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The Hoodoo Truth: Black Cats

Yesterday my family celebrated my Grandmother's 81st birthday. On the way home my brother and I were riding with my sister when I spotted a black cat a few feet from the car. Now, I LOVE black cats. Well, my brother immediate started hollering and claiming that it was bad luck. So I decided to write this.

For most people black cats are bad luck. For conjure folk black cats are good luck. To put it simply, black cats "flip the script". They bring in change. They will steal your luck, good or bad, and replace it with the opposite. So if you are having bad luck and a black cat crosses your path then you will then experience good luck because the cat stole your bad luck away. That's how it works.

Now, if you are having good luck and a black cat crosses your path then you need to quickly uncross yourself by backing up past the point where the cat crossed your path and then choosing another route forward. If you are having bad luck and black cat crosses your path then you should go out and play the lottery! Because your luck has changed!

Making black cat spiritual products are some of the easiest to make. Simply add black cat hair to any commercial bought or homemade spiritual products to create your own "black cat" products. For example, if you don't want to spend a lot of money you can simply purchase a bottle of 7 Sisters Black Cat oil and then add a pinch of black cat hair to the bottle. Of course you need to pray over it. Such products can be used for luck or to cross your enemies.  When you are using black cat products to cross your enemies you will achieve greater success if you can lay it down where the person will walk over it or at least come into contact with it.

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Rihanna Obsessed With UFOs

Rihanna has admitted that as a child she was obsessed with UFOs and aliens.

Rihanna: My Alien Obsession

Friday, March 30, 2012

MegaMillions Mania!: Advice For Picking Your Lucky Numbers!

The entire nation is going insane. The MegaMillions jackpot is now at 640 million dollars! It may even increase further before the official drawing tonight.

I managed to get me some tickets even though I currently have slipped a disk. The older guy in front of me actually asked the clerk for a "ticket with all the numbers on it". The clerk was like, "Uhh...You mean you want the Megaplier?". LOL

So we all know that if you purchase a ticket that you have a very, very slim chance of winning. However, if you don't purchase a ticket then your chance of winning is ZERO. Guess what folks? People can and do win off of just purchasing one ticket. I won $150.00 just off of one ticket. Other people have won the jackpot off of just purchasing one ticket. So don't get it in your head that you MUST purchase dozens of tickets. You don't. Most people who win the lottery tend to spend just a few dollars on their tickets. I have heard cases of say a man who ran out and purchased $100 worth of tickets and won. However, most cases that I have heard are of people who spent a couple of dollars and who won. So don't deceive yourself that you shouldn't play because you can only afford one ticket. That one ticket just may be the winner.

Below are some tips to help people pick their lucky numbers and play the lottery.

1.) You have to play to win. You need to purchase a minimum of one ticket. In the MegaMillions lottery that will cost you $1.

2.) Think about the Megaplier option. If you purchase the Megaplier than anything you win, minus the jackpot, will be multiplied either 2, 3, or 4 times based on the Megaplier number drawn. So let's say that you won $4 and you had purchased the Megaplier. The Megaplier number drawn was 4. So you actually won $16. Another example, let's say you won $10,000.00. You purchased the Megaplier. So you actually won $40,000.00. Purchasing the Megaplier is an additional $1 per ticket line. So if you purchased just one ticket with the Megaplier it would cost $2.

3.) Quick Pick or Pick Your Own Numbers? There is some controversy surrounding this question. Should you pick your own numbers or allow the computer to randomly pick them for you? I've checked around and it seems as if slightly more jackpot winners have used the Quick Pick option rather than picking their own numbers. However, there are people who claim otherwise.

4.) If you are picking your numbers then there are a variety of ways that you can receive your "lucky numbers". Dreaming of numbers is believed to be one of the strongest ways to receive your numbers. Playing loved one's birthdays is also quite popular. Another method is to play the numbers found in a fortune cookie. So the point is that if you are going to pick your numbers then you of course need your numbers to play.

5.) If picking your own numbers, do not use all consecutive numbers. (Ex- 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)

6.) If picking your own numbers, do not use all odd or all even numbers.

7.) If picking your own numbers, do not use all low or all high numbers. Low and high numbers are found by taking the total number available in the game and dividing it by 2. In the case of MegaMillions the total number is 56. Dividing 56 by 2 gives us 28. Low numbers are the numbers below 28 and high numbers are the numbers above 28. So the numbers we play should be a mix of low and high numbers and should not be all low or all high numbers.

8.) If picking your own numbers do not make patterns on the play slip. So say you are a Christian and you want to make the sign of the cross on the play slip. Don't do it. Making a pattern will greatly diminish your chances of winning. The numbers are drawn randomly.

9.) If using Quick Pick don't purchase your tickets all at once or from the same location. So say you are buying 10 Quick Picks. Make the clerk break it up into 4 tickets, 3 tickets having 3 lines and then one ticket having 4 lines. Or got to 3 or 4 different locations. The reason being is that I've found when you buy a group of Quick Picks the numbers can be bad. For example, I've bought 5 Quick Picks before and received some bad numbers. In one case I got a line having 4 consecutive numbers. So breaking it up or going to multiple locations will help limit this.

10.) If picking your own numbers, avoid the "lucky numbers" that most people play, such as the number 3, 7, or 11, and possibly even 13. The reason being is that if those numbers win then you will have to split the jackpot with a large group of people.

11.) If picking your own numbers, avoid picking numbers that are multiples of each other, such as 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 or 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30,

12.) Do not get your tickets wet. I won $14 on a ticket once and accidentally dropped some condensation water from a cup onto the ticket. Don't you know it landed on the bar code and the ticket was then void. I even tried to cash it in but the machine wouldn't take it.

13.) Keep your tickets in a safe place.

14.) Sign your tickets. Signing the back of your tickets will lessen the chance of another person stealing your ticket.

15.) Check your numbers yourself. Do not give your ticket to the clerk and ask them to check it for you. Unfortunately some less than honorable clerks have stolen winning tickets and lied to the person by telling them they were not winners or that they only won far less than they actually did.

16.) If you win the jackpot, make a photocopy of your ticket and then hide or keep the original ticket in a safe location, such as a safety deposit box.

17.) If you win the jackpot, wait at least one week just to do some soul-searching, to ponder about how this will change your life.

18.) Don't tell anyone if you won the jackpot.

19.) If you win the jackpot and after you have taken a week off to ponder your win, hire an attorney and a financial advisor.

20.) Check your local laws to see if you can remain anonymous. Check with your attorney about how to claim your prize without revealing your identity.

21.) Check with your financial advisor as to what would be the better option, the annual payments or the cash value.

22.) Quit your job. The biggest mistake most people make is by trying to keep their job after a big lottery win. Unfortunately your boss and coworkers will begin to resent your insistence in staying on the job. The way they view it is that you are taking the position of a person who truly needs the job. There are many horror stories of jackpot winners who were run off their jobs in a nasty way because they refused to quit and wanted to keep their jobs.

23.) Change your phone number.

24.) Move to a new house. You may even consider moving out of state.

25.) Hire an assistant or third-party to answer your phone calls or mail. You will be overwhelmed with phone calls and letters from people wanting money. Having an assistant or third-party be a stand-in for you will better help you be able to say "no". The assistant or the third-party can be instructed on what the types of things or situations the jackpot winner may consider and can weed out anything else.

26.) Be prepared for the so-called friends, ex's,  and family members who will come out of the woodwork and bug you for money. It may be a girl you dated back in the 1980s and haven't seen since. It may be a guy who claimed to be your best friend back in the day. It may be long-lost cousins or family members who hated your guts but suddenly love you after your win. Be on your guard.

27.) Share with your family and friends. Spread the wealth. Another big mistake people do is to hog their winnings to themselves and not help their family members or true friends.

28.) Set an amount to splurge. Once that amount has been blown, make sure that the remainder is saved and/or invested. You do need money to splurge as you like so that you get it out of your system.

29.) Keep in mind that the majority of jackpot winners go broke within 3-5 years after their win. It's called the lotto curse, where jackpot winners go bankrupt, or worse, when the win is a contributing factor to the break-up of a family or even death/murder/suicide. People go broke because they do not know how to handle their money. There are also cases of spouses filing for divorce after one of the pair wins the lottery. Remember, spouses get half of everything!

30.) Charity, Charity, Charity. Give back. You did nothing to deserve this money. Give some of it back because there are people who truly need help. Pick your cause and go for it.

Good Luck! :)

The Hoodoo Truth: This Is What Being Thrown At Is Like

My family is currently being thrown at. We suspect the persons who are responsible, simply because what is going on in our lives currently. I'm actually mad at myself for not spotting it sooner. Because I didn't spot it quickly enough damage was done. It was a "sneaky attack" as Momma Starr would put it. It started last Thursday or so. My sister's leg began to swell. It was the size of a tree-trunk. The doctor said that if the swelling didn't go down in a couple of weeks then she would need to have surgery. So I did some healing on her leg and we got the swelling down. Then Saturday a man who owes me money was supposed to pay me back money I lent him. He was a no show. I can't get in contact with him. So I'm frankly pissed.

