the same time. They cancel each other out.

4.) If you are working on a person then that person may be stronger than you or you are not seeing things through and are giving up too easily.

5.) If you are wording or phrasing your intentions incorrectly. For example, "I will not gain weight" actually translates to, "I will gain weight", because the "not" part represents a negative or a void or a "nothing" that can't manifest. So the proper way to word your intent is, "I am loosing weight in a healthy and safe manner".

6.) If you are not being true to your desire. You say you want this, but you really want that.

7.) If you are focusing on the steps of how it will manifest instead of the final outcome. You don't control the steps. The steps of manifestation are completely out of your hands. You just focus on the final result.

8.) If you are asking for something you know you have already denied yourself. Ex - A woman has trained herself for most of her adult life into thinking that she will never get a man, that all men are pigs, etc. So one day she decides to do love work. Her chances of success are slim and she needs to "undo" all the programming she has done to herself over all those years before attempting to do love work.

9.) If there is no desire. You have to want it.

10.) If you constantly dwell on it. You have to forget it. You have to put it out of your mind. You lay your trick and walk away. If you can't shake it then you aren't giving God or the Universe the opportunity to manifest it.

11.) The work did manifest but you are incapable of perceiving that it manifested. Ex- I want to fly. So I do work to fly. In my mind I want to flap my arms like a bird and soar the skies. So that's what I'm looking for. We know that's impossible. So a week later I enter a contest and win a trip the NYC. The trip includes free-airfare. However, I still think that the work didn't manifest because I'm simply too oblivious to realize that my work manifested. Remember, magic works with nature, not against it.

12.)  If you already "know" that it's not going to work when you do the work. You defeated yourself before you began.

13.) You may be crossed or blocked. It may be that someone is working against you preventing you from achieving success. It may also be that you have unknowingly crossed or blocked yourself. Do an uncrossing or a blockbuster and try again.

14.) You are not giving it enough time to manifest. Let it go completely and allow it to manifest on it's own. If you feel it's necessary redo the work again and make sure to "heat it up" to get it working faster.

The Hoodoo Truth: How We Empower The Work

1.) Prayer (God of the bible, not pagan gods)

2.) Reciting Bible Verses

3) Invoking The Power

4.) Concentrating On The Desire

5.) Invoking Spirits To Empower The Work (if the worker works with spirits)

The Hoodoo Truth: Concentration & Going 'In The Zone'

All workers know that when doing work we should concentrate on our desire. Perhaps there are people out there who don't quite understand what that means. The best way for me to communicate it would be from the words of Evelyn Paglini. Paglini is not a conjure worker. She identifies herself as a witch. However, she is spot on with her description of concentration. According to Paglini, practitioners must focus their concentration like a laser beam. Additionally while doing this workers will often find themselves going "in the zone". When you go in the zone it's like the whole world just falls away and the only thing that exists is you and your desire and of course the work you are doing. Often when people are in the one they will loose track of time. You may think that only 10 or 15 minutes have passed and then you might be surprised to find out that you've been in the zone for an hour. Being in the zone is a very powerful state of mind to be in. Your works will also usually manifest a lot faster than the would otherwise.

Now, one of the things that may prevent people from this level of concentration and "going in the zone", is when they have to do work in public or when other people are present. Being anxious about other people watching you or fear of being caught will prevent you from reaching that state. It's really hard to achieve this state if you know that others are around. However, it can be done. I know that If forced to I can tune out the world and I know other people who can do this too. It can be difficult to learn but it is something that people should really strive for. A think that will help you is to realize that most conjure work is designed so that you can do it openly and nobody will ever know that you are conjuring. Once you realize you can do the work and nobody will have a clue, then this will help erase the anxiety and will allow you to reach that level of concentration.

Witnesses Of The Travis Walton Abduction Speak Out

Two of the men who witnessed the abduction of Travis Walton by a UFO have decided to speak out.

Phantom Kangaroos Spotted In Palmyra

A resident of Palmyra, MO, called the police after claiming to have witnessed a group of kangaroos hopping around. The police chief believes it was a case of mistaken identity and believes the person may have spotted deer.

Palymyra Police Chief Has Kangaroo Sighting Theory


South Carolina Sighting

A man's tale of encountering bigfoot in 1978.

Bigfoot Watches Little Girl

I need to stress that I believe the video is a fake.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Hoodoo Truth: Invoking The Power

One of the things I've always been perplexed about is how some people seem to just focus on the actions, even to the point of doing works while watching t.v. or with the radio blaring in the background, vs. actually empowering the work.

I can only say how I do things. When I do work I take it seriously. I want to be by myself, in my special place, and I want to be in the right mind frame. While doing the work I will invoke the power. Now, I'm not sure if people know what the power is. It's like feeling electricity flow all down your body. So while holding something and praying over it you can literally feel it flow down your body and into the work.

Now, when you are working with the power it has an almost life of it's own. Sometimes when your emotions are high or when you feel really strong about something that power hits so strong that you may find yourself almost vibrating. I've found this YouTube video that closely matches what I'm taling about. This is a clip from the show, True Blood, where an evil character named Maryann has powers. She "vibrates" when she uses her power.

So of course Maryann is evil but the power itself is neutral. I first felt the power in Church and then I later learned I could invoke it and direct it.

Now, I know from talking with people that there are people out there who don't do that or feel like they can't do that. They ask me how they can invoke the power. I really don't have an answer but say to be in touch with your feelings, feel your connection to everything, and perhaps to try breathing exercises while meditating. All I know is that when I invoke the power my works are successful and manifest far faster than when I don't do it.

