Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Hoodoo Truth: Why The Bible Is Used

I previously posted a blog on the bible in hoodoo. This blog will serve to help clarify why the bible is so important to the practice and how removing it not only means one will generally have weaker power but also implies one is no longer doing real, traditional hoodo/rootwork/conjure.

Why do we use the bible in hoodoo/rootwork/conjure? The are two basic answers. The first being is that most workers are Christian. The second answer dates back to the time of slavery. In order to understand this one needs to get into the proper mind frame, one free of modern bias. The slaves realized the bible had power. They also realized that the whites were using the power of the bible in order enslave them. So by using the bible in hoodoo the slaves were basically "flipping the script". They were going to take this book, learn it's secrets, and use it to get the upper hand on the whites. They knew the book had power and they were making it work for them.

Now, please don't confuse the use of the bible in Hoodoo as only being used for magical purposes. Most practitioners are indeed Christian. in fact, for a long time hoodoo was in the black church and in some places today it still is. If one takes the time to research it, even if only online, one can still find references to Church-going Christians, even elders, giving hoodoo works to fellow Christians in need. The reason why hoodoo began to fall out of the Church is a subject for another blog.

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