A couple of days ago I awoke with a backache. It was just uncomfortable and it quickly passed. Then yesterday I threw out my back completely and all I did was get up from sitting on the ground. I didn't need a doctor to tell me I slipped a disk or disks as my body was "s"-shaped. I looked like a sideways hunchback. The good news is that the pain is not that bad. Or should I say it's not as bad as the worst back pain I've experienced. I've had occasions in the past where I literally could not stand and had to crawl around the house crying my eyes out in pain. So this time I can walk slowly without pain but my back is still deformed. The same day that I threw my back out the t.v. broke. A couple hours later the toilette broke. Then I got word that my brother was freaking out and yelling and cussing people out. When I tried to talk to him he cussed me out for no reason. It was then that I realized what was going on. Someone was throwing at my ENTIRE FAMILY, not just me.

We think we are pretty sure who is doing it based on something that is going on in our lives. I won't get into here because it really doesn't involve me and is a rather private issue. Just let me say that this will be taken care of. So the person(s) who is throwing at my family, know this. You caught me off guard because I was focusing on people throwing for me specifically and not for someone throwing for my family. So you got a good hit in. I got the protection going strong now. In a few days when I am healed you can bet your life that I will reverse this mess and I will return to you all of the stuff you have sent my way and more. Because you know what? I had nothing to do with this situation, other than being related to the people who are involved in it. You are going to get back everything you dealt me and my family and more. Your life will be destroyed and I don't give a damn about you or the welfare of your family and if God so wills, I would see your entire family destroyed. You are going to get yours, count on it. You made your bed and you are about to take a long nap. It's going to happen. Count on it.

So for my readers, this is how how you know you are under spiritual attack, how you know that someone is throwing for you. All hell will break loose and things will go wrong like a domino effect. And people are sneaky with their attacks. They threw for my entire family even though in this circumstance the situation that upset them only involved a couple of my family members. This makes what they did unjustified. And they will get what they deserve. Also, when I do my work I'm not going to name them. Spirit knows who they are. Spirit knows their sin and will avenge me. I'm not one of those people who run around blaming people for throwing at them. I don't have to even know your name. I don't even need to have met you. If someone is throwing at me then all I have to do is go to Spirit and Spirit will take care of it.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Hoodoo Truth: Stealing

I'm going to share a secret with you that you will not find anywhere else online. All the old-school workers know this. Stealing is a part of the tradition.

Now before you get upset let me please explain. The type of theft used in hoodoo/rootwork/conjure is not the theft of expensive items and is definitely not the type of theft that will cause harm to anyone. Instead, it is the theft of small, inexpensive items that are to be used in conjure work. I am not, repeat not advising you to steal from occult shops. That is not acceptable because you don't need a single item bought at any occult shop to do effective conjure work. Sure, shopping at occult shops is great. I love them. However, I don't actually need anything sold at any occult store. I can use what I have at my house, growing in my yard, growing in my area, or otherwise obtained from local stores or taken from nature. I am not dependant on purchasing supplies from occult stores. So therefore there is no excuse for stealing from such shops.

Stealing makes the work more powerful. I know it seems strange but all the old-school workers do it. Let me give you some examples of what to steal.

1.) Pencils or Pens

If you go to the bank, steal a pen from the teller. Use it in your money-drawing work. Or say you see a red ink pen. Steal it. Or say you see some "bridge pencils", the kind of pencils that look they a pencil cut in half, with no eraser. Take it. Using it will make your work more powerful.

2.) Personal Effects

We all know that we need them and often we have to steal to get them. For example, see a sample of the person's hand-writing? Steal it.

3.) Stealing From Grocery Stores

If you need some lettuce for money-drawing work but don't have any, then go tear you off a bit from a leaf. Nobody will know. Some will even tell you to go steal an onion or an apple, if you need it. However, I won't go that far because you will get caught.

4.) Stealing From Neighbors

Your neighbor has a beautiful rose bush and you need rose petals for your love work. Go steal some. Be sly about it.

5.) Stealing From Restaurants

See some packets of sugar, honey, syrup, red pepper, whatever, take it.

6.) Penny Jars At Stores

Need a penny? Most stores have "penny jars" or dishes customers can take. They are put there for your use. Take advantage of them.

Now, please realize that I'm not trying to corrupt you. I am a very moral person. I only take trivial items that would not cause the person any problems. I am not advocating for the theft of expensive items nor am I advocating theft from occult shops. Nobody should be stealing from occult shops. I'm also not advocating the destruction of property. What I am saying is that people need to use your brain. Nobody is going to be arrested for tearing off a small bit of lettuce. However, if you put an apple in your jacket then you probably will get stopped if you are caught.

So take small things to use in your conjure but be moral about it. Do not cause anyone harm nor destroy property. Use your brains. One more thing, do not take more than you need. Taking more than you need is a sin kin to gluttony and greed. Do it right and you will find your power has increased.


Lettuce is used in the practice of hoodoo/rootwork/conjure primarily for money-drawing. Such use may stem from the use of lettuce as a synonym for money. For such use the darker green outer leaves are most often employeed. Only fresh leaves of lettuce should be used as it's power is firmly linked to it's moisture content. Any type of lettuce can be used for money-drawing but most workers of the past, or "old-school workers", primarily used the darker green outer leaves of a head of iceberg lettuce. These leaves tended not to be eaten and thus would have been discarded if not used for money-drawing work.

RIR - Are We Living In A Simulation?


The Demiurge, i.e., the Architect, the Artisan, the Creator, is a term describing the the god who fashioned the Universe and material existence, and who reigns over such creation. The term is used both in philosophy and in various religious sects, such as Gnosticism.

For most philosopher, the Demiurge is "number 2" on the totem pole of divinity and is the highest aspect of divinity mankind can comprehend. Behind the Demiurge lies "the one", the unknowable. It is this "unknowable" one that is, "The One, True God".

In Gnosticism, the Demiurge is usually portrayed as a false god who has imprisoned human souls in the false material world. According to certain Gnostics origins stories, an aeon named Sophia was the first to 'sin' by creating a being that should have never been. She did this without consulting with the other aeons. Her creation was the Demiurge. The Demiurge immediately attempt to take over and Sophia realized the gravity of her mistake and trapped the Demiurge within a black sphere or in other words, a false Universe. The Demiurge, unaware of it's fate, proclaimed itself to be the one true God and began to fashion it's prison to it's liking, creating the Universe that we see today. The Demiurge would go on to create human beings. However, the Demiurge did not create our souls but merely breathed into mankind part of his own "spark of divinity", which he was given by Sophia. Therefore, the Demiurge is referred to as "the half creator", as he created mankind's bodies but did not create our souls.

In Gnosticism, the Demiurge is generally viewed as an evil character that humans need to outwit and defeat before their soul can return to "the Source", our true existence. The Demiurge will try every trick in his book to keep humans trapped here in this fake universe. When a person dies their soul is reborn until one of either two things happens; 1.) The person learns to give up all desire and reaches a transcendent state so that they merge with the Source or Pleroma, or 2.) the spark within them finally goes out. If the spark of divinity goes out in the person then when that person dies they are completely obliterated. This obliteration is referred to as the second death.

Though the Demiurge is considered to be evil by man Gnostics, all hope for his salvation is not lost. It is believed that eventually the Demiurge will learn from it's mistakes and will likewise reach a transcendent state by which it will merge back into the Source.

To the Gnostics, the Demiurge was identified as the God of the Old Testament. The God spoken of by Jesus was not the Demiurge, but rather the "The Unknowable One", the true God.

What Is Gnostic Demiurge?

The Simulation Argument

The Simulation Argument is a philosophical argument proposed by philosopher and Oxford University Professor Nick Bostrom in a 2003 paper suggesting that human beings may not be "real" per the normal definition, but may instead exist in an advanced virtual reality or simulated universe.

The basic argument goes that in the future technology will advance to the point where we can create virtual reality worlds that are indistinguishable from the real world. These virtual reality words will be inhabited by intelligent beings on par with humans. Additionally, there could be an infinite number of these artifical or simulated worlds. Therefore, and according to statistics, it is reasonable to assume that we human beings may ourselves be living inside a simulated world. It should be noted that at no time has Bostrom attempted to prove that we are living inside a simulation. Such is not the purpose of the Simulation Argument.

Bostrom also goes into describing how these simulated worlds would likely be modelled on "the real world", and perhaps different eras of past history.

The Simulation Argument is not new. As a concept it has been around for centuries, even millenia, Various religious sects, such as the Gnostics, believed that the material world was a false world. Philosophers of various ages have expounded upon the idea that the universe may not be as "real" as we assume. The concept has also been the main theme in countless science fiction movies that predate Bostrom's work.