If by chance you don't know how or can't seem to invoke the power, then at least make sure to do your work alone and in quiet where you can concentrate on your desire.

Also, and I've posted this last year during the heat wave, if by chance you feel your power is drained or you get to the point where you can no longer invoke it. Don't be discouraged. It could be that your electrolytes are low and taking a vitamin might help. Last summer it was over 100 degrees starting in the beginning of May and there was no relief until September. Don't you know my AC decided to go out and I spent the entire summer without air conditioning. Well, I noticed that I could no longer invoke the power and I correctly deduced that it was because I was sweating away all the electrolytes and other things my body needed. So taking vitamins will help.

Hex Education - March 28, 2012 - Cursing And Hexing With Dorothy Morrison

Christian Day interviews Dorothy Morrison regarding using curses and hexes.

Hex Education - March 28, 2012 - Cursing And Hexing With Dorothy Morrison

Crash Site

The Coyne UFO incident - Mansfield, Ohio 1973

Japanese Airlines Flight 1628 UFO

Coast 2 Coast AM - April 12, 2012 - Parapsychology & Ghosts

Family Flees Home Claiming Poltergeist

A family claims that poltergeist phenomenon has forced them to flee a home. The landlord claims they have made up the story because they can no longer afford the home. The family is suing for their deposit back. Who do you believe?

Family flees house they say is haunted

Stephenville UFO Radar Data

This is a reconstruction of radar data regarding the Stephenville, TX, UFO incident of 2008. The green and blue dots are aircraft with transponders. Disregard those. The small white dots that don't move are "noise". You can disregard them. The white dots that fly in tandem with a green or blue dot are also normal aircraft that do not have their transponders on. Be on the look out for white dots that move erratically and which are not flying in formation with the green dots. It is these white dots that represent the unidentified flying objects. You will need to make the video full screen to get the best effect from the video. Click on the square in the lower right of the video screen.

The Hoodoo Truth: 5 Quick Things Concerning Mojos

Just a few real quick things here. Many people today are purchasing mojos from shops. Many shops are selling open mojo bags. The problem is that in real-life no worker would sell an open mojo bag for the client to fix them self. So why are shops selling open mojo bags?  Basically, it all boils down to the marketers. It was a matter of convenience. In real life workers would completely fix and tie a mojo and present it to the client. The instructions would be on how to care for the mojo, not how to fix it. Fixing it was a conjure secret.

The second thing I want to talk about is that mojo bags are not as common in real-life as they are now. I mean today there are mojo bags for every concealable situation. Mojos weren't prescribed like that in the past. Gambling hands, money hands, protection, love, and domination, basic things like that were the situations a mojo hand would be made for.

The third thing I want to put out there is that mojo hands are traditionally a long-lasting or somewhat permanent form of work. Today hands are being made for really temporary things that may better be suited for other works. There's a lot of people who are making hands and then ritually discarding them just a couple of days later. People can do what they want to do of course, but I just thought I would point out that observation.

The fourth and fifth things I wanted to discuss is that a mojo is only a mojo. Certain people will use the term mojo to refer to all kinds of things. Some of the people using the term mojo are non-practitioners who have simply picked up the lingo and are using it. I'm not really concerned about those people. Instead, I am more concerned about the people who claim to be workers who are calling something a mojo when it's clearly not a mojo. The fifth thing is that a mojo is either the traditional bag or it is a packet. There are still a lot of people out there who don't know that some workers will make the traditional bag form while others will make a packet. I myself distinguish between a mojo and packet simply because most of the packets I make are not made with red flannel, but just keep in mind that in some places of the south a mojo can also be a packet. Some people will also take a mojo bag and then sew it close instead of tying it, turning it into a packet.

The Hoodoo Truth: What Is A Marketer?

A marketer is someone who sells a good or service and usually to specific clientele.

There is some confusion about marketers and about how historically they have served to warp. alter, or destroy the tradition of hoodoo/rootwork/conjure, so I thought I would go ahead and explain what a marketer is, how to recognize them, and help to explain how they can be problematic. The purpose of this is not to claim that marketers are all devils hell-bent on destruction. Just because a person sells products doesn't mean they belong to the problematic side of marketers. I'm not against marketing. Repeat: I'm not against marketing. However, being a marketer is about walking a fine line and marketers must always check themselves to see if they are crossing the line. Customers also should check to see if marketers are crossing the line.

The Hoodoo Marketers Of The Past

1.) Primarily white or Jewish.

In the beginning of the age of commercial spiritual products there was a time when the marketers were mainly African American. Don't let the skin color fool you. Even these people were often crooks who conned people and made a fortune. Several of them were prosecuted. However, as the age of commercial spiritual products came underway the African American control over the hoodoo market was wrestled away by primarily white and Jewish business owners.

2.) The overwhelming majority of marketers were non-practitioners.

Most of the African American marketers at the beginning of the commercialism of hoodoo did have some form of practice, be it traditional or not. However, when the whites and Jews took over they were non-practitioners and did not believe in hoodoo/rootwork/conjure.

3.) The white and Jewish marketers viewed hoodoo/rootwork/conjure as superstition and witchcraft.

We can know this by what they introduced, i.e. the medieval grimoires, black cat bones, etc. The marketers did not perceive the practice as a spiritual tradition but rather viewed it as witchcraft and then began to incorporate all the other elements they also believed were witchcraft into the tradition.

