Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Alien Abduction Truth: Definitions Of "Floating Mind" & "Mind Pooling" or "Mind Seepage"

Circa 2005 I wrote a blog entry on how being assimilated into a hive-mind would feel like. Below I will just recap it.

You feel "in your skin" because you are a self-contained system. Your "center" is felt to be in your head because of the predominance of sensory organs located in the head, primarily the eyes but also the ears, nose, and skin. Basically your center of mind is perceived to be your head because that is the location of the body where so many sensory organs converge in one area. Now, if I could merge your mind with the mind of another person then your sense of "center" would change drastically.

I call the process, "mind pooling" or "mind seepage". Say there are two glasses of water. One glass has red water, the other glass has blue water. Each glass represents a person and the water represents their mind. If a tube is inserted so that water can flow back and forth between the glasses then the water will turn purple. Bot the red and the blue have be transformed. It's impossible to separate them. So this is a good thought experiment to understand how telepathy or a merger of minds will create a "hive-mind". The uniqueness of both individual minds are destroyed and transformed into a "third mind".

If I could merge your mind with the mind of another person you would no longer feel your "center" to be inside your head. In a nutshell since your mind would be merged with another mind you would perceive your 'center' as an "out of body"-type perception. Likewise you would not perceive your body to be strictly "yours" but something to be shared with the other mind. Likewise, that other person would not perceive themselves to be "centered" in their heads and would likewise not perceive their body as being strictly theirs. So the experience would be similar to a "floating mind", or an "out-of-body"-type feeling of one mind manipulating two bodies, as if puppets.

Below are terms I have created to help communicate the experience of a hive-mind.

1. "Mind Pooling" or "Mind Seepage" - The effect of merging two or more minds; wherein, the uniqueness of each individual mind is destroyed and the two minds are transformed into a third, distinct mind.

2.) "Floating Mind" - What the experience of being assimilated into a hive-mind would feel like. A person who has been assimilated into a hive-mind would not longer perceive their minds to be located inside their bodies or centered in their heads. Instead, the mind would be perceived to be "floating", as if in an "out-of-body"-type experience. The individual bodies would not longer be perceived as belonging to their original mind, but would be viewed as being collective property of the hive-mind.

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