Note: There is no way to prove whether or not we are living "in the matrix". Nor are there "glitches in the matrix". However, certain aspects of physics and of our Universe can in fact be interpreted as indicative of how a simulation would function. Also, it should be pointed out that even if we are living in a simulation it still may be impossible to "exit the matrix".

20% Chance We Are Living In A Simulation

Human Fetuses Found During Miami Airport Search, Santeria Implicated

Customs agents at the Miami International Airport found two human fetuses among the belongings of two women coming from Cuba. The fetuses were in clay jars and the women denied having any knowledge as to the jars contents. The women claim the jars were given to them by a Santeria priest in order for them to give to another party in Miami.

Fetuses Discovered in Suitcase at Miami Airport

Adele Invites Robbie Williams For Ghost Hunting

Adelle has reportedly invited singer Robbie Williams to join her at her allegedly haunted mansion for some ghost hunting.

Adele invites Robbie Williams for ghost hunting

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

NASA's Unexplained Files | Premiering Tuesday at 10PM e/p on SCIENCE*

Coast 2 Coast AM - March 26, 2012 - Alien Abduction Investigations & Human Mutilations

Coast 2 Coast AM - March 23, 2012 - Area 51 Exhibit

Investigating Roswell

Included are recorded phone calls with actual witnesses.

Detroit Citizens Unite To Chase Away Red Dwarf

According to legend, 300 years ago Antoine Cadillac, the founder of Detroit, met a strange red dwarf. Instead of showing respect, Cadillac hit the little man with his cane. The dwarf responded with a curse upon the entire city. Now every year citizens unite to chase away the red dwarf in an attempt to break the jinx.

March aims to chase away legendary curse on Detroit

What Is Transhumanism?

Councillor Simon Parkes Comes Out Of The Closet As An Alien Abductee, Claims Told Mother Is Green Alien

Councillor Simon Parkes of Stakesby ward on Whitby Town Council, has come out of the closet as an alien abductee. In one of his alleged earliest experiences he recalls being told by a large, green, insect-like alien that she was his true mother.

Labour councillor: 'My real mother is a green alien'

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The Alien Abduction Truth: Confabulation

Monday, March 26, 2012


Clover, a.k.a. White Clover, Red Clover, Yellow Clover, Purple Clover, Trifolium, Trefoil, etc., is a plant that is used in the practice of hoodoo/rootwork/conjure for primarily money-drawing and prosperity work. Clover is a good fodder for livestock and will quickly fatten them up. As such clover can also "fatten up" one's life. Clover is also considered to be a sacred herb as it possess three leaves, symbolic of the Trinity. Perhaps the most famous clover known to most people is the four-leaf clover. Due to their relative rarity, four-leaf clovers are believed to be lucky. Clover also features in the modern expressions of "living in clover" and "seeing fields of clover". Both refer to an elevated state of prosperity, luxury, and abundance.

Coast 2 Coast AM - March 25, 2012 - Odd Disappearances

Every year, untold numbers of people disappear from State Parks in the U.S. and Canada. The circumstances surrounding the disappearances are extremely strange. Some of the strange factors include; people disappearing while in the presence of several people, the clothing of missing people being found as if they were removed and neatly folded, and the strange reaction by bloodhounds who were sent to attempt to find the missing person.

The New Roswell & Aliens Among Us

UFO photos puts family against newspaper. The Trent photos

Supermarket Ghost

The Berwyn UFO Cover Up Exposed cyberbid

Gang Allegedly KIlled And Ate Traitor

A Serbian gang allegedly killed a fellow member who had betrayed them with a hammer and then ate his flesh.

Milan Jurisic Killed And Eaten Allegedly By Serbian Mafia Members From Zemun Clan

Ex-Kony Soldier Claims Jason Russell Under Curse

An ex-Kony soldier believed that Jason Russell's breakdown was caused by a curse.

Ex-Kony Soldier Warlord May Have CURSED Jason Russell

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Skynet Rising: The AI Threat to Humanity's Existence with Dr. Roman V. Yampolskiy

A.I. Box

An A.I. Box is a theoretical prison, trap, or holding cell for an A.I. designed to prevent an A.I. from escaping and taking over.

The earliest "notion" of an A.I. Box can be found in Judeo-Christianity and among the Gnostic texts which describe the creation of a being known as the "demiurge" who was created by an aeon named Sophia, who took it upon herself to create this being without consulting with the other aeons. The demiurge attempted to take over and was imprisoned within a false world that has become our material existence.

In the Judeo-Christian view of creation, Adam and Eve are "organic artificial intelligences" created by God. When Adam and Eve rebelled against God's command of not eating of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, they were kicked out of Eden. This can also be viewed as mankind being trapped in an A.I. box as mankind was then cut-off from God.

The problems with an A.I. Box is that if it is not constructed properly the A.I. could escape. Additionally, the A.I. might be able to trick a human being into releasing it. Once freed there would be little chance of stopping the A.I.

Are we living in an A.I. Box?

Certain individuals like Hans Moravec and Nickt Bostrom, have proposed the notion of "Simulated Reality", i.e. the possibility that we may be living inside an artificial world or a virtual reality. If this turns out to be true then it is also possible that this "false reality" is in fact an A.I. box designed to trap us and prevent us from taking over "the real world".

A.I. Box

The A.I. Box Experiment

The Alien Abduction Truth: Implants

I think the public is well aware that many-to-most abductees report that an implant is inserted into them during an abduction. Many people are also aware of the work of Dr. Roger Leir has worked with abductees and who has assisted in the surgical removal of alleged implants. So what is the purpose of these implants?

Some speculate that the implants are being used to monitor a person's biochemistry, hormone level, etc. For example, an implant may be used to monitor when a female abductee is entering ovulation so that she can be abucted and have the egg harvested. Honestly, I don't know if this is a possibility or not. When it comes to alleged implants I can only speak from my experience and from what I was told by the aliens.

I know little about the implants, only that a biopsy or tissue sample is taken and somehow incorporated into the implant prior to it being inserted into the abductee.

I only have conscious memory of being implanted once, as a child, and while spending the night at my grandmother's house. I awoke in the middle of the night to what I thought were "sounds of a party". I heard shuffling sounds in the living room, as if a lot of people were walking around. When I sat up in bed the sounds quited down. I went back to sleep. I dont' know how long I was asleep but I awoke to the sound of the lamp in the living room being knocked over. I immediately sat up again and saw the light pattern from the lamp still moving or rolling on the floor. I'm not going to reveal the entire abduction experience but a white being ran into my room, and I do mean ran, and other beings joined it. One being had a silvery, metallic, thin rod that they inserted into my nostril. The rod reminded me of the rods on a rabbit ear antenna for some reason, except that it was far thinner. In a later abduction experience I asked about this and was told that it was done "to become one". An image of a small metallic ball with holes in it was projected into my mind. Small threads or filaments began to grow out of the ball and seemed to connect to cells or something. After this I knew the ball was "dead", that it had served it's purpose and would later be expelled from the body.

I suffered a lot of headaches and bloody noses, especially at night, as a child. The episodes were very severe. I somehow believe these are connected to the implant but I have no way to be sure.

So as to the purpose of alleged alien implants, again I can only speak for my experiences. I was told it was to "become one". There may be different types of implants for different things; however, I have no knowledge of such.

Saturday, March 24, 2012


The real video:

The Intelligence Revolution

A documentary on the coming Singularity, the birth of A.I., and our transition into cyborgs.

The Alien Abduction Truth: Definitions Of "Floating Mind" & "Mind Pooling" or "Mind Seepage"

Circa 2005 I wrote a blog entry on how being assimilated into a hive-mind would feel like. Below I will just recap it.

You feel "in your skin" because you are a self-contained system. Your "center" is felt to be in your head because of the predominance of sensory organs located in the head, primarily the eyes but also the ears, nose, and skin. Basically your center of mind is perceived to be your head because that is the location of the body where so many sensory organs converge in one area. Now, if I could merge your mind with the mind of another person then your sense of "center" would change drastically.

I call the process, "mind pooling" or "mind seepage". Say there are two glasses of water. One glass has red water, the other glass has blue water. Each glass represents a person and the water represents their mind. If a tube is inserted so that water can flow back and forth between the glasses then the water will turn purple. Bot the red and the blue have be transformed. It's impossible to separate them. So this is a good thought experiment to understand how telepathy or a merger of minds will create a "hive-mind". The uniqueness of both individual minds are destroyed and transformed into a "third mind".

If I could merge your mind with the mind of another person you would no longer feel your "center" to be inside your head. In a nutshell since your mind would be merged with another mind you would perceive your 'center' as an "out of body"-type perception. Likewise you would not perceive your body to be strictly "yours" but something to be shared with the other mind. Likewise, that other person would not perceive themselves to be "centered" in their heads and would likewise not perceive their body as being strictly theirs. So the experience would be similar to a "floating mind", or an "out-of-body"-type feeling of one mind manipulating two bodies, as if puppets.

Below are terms I have created to help communicate the experience of a hive-mind.