4.) The marketers took what the workers were using and twisted it in the form of a spiritual product in order to get people dependant upon purchasing their products.

Ex- workers were using vinegar so therefore the marketers introduced "4 Thieves Vinegar", giving it the attributes of what workers were using regular vinegar for and hence slowly seducing people into purchasing the product instead of using regular vinegar. Another example would be that workers are using white candles so let's offer them a selection of colored candles. Yet another example would be that workers were putting roots into small bottles of perfume. So let's just offer them small bottles of perfume with names like, "John The Conqueror" perfume or "Love Me Tonight!" perfume.

5.) The marketers acted to displace professional workers.

In the past it wasn't like it is now. If you needed help you went to a worker if there was nobody in your family that could help you. They would fix up something for you to use. The marketers helped to displace and almost destroy the need for a worker as they went over the workers' heads so to speak and marketed directly to people who would have otherwise gone to local workers for their needs.

6.) The marketers used anonymity and discreet packaging to feed off of the fears of discovery or being "outed".

The invention of the discreet packaging was a huge game changer. Most people online don't realize how it is in real life. In real life almost all workers are in the closet. This is not something you speak freely and openly about. So the guarantee of anonymity and discreet packaging was very appealing to people. It's just plain easier to order something through the mail than risking being seen visiting a worker, or even going to a store. (In fact, people who went to hoodoo drugstores or candle shops often went to ones that were out of there way so as not to be recognized by friends or neighbors.)

7.) If the marketer had a shop they would usually hire a black front person. Other companies employed black salespeople.

Some stores were entirely black-owned but many were owned by non-practitioners who hired black front-people to help attract customers.

8.) Even if a shop was owned by blacks they were usually dependent upon a non-practicing white or Jewish marketer as suppliers for their products.

9.) Most marketers did not teach the tradition to their clients. They would include short "instructions" but they would not give detailed information. Those that did offer classes of sort were nothing similar to the actual tradition. Instead the classes were more aptly described as "metaphysical" and heavily featured a dependence upon commercial products.

10.) Almost all of the "eclecticism" was introduced by the marketers.

The Marketers Of Today

1.) Can be of any race.
2.) Most claim to be workers.
3.) Most have their own shops.
4.) Most are billed as experts.
5.) Most have websites.
6.) Most view the practice as witchcraft.
7.) Most mix, match, and incorporate any number of foreign spiritual elements into the tradition.
8.) Most teach alleged hoodoo lessons but which are actually non-traditional and serve only to make people dependant upon their products.
9.) Most displace actual professional workers by drawing clients away from the local workers in the community. (If there are any left!)
10.) Most offer discreet packaging, though today it's not as big an issue as it was in the past.

The Main Differences Of The Marketers Of The Past Versus The Present Day

1.) Marketers today claim to be workers.
2.) Marketers today are billed as experts.
3.) Marketers today claim to teach the tradition.
4.) Marketers today can reach a far greater audience via the Internet.
5.) Conventions, Seminars, etc. (Remember, in real-life almost everyone was in the closet)

The Reason Why Marketers Are Destroying Hoodoo/Rootwork/Conjure

For the first time we have marketers who are shop owners, who claim to be workers, and who are billed as experts. This is a death sentence for actual local workers who along with people with a genuine family history are the true experts of the tradition. Marketers have wrestled almost 100% complete control over the entire tradition. They sell their products and make people dependant upon their products. They teach people what they claim is hoodoo but in reality is just a watered-down or mutated version, i.e. "urban hoodoo", that keeps customers purchasing their goods. They are billed as the experts and this has a strong, if not subconscious, effect on people who may or may not be aware of the actual genuine practice or tradition.

Can hoodoo/rootwork/conjure survive the marketers? I honestly don't know. It has in the past simply because there were lines that the marketers of the past didn't cross. Most marketers today have crossed almost all lines.

My Advice To Marketers:

Find the balance. Teach authentic, traditional conjure-work. Don't resort to the tricks of the marketers of the past. Don't try to be all things.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Man, Flees Apartment, Calls Police When Woman Demands Too Much Sex

A German man who met a woman for a one-night stand was forced to flee out through the balcony and call police after the woman refused to allow him to leave and demanded he continue to have sex with her.

Man Flees After Partner Demands Too Much Sex

The Hoodoo Truth: Human Shields

I wrote a little about this in a blog about a video on curses and bindings. A person left a comment saying that a lot of witches will outsource the unjustified work to their followers. I thought I would touch more on this.

First, let me state that I've seen this with my own eyes so I know it happens. You can call it what you want but human shields is a good name.

Basically, this behavior occurs with a worker who has a following. The worker then uses their followers as a human shield for their own protection. The poor saps have no clue they are being used and manipulated.

So it goes like this. A worker with a large following decides they have an issue with a person. That worker will then involve their followers and make it look like this issue is now their issue, to get them involved. So now it's a large group who may decide to throw for a person. If the target is also a worker and finds out then they are likely to retaliate. So they throw back. Well, guess what? Often what occurs is that that worker is using their followers as a human shield so that they take the hit for them. It's also very effective. The "brain" behind the manipulation is protected and the naive followers suffer.

Below are some advice to help people not become the fall guy for a worker.

1.) Be careful who you give your power to. When you idolize someone you are in fact giving away some of your power to them. How much power one gives up varies from person to person but there are people out there who freely give away all of their power to the people they idolize.

