Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Alien Abduction Truth: Interesting Trivia About The Betty & Barney Hill Case

Below is some trivia about the Betty & Barney Hill case that many people may not be aware of.

1.) An unidentified object was tracked by 2 (TWO) facilities, Concord AFS and Pease AFB, on radar over the area on the night of the abduction in 1961.

2.) Betty was missing a pair of blue earrings after the abduction. Like in tales of "fairies" stealing things, the earrings mysteriously appeared one day. When returning home Betty & Barney discovered a pile of leaves on their kitchen table. Hidden in the leaves were Betty's missing earrings.

3.) Betty Hill claimed the Air Force treated her very kindly and she was asked on several occasions to come give talks about her experience at Air Force bases.

4.) Betty fought with the aliens. Betty was able to somewhat resist the alien mind-control, while Barney seemed to be completely out of it. As a result, Betty was able to fight with the aliens and even told them off. Betty's dress was torn during one scuffle and on one occasion when an alien asked her if the man was named Barney, Betty replied that it was none of his business.

5.) During the encounter, the Hills heard two sets of strange beeping sounds. One before the incident and one after the incident. After hearing the beeping sounds the Hills' mental state changed. After hearing the first set their mental state became dazed. After hearing the second set of beeps their thought processes became clearer. These beeping sounds may have been some type of "trigger" for the alien mind control.

6.) Barney Hill claimed the aliens communicated telepathically. Betty seemed to be confused about whether or not the aliens communicated telepathically or if they spoke to her. Betty claimed she heard "broken English" and that the aliens seemed to speak to her in an accent she could not identify.

7.) Betty had additional abductions later in her life. During one experience Betty believed that the aliens may have healed her arm after an injury.

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