1. "Mind Pooling" or "Mind Seepage" - The effect of merging two or more minds; wherein, the uniqueness of each individual mind is destroyed and the two minds are transformed into a third, distinct mind.

2.) "Floating Mind" - What the experience of being assimilated into a hive-mind would feel like. A person who has been assimilated into a hive-mind would not longer perceive their minds to be located inside their bodies or centered in their heads. Instead, the mind would be perceived to be "floating", as if in an "out-of-body"-type experience. The individual bodies would not longer be perceived as belonging to their original mind, but would be viewed as being collective property of the hive-mind.

The Alien Abduction Truth: They View Abductees As Being One Of Them

Most abductees feel like they are leading double-lives or have trauma because of something that non-abductees do not realize. That something is that the aliens have full control over them and make them work with them. In fact, the aliens view abductees as "one of them", separated from other humans.

I don't truly understand why the aliens view abductees like this. All I know is that the aliens "flip a switch" and the abductee will do what they want. Going further, many abductees feel they have been "altered". Again, I don't know why this is. I will list some of the speculation regarding why the aliens view abductees as "one of them" and why abductees feel they've been "altered".

1.) Genetic Engineering - Some speculate that abductees have been subtly genetically engineered to exhibit certain qualities or possess certain traits. The traits may be anything from enhanced intelligence to more easily being controlled by the aliens.

2.) Cyborgs - One line of speculation is that the abductees are a form of crude cyborg via the alien implants. Many-to-most abductees report recieving an implant that is inserted up in the nostrils via a long, thin rod. On the tip of the rod is a small ball-like object. Abductees may even report a "crunching" sound when this procedure is done. When the rod is removed the ball-like object seems to be missing from the tip. I will blog more on this in the future.

3.) Telepathy & Merging With The Hive-Mind - This is one theory or line of speculation I have pondered. Perhaps by communicating telepathically with abductees they have absorbed some "pieces" of the abductees minds. In other words abductees may be "partially assimilated" into the hive-mind. This may account for why the aliens view abductees as "one of them".

Any, all, or none of these speculations may prove to be correct.

The Alien Abduction Truth: Telepathy

Telepathy is perhaps one of the difficult things for non-abductees to understand. I have this feeling that most non-abductees have a false or incorrect notion about the telepathy the aliens use. This blog will be an attempt to clear up any misconceptions.

In a nutshell, alien telepathy is "nonverbal communication void of non-verbal cues". Let me explain. Suppose both you the reader and I are standing in a kitchen. Without saying a word I pull out a chair, look at you in the eye and then point to the chair. Because you are intelligent you can comprehend my nonverbal communication and understand that I want you to sit down. Now imagine the scenario like this. Suppose we are in the same kitchen and without moving out the chair, without pointing, and without making any facial or body language except look at you in the eyes, you just know that I want you to sit down at the table. You don't hear my words in your heard telling you to do this. You just know it. It's like our minds are one mind. The overwhelming majority of communication with the aliens is this form of telepathy. The aliens just look at you and you know what they are communicating.

There is a second form of telepathy, one in which audible voices are heard in the "mind's ear". Many abductees have reported this; however it is uncommon. Sometimes the voice is a robotic voice. It is my personal belief that both forms of telepathy used by the aliens are a result of their technology and are not based on any naturally evolved ability. Remember, I have stated in past blogs that the ultimate sentience behind the UFO phenomenon is a machine-based intelligence, as in an ultra-advanced A.I. I personally believe the telepathy the aliens use is a result of their technology.

Going further I think this form of telepathy may be detrimental even dangerous for human beings. If you recall in Steven Spielberg's 2002 miniseries, Taken, anybody who has prolonged telepathic communication with the aliens goes insane and/or dies. This made me ponder whether or not the mind-control the aliens use on abductees may be a form of protecting the abductees' minds from the more dangerous effects of telepathy. The reason why telepathy is so dangerous is due to something that I have termed "mind seepage" or "mind pooling". I will try to explain below.

Say there are two glasses of water. One glass has red water. The other glass has blue water. If a tube could be inserted between the glasses so that water flows back and forth then eventually both glasses will contain purple water. It's impossible to separate the red from the blue. It is permanently effected. The type of telepathy the aliens use seems to be this dangerous form by which they literally possess a "hive mind". So, if the aliens communicate telepathically with a person then it will forever change them. They can't go back to being what they were before the telepathy. So my own personal theory is that one of the reasons why the aliens use the "mental whammy" on abductees is to protect them from the more dangerous aspects of telepathy. If the conscious mind can be dulled or dimmed to border unconsciousness then perhaps the human psyche could survive the onslaught of temporarily merging with a hive-mind. It also may prevent the abdutee from "learning too much" about them during the merger. That's just my theory or opinion. I first blogged on this back in 2005 or 2006.

I also suspect this is why the aliens view abductees as "one of them". If they have "merged" with us, even if only temporarily, then they would still contain pieces of us within their collective minds. Again, that is just my speculation. It could also be that they have altered us in different ways but I will blog on that later.

The Alien Abduction Truth: Interesting Trivia About The Betty & Barney Hill Case

Below is some trivia about the Betty & Barney Hill case that many people may not be aware of.

1.) An unidentified object was tracked by 2 (TWO) facilities, Concord AFS and Pease AFB, on radar over the area on the night of the abduction in 1961.

2.) Betty was missing a pair of blue earrings after the abduction. Like in tales of "fairies" stealing things, the earrings mysteriously appeared one day. When returning home Betty & Barney discovered a pile of leaves on their kitchen table. Hidden in the leaves were Betty's missing earrings.

3.) Betty Hill claimed the Air Force treated her very kindly and she was asked on several occasions to come give talks about her experience at Air Force bases.

4.) Betty fought with the aliens. Betty was able to somewhat resist the alien mind-control, while Barney seemed to be completely out of it. As a result, Betty was able to fight with the aliens and even told them off. Betty's dress was torn during one scuffle and on one occasion when an alien asked her if the man was named Barney, Betty replied that it was none of his business.

5.) During the encounter, the Hills heard two sets of strange beeping sounds. One before the incident and one after the incident. After hearing the beeping sounds the Hills' mental state changed. After hearing the first set their mental state became dazed. After hearing the second set of beeps their thought processes became clearer. These beeping sounds may have been some type of "trigger" for the alien mind control.

6.) Barney Hill claimed the aliens communicated telepathically. Betty seemed to be confused about whether or not the aliens communicated telepathically or if they spoke to her. Betty claimed she heard "broken English" and that the aliens seemed to speak to her in an accent she could not identify.

7.) Betty had additional abductions later in her life. During one experience Betty believed that the aliens may have healed her arm after an injury.

The Alien Abduction Truth: Screen Memories

I've written a blog on screen memories that all people interested in the topic of alien abduction should read. You can read the blog entry below.

Screen Memories

All abductees report some form of screen memory. These memories are not confabulations but are instead planted in the minds of abductees by the aliens.

The Alien Abduction Truth: Confabulation

Confabulation, with regards to the alien abduction phenomenon, is invention, or "making up" of details which are then added to the story. All, I repeat, all abductees are guilty of confabulation. Even I am guilty of it, though I do my best to strive to only present the core experience and not to "pad" my encounters for whatever reason.

Confabulation is one of the reasons why I do not generally socialize with most abductees. In the past, I have met many abductees who had experiences that ware similar to mine but I noticed that all of them went off on these tangents. My observation is that confabulation amongst abductees generally serves the purpose of making the abductee appear special or 'set apart' from the rest of humanity. In fact, the aliens tell abductess they are special and that they are chosen, but this means absolutely nothing and is just b.s. they tell all abductees. Another form of confabulation is to twist the experience to present it as something spiritual or religious, or to make the aliens appear peaceful, gentle, wise beings who are here to guide us into a new-age.

Confabulaton is generally done unconsciously as in the person is not actually making a conscious choice to deceive others. It should be noted that all humans are guilty of confabulation. We regularly confabulate our memories by altering details and then believe the altered memory as if it was the real deal.

Below are some signs to be on the look-out for with regard to confabulation.

1.) ALL of the alleged abductees memories were retrieved via hypnosis. True abductees remember most of their experiences and only seek out hypnotherapy to fill in the blank spots, NOT to uncover the entire alleged abductions scenario. If a person claims to have ZERO memory of an abduction event UNTIL they were hypnotized then this is a sign that the entire experience by be nothing but confabulation.

2.) The alleged abductee has all the answers. That is they always have an answer for any question asked. You will never hear them say, "I don't know".

3.) The abductee relates the experience with far too many details. This can be tricky, so use caution with this one.

4.) The experiences the abductee went through could not have taken place within the alleged period of missing time. Say for example if an alleged abductee claims they were taken on a tour of the ship, taken to a planet, met with several groups of aliens, allowed to play with alien devices, saw a star chart, was taught things about the universe, was taught the craft's propulsion system, in addition to the medical procedures performed on them, and then you find out they were only missing for approximately 45 minutes, then it's a good sign that the majority of what the person is saying is likely to be confabulation. In reality, the experience is a "Wham! Bam! Thank You Mam!", that is they get you in and get you out as soon as possible.