2.) If it doesn't involve you, stay out of it. If a worker has a problem with another person then let that problem stay between those people. Don't get involved.

3.) Be on the look-out for workers who try to get their followers to fight their battles. That's a huge warning sign.

4.) Never underestimate the craftiness or sneakiness of a worker. People who are skilled at manipulating people can work their thing and do it so that the person(s) being manipulated never realize they are being manipulated.

5.) Take a good look at what the worker is wanting their followers to do. I am being 100% honest here. I have personally witnessed a worker "suggest" that their followers use a form of death work on a person this worker was angry with. In this case it's definitely unjustified and it should have rung all the alarm bells in people's heads but it didn't. This person's followers just blindly went along with what the worker was wanting. Well, either that or people were too afraid to speak out.

6.) If you notice a worker has a large following and that the worker seems "aloof", and the followers are already set up to be the mediums or middle men of the worker, then it's a warning sign that the situation is set for the worker to use and manipulate the people to be their human shields.

7.) As an outsider you may recognize warning signs. If you question one of the followers they will likely be completely blind to the issue. Worse, they may turn on you. If the person turns on you or if they go running to the rest of the "hive", then it's a good sign that the group has crossed the line into dangerous cult-like mentality and that the problem of human shielding is very likely to be occurring.

Happy Friday The 13th!

Today is Friday the 13th! In fact, it's the second Friday the 13th of the year. We will have a total of three Friday the 13ths in 2012. The first was in January and the the third and last of the year will occur in July.

For most people Friday the 13 is viewed as being unlucky. I don't view it that way. For me, it's a time of massive flux of energy, for the good or bad. It's a time of chaos and chance. As such it's a good day to take risks. Go out and play the lottery. Apply for the position you never thought you would get. Ask that special someone out on a date. For the magically inclined, Friday the 13th is also a day where there is a lot of ambient energy that can be used in one's work.

So grab your rabbit's foot, four-leaf clover, or lucky penny because today is going to be a great day!

The Hoodoo Truth: Charging For Lessons

I previously wrote a blog indicating that I would be cutting back writing blog entries on hoodoo/rootwork/conjure, as this blog is not specifically dedicated to the tradition. However, in that blog entry I mentioned that most of the people charging for lessons learned the practice for free. I would like to clear some things up with regard to that.

I don't have an issue with people charging for lessons. Most of the older workers who have the knowledge in real life need help. They are generally older and they need help with transportation, picking up medications, visiting the doctor, cutting the grass, taking out the trash, moving, chores, errands, etc. So they will put a person to work in exchange for the knowledge. That's just how it is and it's an indication that they view you as part of the family. So even if you don't actually pay money to learn you won't be getting the knowledge for absolutely free.

It's perfectly okay to charge money for lessons. When I made the comments in that previous blog entry I made it in passing. It was not a point I had issues with. So I just wanted to make that clear.

Massive Palo Animal Sacrifice Site Found

Authorities have discovered a massive site for animal sacrifice located near Miami-Dade in Florida. Among the items found include the remains of dogs, cats, and goats. Human remains were also found but are believed to come from grave-robbing.

Animal Sacrifice Site Found In NW Dade

Pilot UFO Encounters

And article inspired on recent videos of UFOs filmed from planes. Included are videos.

UFO Encounters With Airplanes: Pilots, Officials Discuss Potential Safety Hazards

Santa Muerte: Demon Or Saint?

The recent news of a cult of Santa Muerte devotees performing human sacrifice have caused a great deal of controversy. This article touches on the skeleton folk saint and how for most followers she is a symbol of good. For a small few, the skinny lady is a focus of darkness.

Santa Muerte: The Skeleton Saint's Deadly American Debut (PHOTOS)

Bigfoot In Vermont

An article, with video, of bigfoot sightings in Vermont.

Bigfoot sightings bring Vt national attention

OLC Releases Zombie Scratcher

The Oklahoma Lottery Commission has released a new zombie scratcher. The real horror is not the zombies but just how small the jackpots are in Oklahoma. Not worth buying Oklahoma scratchers in my opinion.

Zombie Cash

The Cabin In The Woods (2012)

State Trooper And Another Person Witness Green, Whale-Size Object Crash Into Lake

A Connecticut State Trooper and another person claim they saw a green-glowing, whale-size object fall out of the sky and crash into a lake.

Trooper, motorist: Mysterious object fell from sky


New promo for Prometheus. If you don't know by now, Prometheus is the prequel to Alien (1979).

For another look, watch the "Ted2023".

And don't forget the Prometheus trailer.

The Hoodoo Truth: Prayer For D.U.M.E.

A person named Tony asked me in my guestbook for a prayer to use with D.U.M.E. (Death Unto My Enemies).

There is no official prayer connected to the candle. However, there are bible verses that can be used. I will not include them here. You can make up your own prayer that is tailor suited to the situation. Just make sure the work is justified. And with D.U.M.E I can't stress enough how it must be justified.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

After Dark With Momma Starr

Part 1

Part 2

Curses And Bindings: How And Why They Work

This video is from a satanist but the information provided is very good. I especially like the part about how the right person will always be effected by the curse, even if it's the one doing the cursing. I also like that Rev. John warns people about innocent casualties because a lot of people still don't realize that when people are throwing for other people that innocent people can and will get hurt if they are at the wrong place at the wrong time. Also, one more thing, and I can honestly tell you I've seen this go on with my own eyes. There are people who will shield themselves with people to use as a buffer zone of protection. So they will be throwing at other people but at the same time they surround themselves with people to protect them. So those poor saps have no clue they are taking the hits for that person. Don't underestimate the sneakiness of people.

