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The Hoodoo Truth: Break-Up Work - Why We Need It

"The rules of fair play do not apply in love and war."
-John Lyly, Euphues (1578)

The quote above pretty much sums up the beliefs of most workers out there. However, I will share my opinions as they differ slightly.

When it comes to break up work on couples, as far as I'm concerned, if there is no ring on the finger and if the couple has not stood up in front of God and man to exchange vows, then I will break-up a couple if the situation warrants such. Don't hate on me for being honest. That's just how the game is played. You want to keep your woman or man, then put a ring on her finger and sanctify that relationship in the eyes of God. I'm not saying you have to have a church wedding or spend a great amount of money. That's not what I'm communicating here. What I'm communicating is when both parties publicly and ritually acknowledge their vows to each other. If you are just shacking up with someone then you are fair game for break-up work as far as I'm concerned. Again, don't hate on me. Break-up work is not a curse. It's not designed to destroy your life or anything like that, only to separate a couple. I'm not here to judge anyone, just being honest. If you want to keep a woman or a man then you better put that ring on their finger and stand up in front of God and man and make that commitment. However, I must stress that I personally will not use break-up work on married couples. Other workers will and will use that saying, "all is fair in love and war", as justification.

Now, break-up work is not just confined to romantic couples. Break-up work can be used on any human relationship or partnership. Many people would be shocked to realize that there are many situations in which using break-up work is not only justified, it is the best choice. Let me give you some examples from my own personal experience.

I've worked at some horrible jobs. In one job I worked I was set for a promotion. The problem was that my boss had a thing for a certain female employee. He took me aside one day and told me that I was such a good worker and then slapped me in my face by telling me that he wanted to give the promotion to this woman. The problem was that she could not work the hours and days that the title called for. So he actually thought he could give the title and accompanying pay raise to her and have me work the extra hours she couldn't, with no title and no pay raise. I put my foot down and told him no. I wasn't going to let him take advantage of me like that just because he wanted to hook up with this woman. So it got to the point where he was finding any excuse to fire me. He even tried to talk me into transferring to another branch location.

Now, the woman in question was not innocent. She knew that he wanted to be with her but she didn't have feeling for him. She was playing him none-the-less and was pressuring him for the position. My problem was that at this time I was still a push-over and was too kind-hearted. I've been burned too many times and now I no longer play games. I ended up loosing my job over this situation. At least it served to help me realize how people will happily do you wrong, walk all over you, use you, and destroy you if you let them. If I was smart I would have immediately gone home and did break-up work on these idiots. If a similar situation ever happens to me in the future, you can rest assured I will use break-up work.

I also worked at another job that was well know for it's "good ol' boy" reputation. This means if you weren't part of the inner circle then you had no chance of ever moving up in he company. Whenever a supervisor position became available management would simply bring in one of their family members or friends. Most of the management had no clue about anything relating to the job and most abused their positions, not showing up to work and having one of their friends alter their time, taking 2-3 hour lunch breaks, taking breaks whenever they felt like, and treating employees like crap. Raises and promotions were given to people they hand-picked and were not based on attendance or even performance. There were several cases of people who had extremely poor attendance, who had poor reviews, etc., be hand-picked by management for higher paying positions that were created in another department. Basically, if you were a good employee, who got excellent reviews, and who actually had great attendance then they viewed you as trash. In order to move up in the company you had to be a lousy employee and be buddy-buddies with the corrupt management. Again, my problem was I was too kind-hearted. I should have done enemy work to break these corrupt people up and help open positions up for not only myself but for other good workers. I have sense learned my lesson. If this situation ever occurs in the future you can be rest assured I will use break-up work.

I cannot stress enough how break-up work by itself is not a curse. Break-up work only becomes a curse when you are doing it out of jealousy, hatred, etc. If you are using break-up work in a justified manner then you have nothing to fear.

As far as the side-effects or consequences of break-up work, fighting is bound to happen. The people being worked on will become angry with one another. If you are doing break-up work on people at your job, the anger will tend to build until there is an outburst, or multiple outbursts, and then one of the people will usually quit. A similar thing happens with romantic relationships. The couple will fight, bicker, may even become violent, until one of them decides they want out of the relationship. Now the only major consequence people need to be aware of is physical violence. It is possible that somebody may get hurt, especially if one of the people being worked on has a capacity for violence or is known for being physically violent. If you are breaking up a romantic couple and the couple has a history of violence in the past, it's possible they can become violent when being worked on with break-up work. That's just how it is. So make sure you are aware of this possible consequence when doing break-up work. Same thing goes with doing break-up work with people on the job. I've seen fist-fights between hot heads on the job and this may also occur if break-up work is used and if the person has a capacity for physical violence.