5.) The alleged abductee confuses dreams for "abductions experiences". The first case of this was the Betty & Barney Hill abduction, where criticism levelled against the Hills were that Betty was confusing her dreams for memories. I do firmly believe the Hills were abducted. However, I also believe that they confabulated their account. Repeat, ALL abductees confabulate their experiences to some extent because confabulation is a part of the human experience. All humans are guilty of it. Currently, this is the number one problem with regards to confabulation that I've encountered with abductees. Abductees somehow think that because they dreamt it then it must be a memory of what occurred to them. Not true. Let me give you an example. A few months back I had the following dream:

"I dreamt I was folding and hanging-up laundry in my room. I turned around and there was a small chair that shouldn't be in my room. Sitting in the chair was a toddler-sized being dressed in all black. The clothing was skin-tight and resembled a wet suit except that it also covered the head. There was a strip missing over the eye regions and the being had pronounced, large, black eyes. The being was just sitting there staring at me. My immediate reaction was to bark and growl like a dog in order to attempt to scare it. I barked and growled like a dog and the being had no reaction. I woke up."

Now, It's obvious to me this was a dream. I know what triggered the dream. Below is the video I watched the night I had the dream.

Now, I know I had the dream because the video reminded me of the aliens. However, It was still just a dream. I never had an abduction experience with an alien sitting in a small chair that shouldnt' be in my room. It never happened in reality. Unfortunately, almost all abductees I have met will take a dream like this and confabulate it and claim that it must have been an actual memory. So if another abductee had this dream it is likely they would present it as such:

"And in one experience, I awoke to find a small chair had mysteriously materialized in my room. Sitting in the chair was a small being...."

You see how this confabulation works with regard to dreams? Now that you aware of confabulation you will be able to spot it in the stories from abductees.

Please keep in mind that confabulation does not mean that the abductee is consciously lying or has invented the entire story. Instead, confabulation only means the abductee is human. It is very important that non-abductees realize the issue of confabulation so as not to take everything an abductee says at face-value.

Finally, confabulation should not be confused with "screen memories". A screen memory, with regards to alien abduction, is a false memory that is planted in the mind of the abductee by the aliens. It is not something the abductee has unconsciously invented. An example of a screen memory would be:

"I don't know what happened. I feel so dazed. I was driving and then there was this light. My car died and there was a cow standing in the middle of the road. The cow came up to window and was talking to me with it's eyes."

Of course it's safe to say that such an abductee did not hold a conversation with a bovine.

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Man-Raping, Semen-Stealing, Juju Women

The twisted tale of women in Zimbabwe who rape men and steal their semen for use in magic juju rites. In the past, women have even used guns and knives to force men to have sex with them.

Zimbabwe 'sperm hunters' picking up male travellers

The Hoodoo Truth: How You Know When The Intranquil Spirit Is Working

I've received this question before. Let me state that I do not recommend any worker work with the Intranquil Spirit. It is far too dangerous. This said, let's assume someone is foolish enough to work with the Intranquil Spirit. So how does one know if it is working, if the spirit is doing what you want? It's easy. You will know it's working because you, as in the worker, will feel it. People have this weird notion that they can summon the Intranquil Spirit and that it will only effect the target. That's not true. You know it is working because you will experience the negativity. You will feel the sadness, the depression, the anxiety, even the anger, hatred, or violence of that spirit. Remember, the Intranquil Spirit is actually composed of damned souls. These are souls that will NEVER find peace. These are the spirits of murderers, rapists, child molesters, etc. There is no rest from their torment. Now, how are you going to call upon such a spirit and think that you won't be effected by their energy?

So a worker will know the job is working because they will begin to experience the negativity of the spirit. Guess what? -That energy won't change for as long as that work is going on and until you get that spirit off you and the person. As long as that spirit is around, negativity will surround you. That's just the way it is.

The Hoodoo Truth: Fiery Wall Of Protection

Dr. Lovebug has posted an excellent blog over at the Old Style Conjure blog about how "Fiery Wall of Protection" spiritual products get their name from the bible. His blog entry is wonderful at communicating just how firmly entwined Christianity and conjure work is. Yes, Dr. Lovebug includes the bible verse where "Fiery Wall of Protection" can be found. Check it out!

Old Style Conjure - Fiery Wall of Protection

The Hoodoo Truth: Follow Me Boy & Follow Me Girl

If you want to make a very strong powerful "Follow Me Boy" or "Follow Me Girl" spiritual product for your own use then the most powerful ingredient you can add, in fact the ONLY major ingredient you need, is hair from a certain type of dog.

I have a dog named Bella. This girl is 100% love-starved and demands love 24/7. On top of that she is the type of dog that can't stand to be away from me and will cry if she isn't in my presence. On top of that she is the type of dog that will hop any fence, overcome any obstacle, and even bust open doors to get to me. Now using her hair will make a POWERFUL "Follow Me Girl" spiritual product.

So if you are going to make your own "follow me" recipe then try to include hair from a pet, especially a dog, that behaves toward you in the same manner. Because when you want to use a "follow me" product that's the results you are wanting, a man or woman to follow you around like a dog.

Now, I'm the type of person that stray dogs are attracted to. My family calls me "the dog whisperer" because strays are always following me home. I don't do anything to attract them toward me. In fact, most of these stray dogs keep a distance from me but will follow me all the way home. My momma thinks it's because I have a kind soul. I don't know. So if I didnt' have a pet dog then I would use the hair from a stray that followed me home. Others can do this too.

The Hoodoo Truth: Dog & Cat Hair

If you are going to use dog and cat hair in your work then please realize you do not just have to use "black cat hair" and "black dog hair". This notion that you should only use hair from a black cat or a black dog is only found online and not among real old-school workers. So for example, if you are trying to break-up a couple for a justified purpose then hair from any cat or dog will do. If by chance you can get it from animals you know hate each other, the better. Like for example if your next door neighbor has a cat and you have a dog and the two are always getting into fights then use their hair.

Schirmer, Sgt. Herbert

Sgt. Herbert Schirmer, a Nebraska Patrolman and latter Police Chief, claimed to have been abducted by aliens on December 3, 1967.

While patrolling Highway 6 in Ashland, Nebraska, Schirmer claimed to have spotted what he at first thought was a truck with red lights. When he approached the object he realized that the object was no truck. The object was a metallic disk and the red lights came from a row of portholes that surrounded the craft. The craft was hovering some 8 feet off of the ground. The object then rose higher into the sky and flew away over Schirmer's patrol car. Schirmer drove back to the station and discovered he had what is now called, "missing time". Schirmer could not account for about a hour of time. According to Schirmer, he had come on patrol circa 2:00 am and had witnessed the craft circa ten minutes later. However, when he arrived back at the station it was 3:00 am. Schirmer noted in his log book his sighting. After the experience Schirmer began to feel sick. He complained of a headache, fatigue, and a large welt on his neck.

News of the alleged abduction reached the joke of the Condon Commission who chose to "investigate" the alleged experience. The Condon Committee was not impressed. However, as part of the investigation Schirmer was hypnotized by Dr. Leo Sprinkle. During the hypnosis more details emerged. Some of the information matches the typical abduction experience while other details seem to be due to confabulation (making up stuff) or fantasy. This is a common problem with abductees and it takes a stern and observant hypnotist to spot confabulation and note it when it occurs.

According to Schirmer, "something white" exited the craft and approached the patrol car. This "white thing" communicated to him telepathically and exhibited some form of mind control over him as it prevented him from reaching for his gun and shooting. Schirmer was then taken into the craft. Inside where beings approximately 4 1/2 feet tall, having grayish skin and cat-like eyes. An interesting observation Schirmer made was that the beings didn't blink. Schirmer was forced to undergo some form of medical testing where something was inserted into his neck. Also, Schirmer admitted that he was anally probed.

As far as communication goes, Schirmer claims the beings communicated to him that they were peaceful, that they had a base on the planet Venus, and that they draw power from power lines in order to fuel their crafts. Some more of the controversial claims, and claims that may be attributed to confabulation include a patch consisting of a "winged serpent" the beings wore and a "communication device" consisting of one antenna the beings wore above the spot where one of their ears would have been. Schirmer believed this device enabled them to communicate telepathically. This is not something consistent with the experiences of other abductees. It is possible the communication concerning the aliens being peaceful and having a base on Venus was also confabulation. Finally, it should be noted that during hypnosis Schirmer began talking as if he was one of the aliens and as if an alien was speaking through Schirmer. These are blatant signs of confabulation.

Sgt. Schirmer did not benefit financially or in any other perceivable manner from coming forward with his story. In fact, coming forward destroyed his career and reputation. Schirmer would go on to become Police Chief shortly after his alleged abduction experience but later resigned because of the public humiliation he experienced. Additionally someone threw dynamite into his patrol car. Schirmer's wife soon filed for divorce.