Temple Of Set Interview (1992)

The Wendigo by Elmer Crane

Mr. Karaskevicus's Bigfoot Story

A middle school teacher's tale of encountering a bigfoot.

From Witchcraft To Christ - Doreen Irvine

First let me state that I don't believe a word of this woman's story, but I do enjoy listening to it. This is the story of an alleged "Black Witch Queen" who turned to Jesus.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Hoodoo Truth: Cutting Back On Hoodoo Blog Entries

I've decided to cut back on my hoodoo/rootwork/conjure blog entries simply because this blog is not dedicated to hoodoo specifically. I've already written almost 600 blog entries on the subject. I will continue to occasionally post on the topic every now and then. My major concern was to combat the nonsense that was occurring online because it has nothing to do with real, traditional, old-school conjure work.

So for now here are a few warnings for people who are interested in hoodoo/rootwork/conjure.

1.) Beware the online teachers. Be especially on the look-out for teachers who make you purchase their products in order to take their lessons. That's a sign of a fraud. Please remember that you really don't have to spend a dime to learn hoodoo/rootwork/conjure. Most of the teachers that are charging people to learn never actually paid to learn it themselves. Most of the good information I have learned I learned for free.

2.) Beware of the cliques and groups online. These are formed for business purposes only, despite the claims of the groups. Many of the members are not even traditional workers but mix and match stuff from other traditions. A whole lot of political nonsense goes on behind closed doors.

3.) Be very wary of the marketers. In the past it was easier because the marketers were not actual workers. Today the marketers also claim to be workers and present themselves as the experts.

4.) Don't fall into the trap of believing that you must purchase all these fancy supplies. You don't. Marketers want you to be completely dependant on their products because they need your money.

5.) Beware the "cult of personality". Just because someone has an almost celebrity-like status doesn't mean they have the power. Many of the big-names online get most of their material from Harry Middleton Hyatt and have little to no experience with real life workers.

6.) Beware the folks who mix-match or who want to steal the tradition, change it, and then claim it as their own. If they claim to be witches, run. True conjure workers do not refer to themselves as witches.

7.) Be wary of conventions, seminars, and presentations. The people hosting these make beaucoup money and usually the information presented is not worth it. Do the math. $300 a head and 100 people in attendance = $30,000.00. If you got money to burn, go for it.

8.) Be weary of authors. Before I read Momma Starr's book I had given up hope on books on hoodoo. There's a few good books out there but they drown in a sea of nonsense.

9.)  Shop owners are not the experts. The experts are the traditional workers who worked out of their home, as well as the people with a family history of the tradition.

10.) Harry Middleton Hyatt's material is not "the hoodoo bible". It is what it is but it should not be the basis for one's knowledge of the work.

11.)  The purpose of hoodoo/rootwork/conjure is for you to regain control of your life and live a prosperous life. It's about helping people. Hoodoo is not meant to be your master. Don't be enslaved to it, rather make it work for you.

12.) Steer clear of the racism that exists online. Hoodoo is a tapestry composed of three threads, a black one for the African practices, a white one for the European practices, and a red one for the Native American practices. If you just focus on one thread you will not see the beauty of the entire tapestry.

13.) True conjure work makes extensive use of the Bible and only works with God, Jesus, the saints, etc. Pagan gods and spirits have no place in hoodoo/rootwork/conjure.

14.) Use hoodoo/rootwork/conjure to be prosperous but don't try to get rich off of conjure work. That's the number one problem with the online "workers" They try to get rich off of conjure itself instead of using conjure to be prosperous. When people see dollar signs in their eyes they will act and behave sinister in order to get that cash. There is a saying that goes, "Those who can do, those who can't teach". Well, the hoodoo version would be, "Those who can do, those who can't become marketers".

Wishing everyone total prosperity and success! Happy Conjuring!


The Hoodoo Truth: Witchcraft & Conjure Among Native Americans

For most Native Americans, as well as for African Americans, witchcraft and conjure are completely separate.

Most Native American tribes recognized two basic categories of witches. The first category is the witches (or warlocks and wizards) who are normal human beings who practice dark, unjustified magic or "bad medicine". These people, though possessing supernatural powers are mortal and can be killed. Most Native American tribes did not tolerate witches and executed them.

The second category of witches are composed of evil spirits. They are harder to repel or eradicate. Some of them can also be killed.

Conjurers are people who were generally believed to be the good practitioners of magic. This said most of the witches were conjurers who turned evil. Many conjurers were medicine men and women, though you didn't truly have to be a medicine man or woman to be a conjurer. A lot of conjuration and doctoring were passed down through the families while training for the role of medicine man or woman was completely different and could last years.

So conjurers are the "good" practitioners and witches are the "bad" practitioners.

Raven Mocker

Raven Mockers are the most feared type of witches found in the folklore of the Cherokee people. Raven Mockers are a form of vampiric-witch that sucks the life from it's victims, as well as consumes human hearts.

Appearance: By day the Raven Mocker appears as a normal human being. In such forms Raven Mockers usually appear to be elderly and can be either male or female. By night the Raven Mocker can transform into a ball of fire or light and then roam the land in search of it's prey, sick or dying humans.

