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Stikini are a type of vampiric witch found in the lore of the Seminole people who were native to Florida but who later were forced to move to Oklahoma. Stikini legends may also be found among the Creek people.

Appearance: Stikini appear as normal humans by day. At night they transform into owls. According to some Stikini can take the shape of any animal, though the form of owls is most common.

Lore: At night the Stikini will sneak off into the woods and begin to vomit up their internal organs. The organs are then hung in a tree or else hidden to prevent animals from eating them. The Stikini then transforms into an owl and flies off in search of prey. Stikini eat human hearts which they rip from sleeping humans through their mouth. After feeding the Stikini must retrieve it's organs and swallow them in order to transform back into it's human shape.

Powers: Stikini are powerful witches and can shape-shift into owls or other animals. Hearing the cry of a Stikini is an omen of approaching death.

Defense Against Stikini: If a person can find and destroy the organs of the Stikini then it will die. Sunlight may prove fatal to a Stikini who has not turned back into human shape. Stikinis can only be killed by arrows or other weapons that have been ritually prepared and dressed with sacred herbs. These weapons tend to be decorated with owl feathers.

Stikini In Oklahoma: At the location called Stikland, near Sasakwa, OK, it is believed that there is a large concentration of Stikini. All manner of strange, paranormal phenomena have been reported at this location.

Giants, Monsters, and Dragons: An Encyclopedia of Folklore, Legend, and Myth By Carol Rose

Stikland - Strange USA

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Unknown said...

So cool! Thanks for this info. Definitely freaky!

Unknown said...

Have heard many stories throughout my lifetime about existance of stikinis in sasakwa, ok. My family from both mother and father are all from sasakwa and ive been told since i was a little girl that they exist and are in the tiny town.

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