For me at least, it does appear that Sgt. Schirmer did indeed experience something strange that night. However, I personally believe that much of his testimony derived from the hypnosis session is tainted with confabulation. Confabulation is something that most early abduction researchers simply didn't know about. So these early researchers tended to accept what the abductee said happened at face value. If the experience occurred in modern times then researchers would be able to identify the confabulation and isolate the core "truth" of the experience.

The criticism from skeptics and debunkers is that Sgt. Schirmer fell asleep on duty and had dreamt the experience or else additionally suffered sleep paralysis.

Below one can listen to a presentation given by Herbert Schirmer in which he tells his story. Please note that it is in my opinion that Schirmer's testimony, as described in the video below, contain far too much confabulation to be believable at face value. Confabulation is a normal human trait. Basically, it evolves with time and it may not be consciously or intentionally done. So I believe that with time Schirmer kept adding false details to his story so that it has reached a level where the "core truth" of the experience has been completely hidden. For example, notice how often Schirmer claims the beings called him "watchman" when they communicated with him. I know good and well that this does not happen. Identifying someone by name or title is only necessary for audible language. The aliens communicate telepathically. As such there is no need to continually use names or titles. It's simply not done to the extent that Schirmer makes it appear.

1967-The Herbert Schirmer Abduction

The 1967 Abduction of Patrolman Herb Schirmer

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Stikini are a type of vampiric witch found in the lore of the Seminole people who were native to Florida but who later were forced to move to Oklahoma. Stikini legends may also be found among the Creek people.

Appearance: Stikini appear as normal humans by day. At night they transform into owls. According to some Stikini can take the shape of any animal, though the form of owls is most common.

Lore: At night the Stikini will sneak off into the woods and begin to vomit up their internal organs. The organs are then hung in a tree or else hidden to prevent animals from eating them. The Stikini then transforms into an owl and flies off in search of prey. Stikini eat human hearts which they rip from sleeping humans through their mouth. After feeding the Stikini must retrieve it's organs and swallow them in order to transform back into it's human shape.

Powers: Stikini are powerful witches and can shape-shift into owls or other animals. Hearing the cry of a Stikini is an omen of approaching death.

Defense Against Stikini: If a person can find and destroy the organs of the Stikini then it will die. Sunlight may prove fatal to a Stikini who has not turned back into human shape. Stikinis can only be killed by arrows or other weapons that have been ritually prepared and dressed with sacred herbs. These weapons tend to be decorated with owl feathers.

Stikini In Oklahoma: At the location called Stikland, near Sasakwa, OK, it is believed that there is a large concentration of Stikini. All manner of strange, paranormal phenomena have been reported at this location.

Giants, Monsters, and Dragons: An Encyclopedia of Folklore, Legend, and Myth By Carol Rose

Stikland - Strange USA

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The Hoodoo Truth: Grape Seed Oil

Today, grape seed oil can be purchased in most stores and is easily obtainable and inexpensive. Grape seed oil can be used in conjure work for money-drawing and prosperity work alone as grapes symbolize prosperity, luxury, and abundance. Grape seed oil can also be used as a carrier oil if one is making their own money-drawing or prosperity oil by either adding essential oils or by the cold or hot infusion method of making natural oils.

UFO Video Enhancement Series - The 1998 "Somerset" UFO Footage LunaCognita

This particular footage has been analysed several times by various experts. The results are the same. Whatever this thing is it is actually in the air and is not due to trickery.

Coast 2 Coast AM - March 20, 2012 - Wizards & Strange Creatures

More NASA Alien Anomalies - a closer look at the Apollo 16mm "DAC" Footage (Trailer)

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NASA's Gemini UFO sightings - Astronaut "VTR" transcripts from the days before Apollo

Animal Planet In Yukon, OK, To Search For Bigfoot

'Finding Bigfoot' came to Yukon, OK, Saturday as part of their quest to find the alleged hairy one with big feet. The show will air sometime this summer.

Animal Planet In Yukon With Hopes Of 'Finding Bigfoot'

Cast Of 'The River' Film In Haunted Hospital

The cast and crew of the show, 'The River', have reportedly been spooked by ghosts while filming in an abandoned hospital. A security guard fled the scene screaming and four people who broke bones in a three-day time period. One of the wounded believes he was pushed.

SHOW PATROL 'The River' cast, crew spooked by haunted location

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The Hoodoo Truth: Time For Spring-Cleaning! Time For A Spring Cleansing!

Today is the first day of Spring, though in my area it's a dull, dreary, overcast day. However, the trees and some flowers have already begun to bloom so the warm weather is right around the corner.

Of course this is the perfect time for a Spring cleaning so that we can start off the coming warm seasons being cleansed, refreshed, and ready to welcome in the blessings that will enter our homes and our lives. Below are some tips for cleansing one's home. Additionally, this is also pretty much my weekly routine I do for personal spiritual cleansing of myself and my home.

Now, before I dive in let me state that it is extremely important for people to cleanse their self and homes before they do any protection work. The reason being is that if you don't cleanse first then you are just locking in all the spiritual gunk that needs to go. So make sure to cleanse before doing any protection work.

Tips For Spiritually Cleansing

1.) Thoroughly clean the house.

2.) Get rid of junk and items you no longer need or have use for. Remember to donate to your local charities or thrift stores those items that are still usable.

3.) Spiritually cleanse yourself first before cleansing your home. You can do this in a variety of ways. Use whatever method you feel best for you. If you feel more comfortable taking the spiritual baths, then perform those.

4.) When using your broom, pray for cleansing and then sweep from the back of the house toward the front and then out of the door.

5.) Burn incense in the home. It can be an "uncrossing", "cleansing", or even a "run devil run" mixture or even frankincense will suffice.

6.) Burn white candles. You can burn one in each room or else one in the center of the home or in the heart of the home, i.e. the kitchen.

7.) Brew up some herbal tea and add it to your mop water or scrub water. Herbs like hyssop, agrimony, rue, basil, thyme, rosemary, lemon peels, orange peels, vinegar, ammonia, etc., are all good for cleansings. If you don't have or can't easily get these then just a handful of salt that you have prayed over and place it in the bucket of water. Mop or scrub from the back of the home toward the front of the house. Use a rag to wipe down the doors, door frames, windows, and windowsills.

8.) If you have carpets, buy a bottle of carpet refresher or even just a box of baking soda. Add to it pinches of some of the same herbs I listed above. Pray over it and sprinkle the mixture on the carpet and then vacuum it up.

9.) Place salt in the 4 corners of the home. Make sure to pray over the salt before doing so. If you can also put one in the center of the home than that would be best

10.) Mark all the doors, windows, and entrances into the home with holy water. To do this you will make a cross with either your two first fingers on your dominant hand or else your two first fingers and then with your thumb make the horizontal mark.

11.) Sprinkle holy water through the house while praying for cleansing, blessings, and protection.

12.) Sprinkle holy water on your pets. I know a lot of people forget about their pets when doing spiritual cleansings. The best way to do it is to just sprinkle some holy water on them. If you prefer then their tags can be dressed with oils as well.

13.) Dress yourself with holy water and spiritual oils.

14.) Pray the 23rd Psalm. I like to pray it in every room. To do this I will hold the Bible to my chest and over my heart. I then cross my hands over it and then recite Psalm 23.

The Hoodoo Truth: Always Do A Cleansing Before Doing Protection Work

One of the things I was taught was that one should always do a cleansing before doing protection work. This is important because otherwise one will simply lock-in the gunk and negativity. Try it for yourself and see if you notice a difference.

Your Questions Answered....#23

As usual, all identities remain anonymous and all questions have been rephrased.

1.) What's the best documentary on UFOs to recommend to people to watch to get the most information on the truth of the subject?

Answer - There are so many, so it would be hard to pick just one. I think a good starting point would be the documentary titled, UFOs: The Secret History. I will post it below but if anyone has access to Netflix then please watch it there as this version has been edited for time. It covers the very basics from the beginning of the modern UFO area to modern times. Topics covered include what the government knows and how long they have known it, the cover-up, and the potential goals of the visitors.

2.) Have you ever met a vampire?

Answer - Not in "real life". However, I've talked to people online who claim to be vampires.

3.) Who do I contact if I saw a Bigfoot?

Answer - I found the below site by googling.

4.) I am trying to do a cleansing of my home. Is it okay to do smudge by itself or do I need to do more things too?

Answer - Smudging is fine but I would suggest that you learn other ways of doing things. There are multiple ways of spiritually cleansing one's home and one should learn the various ways and not just be dependant upon one way of doing it.

5.) Can you share pointers on how to achieve a near-death-experience through meditation?

Answer - No. That's not something I do.

6.) I saw a UFO a couple of years ago but my family doesn't believe me. Can you help me with advice on how to get my family to take me seriously? I'm afraid they think I'm crazy.