Lore: Raven Mockers are the most powerful witches of the Cherokee people. They are so powerful that other types of witches fear them and will flee the area if they know that Raven Mocker is near. The name Raven Mocker stems from the cry of the witch as it sounds similar to the cry of a raven. When a Raven Mocker has found suitable prey it will then sneak into the home and torture and torment the sick and dying person before it consumes their heart. When the Raven Mocker consumes the heart of it's victim it automatically absorbs the remaining years of that person's life. Because of such, Raven Mockers are near immortal.

Powers: Raven Mockers are powerful witches and can shape-shift into balls of fire or light. Raven Mockers also possess the power of invisibility and flight. To hear the cry of a Raven Mocker is an omen of death.

Defense Against Raven Mockers: Raven Mockers will not enter the rooms of the sick or dying if a Medicine Man is present. The easiest way to kill a Raven Mocker is to recognize it in it's human form. However, sometimes this ability requires years of spiritual training. If a Raven Mocker is recognized in it's human form then it will die within a week.

The Raven Mocker

The Raven Mocker

Cherokee Legends: The Raven Mocker

Cherokee Legends: The Raven Mocker

See Also:



Northwest Reports: Bigfoot Believers (1993)

The Santa Muerte Cult In Mexico

The growth of the Santa Muerte cult in Mexico and the recent human sacrifices that have hit the news. Could this reach a point of a new 'satanic panic' in Mexico?

Mexico's Own Satanic Panic

Satanic Male Escort Murdered Customer

An 18 year-old satanist and male escort violently murdered a client over an $800 debt.

Police: Devil-worshiping male escort killed man over $800

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Hoodoo Truth: A Note For White People

I'm writing this blog entry specifically for white people who are workers or who want to learn the practice.

There are three threads of the fabric of hoodoo/rootwork/conjure. A black thread for the African heritage, a white thread for the European influences (mainly Scott-Irish), and a red thread for the Native Americans. If people are only focusing on one thread then they are not going to see the beauty of the entire tapestry.

One of the things I've noticed is certain terminology that white people will use. For example, I hear this a lot from white people, "I'm color-blind". No you are not! LOL

Now, when white people say this they mean well. They mean they were not raised to be racist, that they accept everyone. The problem is that when we try to communicate this we need to be careful of the words we choose. Black people don't want white people to view them as white people. They want the differences to be acknowledged and accepted. People want to be recognized as human beings and they want the freedom to be themselves without having to conform to a "white mentality".

So I think that if white people would just become more aware of the words they are using then it would help a lot with regard to well being and racial harmony. Remember that God loves diversity and though we are all different we are all human beings and children of God.

The Hoodoo Truth: Don't Be Enslaved To The Work

The work is meant to free you, to give you power, to allow you to take control of your life. Some people get caught up in it and things get reversed. Instead of being something that frees and empowers you it becomes something that enslaves and steals your power. People get obsessed with it. They either fall into the trap of thinking they have to have all these expensive products and supplies or else they get to the point of thinking that everybody wishes them harm and is out to get them. Avoid the pitfalls. Hoodoo is simple. Everybody isn't your enemy. Don't be enslaved to one way of doing something. In the future I will give some advice and suggestions about how to avoid falling into the traps that some people find themselves in.

The Hoodoo Truth: Where Can I Learn Real Hoodoo Online?

I get this question a lot in emails from people. People usually ask me to teach them hoodoo but I don't consider myself a teacher. I mean I'm teaching family members but I don't think I will ever take on actual students.

The only person online that I would actually recommend people go to take lessons from is Momma Starr. You can find her at I am not her student but I would one day love to take a couple of her classes. Because as long as we live we will continue to grow and learn. So always be a student. I know from reading her material and from listening to her blogtalk show with Dr. Lovebug that they are the real deal, as in traditional, old-school workers.  Momma Starr has a lot to share and offer so don't miss out.

Old Style Conjure

Old Style Conjure Radio Show

Old Style Conjure Blog

Dr. Lovebug Conjure

The Hoodoo Truth: Another Name For Jezebel Root

I've already written a blog on Jezebel Root so I won't go deep into it in this blog. Basically I just wanted to share another name for Jezebel Root that most people online don't know about. So Jezebel Root is a wild iris that grows in the swamps of Louisiana. It's also called Louisiana Iris, but another name for it is "Painted Whore".

Now, I know Momma Starr works with Jezebel Root in place of Orris Root (Queen Elizabeth Root). They are both irises so it's understandable. However, Jezebel root is named after the hated biblical queen for a reason and it's nick-named "painted whore" is for a reason too. It's a beauty that grows in the swamps, so I find the name 'painted whore', as in a prostitute with make-up, to be hilarious.

Also, do be aware that there is at least one certain shop online that sells fake Jezebel root. If you order it form them you will get nothing but bark mulch. So be careful. If you are looking for a supply for your own you can try various nurseries that sell irises because some of them do carry it. Be on the look out for "Louisiana Irises".


Saliva or spit is used in the practice of hoodoo/rootwork/conjure primarily to bring a work to life via the symbolism of moisture. Spitting on powders that have been laid and spitting into a mojo bag are two common forms of using saliva in works. Saliva also has domination qualities and is used for enemy work. Perhaps the most famous use of spitting is the "chewin' the root", which is a work that is specifically connected to court case and legal work in which a worker will chew a root such as Little John, or else tobacco, and then spit on the floor where people will walk on the spittle. Another popular form is via mouth spraying in which alcohol and other substances are taken into the mouth by the worker and then sprayed over the body of the person.