Remember, we are not Wiccans. There's no such thing as karma, as the Wiccan Rede, or the "Law of Three". There is only consequences. When doing break-up work, do your best to ponder the potential consequences. As long as you are doing justified break-up work then you should be fine.

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The Hoodoo Truth: Money Drawing Work

Money-drawing work is perhaps my favorite type of work in hoodoo/rootwork/conjure, simply because I have great success in it and actually find it easy. I'll try to give some tips for new practitioners on how to do effective money conjure work.

When we do money-drawing work it is important to realize that we do not control how it manifests. This means that when we do money-drawing work the money may come to us in all manner of ways. Speaking from experience, I've had it manifest as finding money on the ground, finding money I hid somewhere and forgot about it, being asked to help someone move and get paid for it, being asked to babysit, being asked to do yard work for someone, raises, and winning scratch-offs or lottery tickets. I'm sure there's many more ways that I've simply forgot. So the key thing to know that when doing money-drawing work is that we don't control how it comes to us. The second thing to realize is that it may come to us in a fashion that we have to work to get, such as having to help a person move, do yard work, babysit, etc. So don't get it in your mind that money is just going to magically materialize in your hands because we may have to do actually work, physical activity, to get it.

Another important thing that many people don't understand is keeping one's eyes open to opportunities. When money finally manifests it may come to us in a way that we have got to recognize. I know from talking to people that there are many people out there who are "money-drawing blind", meaning they do the work and it manifests, just that it manifests in a manner that they cannot recognize. For example, let's say Susan does money-drawing work and she has this crazy notion in the back of her head that money is just going to magically appear in her hands, without any extra effort. So Susan gets up in the morning, gets ready, and heads out the door. On the way to her car Susan sees a quarter on the ground and decides not to pick it up. Then Susan gets in her car and turns on the radio and there is a contest where if you know the answer to a trivia question you can win $100. The answer is one that almost nobody knows, but amazingly Susan knows the answer. Even though Susan has her cell phone on her she decides not to call in. When Susan enters her work she passes by the bulletin board in the employee lounge and sees an notice about seeking applications for a new department at her job that is opening and one that pays far more than what she currently makes. Susan just shrugs it off because she's semi-happy in her current position. Susan's boss makes an announcement that anyone who wants to work overtime for the extra money is free to do so today. However, Susan wants to get home in time to watch her favorite t.v. show. Susan gets off work and goes home. There she discovers a message from her sister asking her to babysit her kids. Her sister is willing to pay her $50. However, Susan is feeling tired and lazy and decides she won't even return her sister's call. My friends, don't be like Susan. Susan is "money-drawing blind". She cannot recognize the opportunities that have manifested around her and so in this scenario Susan will probably reach the decision that hoodoo/rootwork/conjure is nonsense, just because the money didn't magically manifest in her hands the way she just assumed it would.

One more thing, when doing work for a specific amount, let's say money to buy the kids Christmas presents, it's important to make that part of your intention. Or say you need a specific amount, like $300 for your electric bill. You will achieve better results and produce effective conjure if you incorporate that into your intention for the work. Otherwise if you aren't including it then you may find a penny on the ground and that's how it manifested because you weren't true to your desire and need. Finally, when you are doing work with a specific amount make sure you realize that the money may not manifest all at once. You may get $20 here, $50, there, etc., until you have all the money you need. Make sure you save it. Don't get it in your head that it's cool to blow this money because you have this false belief in your head that a check for a full $300 is going to fall in your lap. It doesn't work that way.

So wishing everyone happy money-drawing! Now, go out there and get that dough!

Your Stories.....#1

The following story was sent to my be a person wishing to be identified as Arwan. This is their story. I have not altered or changed the text. This is Arwan's own words.

