Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Alien Abduction Truth: Alien Writing & Symbols And The Key To "Reading" It

Now, I know that in my last blog on this topic I mentioned that it would be my last. However, I completely forgot to write two-to-three more blog entries on the topic that I had meant to write. They completely slipped my mind. So I will write these over the next few days. This blog entry concerns alien writing and symbols.

Alien writing is arranged in columns that are "read" from the upper far left going down and then moving right to the next column. An example of this is below. Note that the figures in this example are just doodles and are not actual alien symbols.

Now, I've seen two types of script. The first script I personally call "The Cursive Script", because it has free-flowing lines. This is an example of "The Cursive Script". Included is a weird "4" number that is reminiscent of the astrological symbol for Jupiter.

The second type of script I have seen I refer to as "The Angular Script". Below is an example of it.

I suspect, but am not sure, that the Angular Script may either be numerals or else a strange combination of numerals and letters. The Angular Script has far more importance to me than the Cursive Script, more specifically the example above. This example is something I have seen and that has been "burned into my brain" for some reason. I don't know if it has special meaning or if I just concentrated on it so that I could remember it. I do seem to know what this particular example means. In their way of communicating it would mean, "Those Above...Those Below...Walking Together". The human interpretation would be far simpler, "merger". I also have this sneaky suspicion that it may represent a date or a special time.

As far as "reading", or should I say comprehending alien writing, I was led to believe that the key to understanding it is that it is firmly linked to the verb. In fact, I also suspect that the verb is usually a reference to movement and may only be implied. So for example say there is the following alien phrase, "Walking Forward...Meeting". It would translate for humans as, "See You Later", with the connection to the movement as a reference to a future time.

Now, because I am being honest here I have to admit that I quite frankly do not understand the need for alien writing or symbols as the aliens communicate via telepathy. I don't have an answer as for why this writing or these symbols are shown to abductees.

I will perhaps do two more blog entries on this topic and then put it to rest. Honestly, I would rather not share any of my experiences but for some strange reason I feel compelled to do so.

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