Saliva is extremely powerful. Most people have no idea how powerful it is and it is wonderful for domination work. Ever wonder why so many adults, and especially mothers and grandmas, will use their saliva to clean a child's face? Well, at the same time they are reinforcing their role as being dominant.

I will share something with my readers that I have never read anywhere else online. My very first teacher taught me to use spit to dress my candles. That's right, spit. She didn't teach me to use spiritual oils. She mentioned that I could use them but she didn't teach me to use the oils. So for a long time spit was all I used to dress my candles. I didn't use my first spiritual oil until late 1993 or early 1994, and it was Anna Riva oil that I was first taught to use. To use spit to dress your candles you do everything as you normally do but when the point comes were you would dress the candles with oil you merely spit on it and then work the spit as if it was oil. Not only does the spit seal in the power and prayer and bring your work to life, but it is also your personal effect. Using spit to dress your candles is very powerful. I would just advise to allow time for the candle to dry or else the flame will sizzle.

Another thing that I've noticed is that workers don't seem to be spitting on their powders anymore. When you lay down a line of powders you call the person's name and state your petition and then you spit on it to activate it and bring it to life.

Conspiracy (1997)

Visitors From Space (1992)

Secrets Of Prometheus Film Leaked - Alex Jones

Alex Jones thinks that the film Prometheus contains the goals of the elite.


This is a Ted Talk 2023 segment from the upcoming Prometheus film. For those who don't know, Prometheus will be the prequel to the Aliens series.


Is Your Co-Worker A Vampire?

An article on the emotional vampires that we work with.

Rex Huppke: Beware The Office Vampires

Woman Claims Telepathy Helped Save Her Life

A woman who accidentally drove off the side of a mountain claims telepathy helped save her life.

Tracy Granger Claims She Used Telepathy To Save Herself When Trapped On Mountainside (VIDEO)

Monday, April 9, 2012

Breaking News: U.S. Preparing For Alien Invasion

This is a news clip that was only shown in Australia. The segment features the U.S. planning for an alien invasion. The uploader believes that this is a potential 'false flag' operation in the works by which a lie is used by the government to get what they want. In this case, the uploader believes the lie of an alien invasion would be used to create a global government.

Ther Hoodoo Truth: No Such Thing As "Plantation-Style Hoodoo" Or Why Should We Use Candles & Oils?

I received a comment about why should we use oils or candles. I mean, after all, the slaves didn't use candles or oils on the plantation. This is going to ruffle some feathers but I don't care.

There are people online who try to make it seem as if the plantation is the be-all of hoodoo/rootwork/conjure. Well, let me tell you that back in the plantation days slaves were still carrying out animal sacrifices. So if you try to make it appear as if the plantation is the be-all of hoodoo then you better be carrying you a chicken to the crossroads to kill or else you need to ponder this issue a bit.

The use of candles and oils in hoodoo is old. The first candles used were basic white candles. However, lamps were preferred because lamps were used to light the home and because lamps are in the bible. You could also get a way with a lot of conjure work using lamps. The oil used was blessed olive oil which is used to seal in the power and prayer in the candles. The reason why olive oil is used is because it is in the bible. Do you need to purchase fancy supplies? No you don't. Do yo need to use candles and oils? No you don't. However, the use of candles and oils is older than you think and it was not introduced by the marketers. Instead the marketers altered what was already being used. Folks were using blessed olive oil so let's market this tinted oil to them as "money-drawing oil". Folks were already using white candles so let's market these colored candles to them. That's how it went. The 7 day candles didn't even show up until the 1970s and were an invention based off of the Catholic novena candles.

One more thing about the plantation days. The type of conjure practiced on the plantation focused a lot on enemy work or domination work against the white man. It was some dark times for sure. People did what they had to do to survive. Times have changed and the work now is not just about survival but about living a prosperous life and taking control of your life.

If someone tries to tell you they practice "Plantation-Style Hoodoo" they are not being honest. Plantation-style hoodoo died out circa the Civil War.  Instead, what they are meaning to say is that they are "old style" or as I put it, "old-school", meaning they were taught to use what was available around the house, from nature, and if it needed to be bought it would be bought at grocery stores, drug stores, or hardware stores and not from occult shops. That's what old-school work is, working with what you got or can easily get.

The Hoodoo Truth: Why Workers Turn Down Requests For Work

True traditional, old-school workers do not take on every single case that comes their way. People who take on every single case tend to be only interested in your money. Below are some reasons why real-life workers turn down cases.

1.) If the request is unjustified.

A real worker will not do unjustified work. A real worker knows this stuff works and they know what could happen to them if by chance unjustified work is done and it is then taken off by the person or another worker. It's going to come back on them and it will hit them hard. Unjustified work is considered witchcraft.

2.) If the request is unachievable or has a very slim chance of success.

Requests that are not obtainable or achievable, such as requests to transform a man into a woman, will be turned down. I've had such requests in the past and I would recommend that such person do money-drawing work to have the funds for a sex change operation. Other requests that are often turned down are requests to win the jackpot in the lottery, or to bring back a lost love that has been separated by multiple years, and in some cases even decades. In these cases the cards are not stacked in the client's favor and the chance for success is slim.

3.) If the client is mentally ill.

I'm talking about actual mental illness here and especially if the client informs me that they are mentally ill. Now, there are some workers who will sling out the accusation of mental illness against clients but I am not one of those workers.

4.) If the client is financially destitute.

If the client has told me they have lost their job, their home, their car, and is living on the street but has just enough money to hire me I will turn them down. In those case I will either set lights and pray for them, do free work for them, or will give them works they can do themselves.