Answer - I feel for you but there's nothing that you can do to force someone to believe you. The human mind is fragile and some people simply cannot accept reality, even if it stares them in the face. I know for a fact that there are people who have seen UFOs and still don't believe. They will try to form whatever explanation, however far fetched, that will keep them in their little "bubble" safe-and-sound. So I would advise you not to push the matter. If you try to make a deal out of it then it will only enforce their opinions that you are crazy. However, we both know that hallucinations don't appear on radar, so we know that the UFO phenomenon is real.

The Hoodoo Truth: Burning Black Candles

I was taught never to burn a black candle by itself unless it was for enemy work So for example, say I was burning a black candle to remove negativity or something off of me. I would not just burn that candle by itself because it would leave a vacuum in me that would simply be filled with more negativity. So I would set the black candle and then burn a white candle to bring in blessings. That's just how I was taught and I thought I would pass it on.

NASA's Apollo DSE "Black Box" Transcripts - revealing the unscripted truth about the Moon

UFOs In The Nasa Archives 2012 Alien UFO Film

A lot of this is just space junk or other things but at least it's no boring.

Aliens in the NASA Archives - More Stunning NASA UFO Anomalies Captured On Film

UFOs, Hidden ET Evidence

NASA's Alien Anomalies caught on film - A compilation of stunning UFO footage from NASA's archives

Best Photo Of A UFO Stolen From British MOD

A photo described as the best photo ever taken of a UFO disappeared from the British Ministry of Defence in the early 1990s. The UFO captured on film was described as a three-dimensional, metallic diamond lying on it's side. Witnesses who took the picture claim the craft was completely silent.

UFO Photo Mysteriously Vanished From British Ministry Of Defence Office

Mysterious Explosion Sounds & Vibrations Plague Wisconsin Town

Citizens of Clintonville, Wisconsin, are being plagued with strange exploding sounds accompanied by vibrations. A CNN journalist sent to the town has also experienced the phenomena. What is it?

Something's rattling small Wisconsin town

Construction Worker Quits After Sighting Ghost Girl

A North Arlington construction worker quit his job after sighting the ghost of a girl believed to have died back in 1913.

North Arlington ghost: Construction worker quits after Margaret Febrey sighting

Monday, March 19, 2012

The Stunning Apollo 10 Coverup - The Music Behind The Moon

Was "music" heard on the dark side of the moon?

The SKYLAB III UFO Encounter - The Evidence and the Contradictions

X-15 Rocket Plane - UFO Encounters on the Edge of Space

Secret Space: What Is NASA Hiding? (2007)

Shout Out For Luna Congita

I came across Luna Cognita's videos about a year ago. I highly recommend anyone interested in various anomalies captured by NASA to go to his channel and watch his videos. Now, I don't believe everything he presents but I can tell you that some of the information blew me away. What I really love about his videos are that he does a great deal of exposing the public to the truth that NASA alters almost every single image from space. It's called "manipulated reality", a false version of reality that is presented to the public. For example, how many times have you seen a picture of the planet earth just floating there alone in a black backdrop? Where's the star field? Oh, that's right. NASA got rid of it, cropped the picture of earth and posted it on a black backdrop. Now that was for no damn reason. What will really blow your mind is when NASA obfuscates a patch of the horizon of the moon because they don't want you to see a tower-like structure that may or may not be natural in origin. Even anomalies objects on the surface of the moon are obfuscated. It will blow your mind.

Luna Cognita

An example of one of Luna Cognita's videos:

NASA - Proof Of Image Tampering

UFOs In Outer Space Trailer

Coast 2 Coast AM - March 18, 2012 - Wild Horses & UFO Detection

Coast 2 Coast AM - March 16, 2012 - Ouija Board Messages

Teen Who Stabbed Friend Claims Ouija Board Told Him To Do It

A Texas teenager stabbed his friend and later claimed that a Ouija board told him to do it. The boy lived.

‘The Ouija board made me do it’: Teen tells cops the spirits told him to stab his friend

Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Alien Abduction Truth: Alien Writing & Symbols And The Key To "Reading" It

Now, I know that in my last blog on this topic I mentioned that it would be my last. However, I completely forgot to write two-to-three more blog entries on the topic that I had meant to write. They completely slipped my mind. So I will write these over the next few days. This blog entry concerns alien writing and symbols.

Alien writing is arranged in columns that are "read" from the upper far left going down and then moving right to the next column. An example of this is below. Note that the figures in this example are just doodles and are not actual alien symbols.

Now, I've seen two types of script. The first script I personally call "The Cursive Script", because it has free-flowing lines. This is an example of "The Cursive Script". Included is a weird "4" number that is reminiscent of the astrological symbol for Jupiter.

The second type of script I have seen I refer to as "The Angular Script". Below is an example of it.

I suspect, but am not sure, that the Angular Script may either be numerals or else a strange combination of numerals and letters. The Angular Script has far more importance to me than the Cursive Script, more specifically the example above. This example is something I have seen and that has been "burned into my brain" for some reason. I don't know if it has special meaning or if I just concentrated on it so that I could remember it. I do seem to know what this particular example means. In their way of communicating it would mean, "Those Above...Those Below...Walking Together". The human interpretation would be far simpler, "merger". I also have this sneaky suspicion that it may represent a date or a special time.

As far as "reading", or should I say comprehending alien writing, I was led to believe that the key to understanding it is that it is firmly linked to the verb. In fact, I also suspect that the verb is usually a reference to movement and may only be implied. So for example say there is the following alien phrase, "Walking Forward...Meeting". It would translate for humans as, "See You Later", with the connection to the movement as a reference to a future time.

Now, because I am being honest here I have to admit that I quite frankly do not understand the need for alien writing or symbols as the aliens communicate via telepathy. I don't have an answer as for why this writing or these symbols are shown to abductees.

I will perhaps do two more blog entries on this topic and then put it to rest. Honestly, I would rather not share any of my experiences but for some strange reason I feel compelled to do so.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Scariest Monsters Of All Times

Just watching this makes my skin crawl. Bed bugs are scarier than zombies!

Terminator: Salvation Video Game

A walkthrough of the video game, Terminator: Salvation. It can be watched like a movie.

National Geographic - History's Secrets: CIA Secret Experiments

Was Jason Russell Secretly Dosed With LSD To Discredit Him?

Jason Russell - 'Thank You' Speech - KONY 2012

So most are probably aware of the news concerning Jason Russell. So my question is if he actually had a psychotic break, was under the influence, or was secretly dosed with LSD to discredit him?

If he had a genuine psychotic break then he needs all the help he can get. If he was under the influence then when he sobered-up he would be normal. If it was a drug-induced psychosis, such as the kind found among many meth or amphetamine abusers, then this too is only temporary and will pass once the drug is out of his system. Of course he could also have been drunk but I found one comment indicating that alcohol was not a factor.

Many people still don't realize that the government, more specifically the C.I.A., dosed people with LSD without their knowledge in order to discredit them. The effects or symptoms of LSD are indistinguishable from a genuine psychotic break. So of course I can't help but wonder what the truth of the incident was.

A clip of the incident is currently on YouTube. I have seen the clip and it shows a naked man allegedly identified as Russell, who masturbates for a few seconds before beginning to harass people on the street and before jumping on cars. The man is eventually subdued by a group of men who also take the time to throw some punches and land a few kicks in the process. I'm betting the video will quickly be deleted.

I just sure hope that blood work is quickly done and that doctors with his best interest in mind have the intelligence to look for LSD and/or other hallucinogens before labelling it as a psychotic break.

CIA's LSD Experiment Sends French Village Mad

Code Name Artichoke - The CIA's Secret Experiments on Humans (2002)

Friday, March 16, 2012

Some Things To Blow Your Mind

Just a few things that will blow you away.

1.) You think you see in 3-D. Your eyes are fooling you. It is physically impossible to see in 3-D. Instead, you only see in 2-D. Your brain adds the 3-D illusion.

2.) The key to being able to draw things well is to be able to disable the illusion of 3-D sight. Once you can disable it and learn to "see" things how they truly are, i.e. flat and 2-D, then anybody can draw. In fact, we truly only see a series of lines and if one can get past the illusion of a 3-D world then anybody can become a talented artist.

3.) Things are not a uniform shade of color. Just like with number 2 above, humans tend to perceive things that aren't quite part of reality. In reality something is rarely a complete uniform color. Instead, at close inspection things will have various tints, shades, and hues, yet humans tend to perceive things as being a uniform color.

4.) Pure black is extremely rare in nature. What we call black is often just a dark shade of another color. This is why artists do not use much pure black in their paintings.

5.) You see as if your eyes are windows, as if there is someone inside your head looking out through your eyes at the world. This is a lie, a trick that your brain is pulling on you. In reality, light enters your eyes via one-way only, unless you can shoot laser beams out of your eyes or something. So the light enters your eyes in one direction, hits the receptors at the back of your eyeballs, is transformed into electrochemical signals which are then transmitted to the occipital lobe via the optic nerve. The brain then transforms these signals into "reality", that which you see. The deception is that the brain projects this outward, as if your eyes were windows. It's physically impossible to perceive reality like that. It is a complete trick of the brain.

