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The Alien Abduction Truth: Confabulation

Confabulation, with regards to the alien abduction phenomenon, is invention, or "making up" of details which are then added to the story. All, I repeat, all abductees are guilty of confabulation. Even I am guilty of it, though I do my best to strive to only present the core experience and not to "pad" my encounters for whatever reason.

Confabulation is one of the reasons why I do not generally socialize with most abductees. In the past, I have met many abductees who had experiences that ware similar to mine but I noticed that all of them went off on these tangents. My observation is that confabulation amongst abductees generally serves the purpose of making the abductee appear special or 'set apart' from the rest of humanity. In fact, the aliens tell abductess they are special and that they are chosen, but this means absolutely nothing and is just b.s. they tell all abductees. Another form of confabulation is to twist the experience to present it as something spiritual or religious, or to make the aliens appear peaceful, gentle, wise beings who are here to guide us into a new-age.

Confabulaton is generally done unconsciously as in the person is not actually making a conscious choice to deceive others. It should be noted that all humans are guilty of confabulation. We regularly confabulate our memories by altering details and then believe the altered memory as if it was the real deal.

Below are some signs to be on the look-out for with regard to confabulation.

1.) ALL of the alleged abductees memories were retrieved via hypnosis. True abductees remember most of their experiences and only seek out hypnotherapy to fill in the blank spots, NOT to uncover the entire alleged abductions scenario. If a person claims to have ZERO memory of an abduction event UNTIL they were hypnotized then this is a sign that the entire experience by be nothing but confabulation.

2.) The alleged abductee has all the answers. That is they always have an answer for any question asked. You will never hear them say, "I don't know".

3.) The abductee relates the experience with far too many details. This can be tricky, so use caution with this one.

4.) The experiences the abductee went through could not have taken place within the alleged period of missing time. Say for example if an alleged abductee claims they were taken on a tour of the ship, taken to a planet, met with several groups of aliens, allowed to play with alien devices, saw a star chart, was taught things about the universe, was taught the craft's propulsion system, in addition to the medical procedures performed on them, and then you find out they were only missing for approximately 45 minutes, then it's a good sign that the majority of what the person is saying is likely to be confabulation. In reality, the experience is a "Wham! Bam! Thank You Mam!", that is they get you in and get you out as soon as possible.

5.) The alleged abductee confuses dreams for "abductions experiences". The first case of this was the Betty & Barney Hill abduction, where criticism levelled against the Hills were that Betty was confusing her dreams for memories. I do firmly believe the Hills were abducted. However, I also believe that they confabulated their account. Repeat, ALL abductees confabulate their experiences to some extent because confabulation is a part of the human experience. All humans are guilty of it. Currently, this is the number one problem with regards to confabulation that I've encountered with abductees. Abductees somehow think that because they dreamt it then it must be a memory of what occurred to them. Not true. Let me give you an example. A few months back I had the following dream:

"I dreamt I was folding and hanging-up laundry in my room. I turned around and there was a small chair that shouldn't be in my room. Sitting in the chair was a toddler-sized being dressed in all black. The clothing was skin-tight and resembled a wet suit except that it also covered the head. There was a strip missing over the eye regions and the being had pronounced, large, black eyes. The being was just sitting there staring at me. My immediate reaction was to bark and growl like a dog in order to attempt to scare it. I barked and growled like a dog and the being had no reaction. I woke up."

Now, It's obvious to me this was a dream. I know what triggered the dream. Below is the video I watched the night I had the dream.

Now, I know I had the dream because the video reminded me of the aliens. However, It was still just a dream. I never had an abduction experience with an alien sitting in a small chair that shouldnt' be in my room. It never happened in reality. Unfortunately, almost all abductees I have met will take a dream like this and confabulate it and claim that it must have been an actual memory. So if another abductee had this dream it is likely they would present it as such:

"And in one experience, I awoke to find a small chair had mysteriously materialized in my room. Sitting in the chair was a small being...."

You see how this confabulation works with regard to dreams? Now that you aware of confabulation you will be able to spot it in the stories from abductees.

Please keep in mind that confabulation does not mean that the abductee is consciously lying or has invented the entire story. Instead, confabulation only means the abductee is human. It is very important that non-abductees realize the issue of confabulation so as not to take everything an abductee says at face-value.

Finally, confabulation should not be confused with "screen memories". A screen memory, with regards to alien abduction, is a false memory that is planted in the mind of the abductee by the aliens. It is not something the abductee has unconsciously invented. An example of a screen memory would be:

"I don't know what happened. I feel so dazed. I was driving and then there was this light. My car died and there was a cow standing in the middle of the road. The cow came up to window and was talking to me with it's eyes."

Of course it's safe to say that such an abductee did not hold a conversation with a bovine.

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