5.) Healing work where the client has not been to the doctor or refuses to go to the doctor.

6.) If the request is not in the area of the worker's expertise.

Many workers won't do specific type of works. For example, there are a lot of workers that will not do reconciliation work simply because it requires a lot of energy and the client often has unrealistic expectations concerning an idealized version of how they think it's going to be.

7.) Spirit tells them not to take the case.

Real workers listen to Spirit. If Spirit says not to take on the case, then they won't take on the case.

The Hoodoo Truth: 7 Day Cadles Are Not Full, Complete Works!

I just want to educate people who may be interested in hiring a worker online. One of the problems I have found online is that certain workers will charge hundreds of dollars for setting a 7 day candle and act like that doing such is a full, complete work.  It's most definitely not!

People can and do achieve success with 7 day candles, by either burning them themselves or by hiring a worker to burn them for them at their altars. I love 7 day candles and they work for me. However, a 7 day candle is not and will never be a full working. If all a professional worker knows how to do is 7 day candles then that is a worker that needs to go back and get properly trained.

As far as prices go, 7 day candles are relatively inexpensive both to purchase and burn yourself or to hire a worker to burn for you. They should not cost hundreds of dollars. In fact, I will tell you something that I'm sure other people must know about. Circa 1999/2000, I was googling online about hoodoo and found a worker who was charging $1,000.00 for a fixed 7 day glass candle. Folks, that is a total scam. Now, If I found that site I'm sure others did too. I hate to think about how many people this worker has ripped off. For a $1,000.00 fixed 7 day candle I better see solid gold nuggets in the candle to justify such a cost.

Now price ranges will differ from region to region, but if you want to fix and burn your own you are going to be able to do it for about $10-$20, which include the oils and incense that most people love to buy along with the candle. Where you purchase the items will also effect the cost. If you want to hire a worker to set your light, expect the price range of anywhere from $20-$50 as being a reasonable rate. Also I would advise people to inquire of the worker just how the candle is worked. There are people who simply light the wick, walk away from the candle and then forget about it. The candle needs to be worked on a daily basis with prayer, scripture, and stating the petition.

The Hoodoo Truth: Using Domination Powders

One of the most powerful way to conjure someone with powders is to dip a finger or your first two fingers into powder to coat them lightly. Then you need to have skin-to-skin contact with that person. If that's not possible then clothing can work too. It's just that skin-to-skin is more powerful. You will touch them with your fingers that are dressed with the powders. If possibly try to make a quick clockwise circle with your fingers, nothing fancy and be sure to make it quick. By circle I mean a small, tight circle and not a big whopping circle that the person will notice. Remember that this is a sneaky trick so when you do it you need to distract the person by talking to them while you do it. That why they will focus on your words and not what you are doing with your fingers. Now this works great for domination and it is very powerful. However, many people will also use this for darker stuff like enemy work. People use it for love work too.

Flying Saucers And Science

Prometheus (2012) Trailer

Beloved 'Gospel Of Witches' Faked?

An article questioning if the beloved, Aradia or the Gospel of the Witches, is a hoax. I for one believe it is despite the many self-styled 'witches' who claim that it is proof of their beliefs that witchcraft is a secret, underground religion that survived the coming of Christianity.

The Gospel Of The Witches: Missing Or Faked?

The Bigfoot Channel - True Stories

Man Captures Picture Of Fog Ghost

Is it a ghost or an illusion, a trick of the light?

Experts confounded by the 'ghost' of Guildford

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

Wishing everyone a very happy Easter!

And remember, the Easter Bunny is coming for you! He brings eggs and candy for children. For adults, it's a can of whoop a**!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Hoodoo Truth: Real Life Workers Are Like A Secret Society Or Even Drug Dealers

Did the title get your attention? Visiting a real life worker is absolutely nothing like it is online. I hate to use this analogy but it's almost like a secret society or even a drug dealer.

Real life workers are very secretive by nature. They put no signs on their homes advertising their services. You don't just look them up in the phone book and then go knock on their door.

There are two types of "workers" in real life. The first is the shop owners. There's not that many workers who are also shop owners left. I don't know if there's any real ones left or not. However, there are still owners who are spell casters. To get their services you can go to their shops and inquire about their services.

The other type is the traditional, old-school worker, the kind that are not shop owners but who work out of their homes. They do not advertise. It's like a drug dealer. You have to know someone to get into contact with them. The way it works is that you mention a problem you are having to the right person who then informs you that there is a woman or man say over on the South side of town who can help you. However, this person needs to talk to that woman first to see if she's interested in seeing you. So that person goes off and then later contacts you and tells you that the woman has agreed to see you. Then that person usually takes you there or at least gives you directions. So in that fashion it's like a drug-dealer.

During your first visit with the worker she or he will be trying to figure you out and decide if they can trust you or not. If they feel you are trouble they will quickly ask you to leave and not come back. If you know your place and show respect then with time will develop a relationship with the person. From then on out your experiences with them will be different and they will treat you like family. You will also no longer need the middle man to visit.

So imagine how this would be if there was no Internet and someone just accidentally stumbled into this. It would be like this secret society that existed that the majority of people had no clue about. Because of that, clients get like this rush knowing that they are taking part in something that most people know nothing about.

So just keep in mind that visiting a real-life worker is nothing like it is online. Every one's out of the closet online. Most workers are still in the closet in real-life. It's secretive and will always remain secretive.

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