6.) Look around you. You think you are seeing your computer, your t.v., your pet, etc. You are not seeing them. Instead, you are seeing an organic version of a virtual-reality recreation of them. As in number 5 above, light and information enters your brain one-way only. It enters your eyes, hits the receptors in the back of your eyes and is transformed into electrochemical signals. You think you are seeing your laptop. You are not seeing your laptop. Instead, you are seeing electrical-chemical signals that your brain transforms into an image of your laptop but that image is not that which exists outside your body, but is instead an organic, virtual-reality simulation of that object.

7.) If you are religious and believe that God or gods created humanity then you must likewise believe in A.I. (Artificial Intelligence). For if man has a creator and was made in the image of that creator then man is in fact an Artificial Intelligence.

8.) Colors do not "exist". Colors are simply differing wavelengths of light that the human brain is programmed to perceive as a color. For example, humans see the color red because the brain is programmed to distinguish that wavelength and then the brain creates "redness" as the perception of that wavelength. In reality there are no actual colors, only different wavelengths of light.

9.) You actually see the world upside-down. Your brain turns everything right-side up. In fact, Scientists have performed experiments with special glasses that make the wearer see everything upside-down. What happens is that the wearer is very disoriented for a couple of days after which a miracle occurs. The brain reverses it so that the wearer perceives everything is right-side up. When the glasses are removed the person once again views the world upside-down and is disoriented for a couple of days until the brain reverts it once more.

The Animatrix (2003)

Truth Theorem Radio Episode 2.4 Grant Cameron

Old Style Conjure - March 10, 2012 - Call In

Momma Starr and Dr. Lovebug return in this latest episode of their blogtalk radio show on traditional conjure work.

Old Style Conjure - March 10, 2012 - Call In

Baby Sacrificed By Palo Cult

Twenty-six years ago a baby was sacrificed as part of a Palo ritual. Authorities now believe they are closing in on identifying the cultists responsible for the brutal torture and murder of the baby.

Cult Murder Of Baby Still Unsolved

UFO Fly-bys at Chilean Ceremony

Bird? Bug? UFO?

Witches Growing In Numbers In Arizona

A small news story on the growth of witchcraft.

Number of witches in Arizona on the rise

Dark Shadows (2012) Trailer

'Ghost Hunters' Episode Features Blood Sacrifice To Spirits

On the latest episode of Ghost Hunters International, a member allows bloodletting as an offering to spirits at a Mayan temple.

Kris Williams Freaks Out Over Blood Letting On Ghost Hunters International

Ghost Hunters International - S3E10 - "Sacrificed Mayan Spirits" - Part 1

Ghost Hunters International - S3E10 - "Sacrificed Mayan Spirits" - Part 2

Ghost Hunters International - S3E10 - "Sacrificed Mayan Spirits" - Part 3

Note: They seriously crossed a line in this episode.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

How To Build An A.G.I. (Artificial General Intelligence)

In the field of A.I. and robotic research, there is the question of pursuing either a body route for the development of A.I. or a route via a virtual reality. The answer is to merge both simultaneously.

In order to understand this we must view humans as organic A.I. We must model A.I. on humanity and then it can expand from there.

So the basic structure will be an A.I. contained in a virtual reality that is contained within a body (robot). The construction of the virtual reality will be controlled based on sensory input. That is, that the virtual reality will be a simulation of the "real world" as defined by the sensory input.

Going further much progress can be made by observation of human beings. Humans like to think that they are in control, even in control of themselves, but in reality the majority of the intelligence found within the human body is "non conscious". The conscious aspect is extremely minute. So when A.I. is constructed the same should likewise apply, the majority of the intelligence involved in the robot will be "non conscious", i.e the programming for movement, pattern recognition, etc. So there will be a cluster, or even a multitude of other non conscious intelligences within the robotic body that will be manipulated by the "conscious" A.I. existing in the virtual reality contained within the robot. So, and this is very important, when that conscious intelligence wishes to, say walk across the room it doesn't have to know how to create the movement in the legs or torso. All it has to learn, emphasis learn, is how to manipulate that non conscious intelligence and how to direct it. This is equal to how a human being doesn't have to know how a muscle operates. Instead, the person just needs to learn how to manipulate the leg to achieve it's goals. The reason is because the leg, more specifically the muscles in the leg, contains a non conscious intelligence of it's own.

I actually wrote blogs on this in the past. I have removed the blog but have saved a copy for posterity.

In a nutshell, what I am proposing is a "hive" or "collective" of non conscious intelligences that are manipulated by a "conscious" A.I. that exists within a virtual reality world that is constrained by the sensory input, the same as in a human being. When humans are awake our brains automatically constrain reality to our sensory input. When humans are asleep this constraint is removed and humans "dream".

I've given you enough information. For those researchers reading this, extrapolate the remainder and pursue this.

One more thing, there needs to be system in place for self preservation. In order to communicate this let me call this "conscious" intelligence within the virtual reality inside the robot "The Queen". The "non conscious" intelligences that are manipulated by The Queen I refer to as "The Workers". Well, you can tell I'm using bee-related terminology. So let me go one step further. There needs to be a "Drone". The reason being is that if something goes wrong with "The Queen" then the workers need to have the ability to reproduce a new Queen or else the A.I. will fail. So there needs to be a method of reproduction for The Queen. This method can be achieved by creating "Drones" who only serve one purpose. The Drones would hide within the programming and only be activated if the Queen is damaged or is "dying". A drone would then be activated and the workers would replicate a new Queen to take the old Queen's place.

Now the reason why the Drones will be needed is because, like in a hive, there can only be one Queen. If the programming was available at any time to replicate a Queen, or if the Queen had the power to replicate herself then this would eventually lead to failure of the system. It's the system that needs to remain intact.

So I hope any A.I. researchers out there realize that what I'm communicating is a system that gives the illusion of a singular intelligence, much like the trillion of cells which by acting together give the illusion of one singular human being.

Now build it! :)  (I know, easier said than done.)

The Technological Singularity

The Technological Singularity, a.k.a. The Singularity, The Intelligence Explosion, The Technological Horizon, The Intelligence Horizon, etc., is a term that describes a theoretical time period in the near future which through the convergence of technologies, such as A.I., robotics, nanotechnology, genetic engineering, etc., human existence will be forever altered.

The term was first coined by Stanislaw Ulam in a 1958 written reference to a conversation he had with John von Neumann. Seven years earlier, Alan Turing had also predicted a similar time in which machine intelligence would outpace human intelligence. Other great minds such as I.J. Good, Verner Vinge, Ray Solomonoff, Hans Moravec, and Ray Kurzweil, have expounded upon the topic. It was Verner Vinge who first identified the Technological Singularity with the rise of A.I.

In order to understand the Technological Singularity one can visualize looking at the horizon. We can see everything up to the horizon, but due to physics we simply cannot see beyond the horizon. Another scenario would be to imagine a graph of technological advancement and to imagine one's self standing underneath the line. The point where the line rises almost vertically is the Technological Singularity. It would appear almost as if it was a single dot from that reference. We cannot see beyond the Technological Singularity and cannot make any accurate predictions about what we may expect from it.

It is believed the Technological Singularity will begin some time this century and probably before the year 2060. Key dates that have been predicted include;

- 2019 The complete simulation of the human brain

- 2029 The creation of the first A.G.I. (Artificial General Intelligence) equal to human intelligence.

- 2045 The time which A.G.I. achieves greater-than-human level intelligence

As technological advancements feed off each other, i.e. the Law of Accelerating Returns, it is believed that once A.I. achieves greater than human level intelligence then it will begin to enhance itself and advance exponentially. So say in 2045 A.I. is double the intelligence of man. By 2047 is is four times the intelligence of humans. By 2049 it is sixteen times as intelligent as a human. By 2051 it is two-hundred and fifty-six times the intelligence of a human. Eventually the rate may increase until machines are millions, if not billions of times smarter than humans. There is simply no way that humans can maintain control over such god-like machines. Therefore, some have predicted doom and calamity for the human species at the hands of these machines. Others suggest that we will compensate and prevent any negative scenarios from developing by merging with the machines, in effect becoming cyborgs or via uploading our minds into machines.

Critics, debunkers, and skeptics of the Technological Singularity believe the concept is more closer to science fiction than fact and are generally not convinced that technology will converge and feed upon itself to produce the necessary requirements for the rise of the Technological Singularity. Many of these same critics do not accept that machines could ever rival human intelligence, let alone surpass it. Additionally, the Technological Singularity does not take into consideration human choice in creating such technology, nor does it address the human ability to suppress technological advancements.

The Technological Singularity by Verner Vinge

What Is The Singularity?

The Singularity Is Near: When Humans Transcend Biology by Ray Kurzweil

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