Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Hoodoo Truth: Break-Up Work - Why We Need It

"The rules of fair play do not apply in love and war."
-John Lyly, Euphues (1578)

The quote above pretty much sums up the beliefs of most workers out there. However, I will share my opinions as they differ slightly.

When it comes to break up work on couples, as far as I'm concerned, if there is no ring on the finger and if the couple has not stood up in front of God and man to exchange vows, then I will break-up a couple if the situation warrants such. Don't hate on me for being honest. That's just how the game is played. You want to keep your woman or man, then put a ring on her finger and sanctify that relationship in the eyes of God. I'm not saying you have to have a church wedding or spend a great amount of money. That's not what I'm communicating here. What I'm communicating is when both parties publicly and ritually acknowledge their vows to each other. If you are just shacking up with someone then you are fair game for break-up work as far as I'm concerned. Again, don't hate on me. Break-up work is not a curse. It's not designed to destroy your life or anything like that, only to separate a couple. I'm not here to judge anyone, just being honest. If you want to keep a woman or a man then you better put that ring on their finger and stand up in front of God and man and make that commitment. However, I must stress that I personally will not use break-up work on married couples. Other workers will and will use that saying, "all is fair in love and war", as justification.

Now, break-up work is not just confined to romantic couples. Break-up work can be used on any human relationship or partnership. Many people would be shocked to realize that there are many situations in which using break-up work is not only justified, it is the best choice. Let me give you some examples from my own personal experience.

I've worked at some horrible jobs. In one job I worked I was set for a promotion. The problem was that my boss had a thing for a certain female employee. He took me aside one day and told me that I was such a good worker and then slapped me in my face by telling me that he wanted to give the promotion to this woman. The problem was that she could not work the hours and days that the title called for. So he actually thought he could give the title and accompanying pay raise to her and have me work the extra hours she couldn't, with no title and no pay raise. I put my foot down and told him no. I wasn't going to let him take advantage of me like that just because he wanted to hook up with this woman. So it got to the point where he was finding any excuse to fire me. He even tried to talk me into transferring to another branch location.

Now, the woman in question was not innocent. She knew that he wanted to be with her but she didn't have feeling for him. She was playing him none-the-less and was pressuring him for the position. My problem was that at this time I was still a push-over and was too kind-hearted. I've been burned too many times and now I no longer play games. I ended up loosing my job over this situation. At least it served to help me realize how people will happily do you wrong, walk all over you, use you, and destroy you if you let them. If I was smart I would have immediately gone home and did break-up work on these idiots. If a similar situation ever happens to me in the future, you can rest assured I will use break-up work.

I also worked at another job that was well know for it's "good ol' boy" reputation. This means if you weren't part of the inner circle then you had no chance of ever moving up in he company. Whenever a supervisor position became available management would simply bring in one of their family members or friends. Most of the management had no clue about anything relating to the job and most abused their positions, not showing up to work and having one of their friends alter their time, taking 2-3 hour lunch breaks, taking breaks whenever they felt like, and treating employees like crap. Raises and promotions were given to people they hand-picked and were not based on attendance or even performance. There were several cases of people who had extremely poor attendance, who had poor reviews, etc., be hand-picked by management for higher paying positions that were created in another department. Basically, if you were a good employee, who got excellent reviews, and who actually had great attendance then they viewed you as trash. In order to move up in the company you had to be a lousy employee and be buddy-buddies with the corrupt management. Again, my problem was I was too kind-hearted. I should have done enemy work to break these corrupt people up and help open positions up for not only myself but for other good workers. I have sense learned my lesson. If this situation ever occurs in the future you can be rest assured I will use break-up work.

I cannot stress enough how break-up work by itself is not a curse. Break-up work only becomes a curse when you are doing it out of jealousy, hatred, etc. If you are using break-up work in a justified manner then you have nothing to fear.

As far as the side-effects or consequences of break-up work, fighting is bound to happen. The people being worked on will become angry with one another. If you are doing break-up work on people at your job, the anger will tend to build until there is an outburst, or multiple outbursts, and then one of the people will usually quit. A similar thing happens with romantic relationships. The couple will fight, bicker, may even become violent, until one of them decides they want out of the relationship. Now the only major consequence people need to be aware of is physical violence. It is possible that somebody may get hurt, especially if one of the people being worked on has a capacity for violence or is known for being physically violent. If you are breaking up a romantic couple and the couple has a history of violence in the past, it's possible they can become violent when being worked on with break-up work. That's just how it is. So make sure you are aware of this possible consequence when doing break-up work. Same thing goes with doing break-up work with people on the job. I've seen fist-fights between hot heads on the job and this may also occur if break-up work is used and if the person has a capacity for physical violence.

Remember, we are not Wiccans. There's no such thing as karma, as the Wiccan Rede, or the "Law of Three". There is only consequences. When doing break-up work, do your best to ponder the potential consequences. As long as you are doing justified break-up work then you should be fine.

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