Call me Arwan, I am a 24 year old female who, has "visitors" often. Two of them being shadow people, and a few other beings.
To start, the shadow people. One I met three years ago that I call "Crack Monster" since he would run around me and dissapear in a crack. He's a harmless prankster. The second one on the other hand, scares me. It started when I was about 19, and was with some friends walking in some woods at midnight. They loved seeing who would run away first, and I never lost. It was down to me and one guy, and we seen a black horse drawn carriage in the center of this field. He ran, but I couldn't move. All I could do was stand there in fear as I watched someone climb down. This figure gets with in twelve feet of me and some how I ran like the wind all the way to a friends house. Once there, I break down. It took them a solid hour to calm me down enough to tell them what happened. My friend is a straight up born Irish man, so when I told him what I saw, he got this worried look and started asking me dozens of questions. Example: did I see a latern? no. Did the horses have red eyes? no. Did the man say anything? no. He asked me more, but I started falling asleep. I woke up a few hours later, right before dawn, and seen the shadow man next to me. I screamed for help, and when my friend came in, he turned on the light and seen the same thing I did. A full figured solid shadow. It was like he was covered in black velvet. The man literally sank into the floor where he stood. Shortly after that, I moved. I didn't see the Man for almost a year until one day, around lunch, me and my house mate heard a loud noise come from my room. We both went and checked. Once we got my door opened, we freaked out. My heavy bed was flipped to lean against the wall and my vanity mirror was turned around. It took me and four people to fix my room back. Afterward, I traced the whole outline of my room with salt and burned sage every day. That worked until I had to move again. On moving day, me and my house mate were talking when we seen a shadow standing next to us and someone saying " leaving me again so soon?" I was gone in less than an hour on my way to another state to be with family. Once there, I done my thing with salt and sage, and got a cat. The cat refused to leave my room and refused to stay off me when I was sleeping. She was on constant guard. When a shadow was seen under my door she would growl and hiss if it wasn't human. That was our thing, and we were content. But once my boyfriend moved in, she was put in the living room. The first night he woke up and thought he had seen a man standing in the corner of the room watching us sleep. He woke me up and asked me to look at the corner. I started praying hard that it was a spider or a bug! I sat up and looked at the Man. From what I could tell, he sort of had a sad look. Pulling what ever stubbornness I had, I kind of yelled " It is 3 in the morning. Either get out on your own or I will drag you out my self! I have work in 4 hours! GET OUT!" With that, I layed down grabbed my boyfriends hand and started having a panic attack while going back to sleep. The Man stayed away for a few months until me an my boyfriend moved in to our own place. I had just finished putting boxes in our room when I walked past the spare bed room. I thought my boyfriend was in there since I saw a tall shadow in there. I went back out side and realized I wasn't talking to BF inside when he was talking to some one out side. Later the same night, we went to bed and I laying down, facing the center of the bed. I started feeling some one comb their fingers through my hair. I had shoulder length hair, so I know what I had felt then. So when I woke BF up and told him to look behind me, he said all he seen was a massive shadow in the corner. So I started to ignore the Man. I was doing good till Crack Monster decided to introduce himself. The Man stayed away for awhile, until a year ago. I was up during a bad storm and I seen him standing outside the living room window. I acted like I didn't see him. He would do that for a few months, until I was staying with a friend of the family. I was taking dishes to the kitchen, which only has one lamp for lighting. I look up in the dining room and see a tall, blond, middle aged guy in an old black suit. He looks at me and says " After all this, now you see me?" I ran back to the living room with my family and asked them if they seen him. They looked at me weird and said no, but they have seen a shadow of a guy in the living room when I was sleeping. To this day I see him either sitting or standing next to me. Sometimes, he will stand in the middle of my living room and stare at the walls. I talk to him as little as possible and only when he is persistent. Many times I have wanted to ask him why is he following me, but I am scared to hear the answer.
I also have what I call " glimmers and drifters" Glimmers look like 4 shining fairy lights that float every where. Drifters look like cloudy white figures that float into solid areas or dissapear like smoke. The Glimmers like to open cabinet doors, move small shiny things, and fly around. A month or so ago a small tremor came through and scared all the Glimmers so badly they swarmed me like fire flies.( Honestly, if I didn't know better, I would have cried due to fear, but the tremor scared me more. ) I started to hum Bachs Lullaby to calm down and they went back to their prank playing else where. The Drifters, I don't know much about them except they are random. They don't seem to register the area around them.

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Two human skulls, each placed within a cauldron, were discovered near Winston Lake. The police believe the find is connected to the religion of Palo.

Two human skulls founds were imbedded in concrete, inside iron cauldrons

I would add that the police are correct, that it does seem to be Palo, as they used human skulls and bones in iron cauldrons that they call "prendas" or "ngangas". Other items often found in these vessels include dirt, animal parts, botanicals, and sticks. In fact the word "Palo" means "stick". As to why the ngangas were found there, my best guess would be that it was from a practitioner who no longer practices the religion. For example, the family of an initiate may have dumped the ngangas after the initiate died. What I'm trying to communicate is that the ngangas are not something an initiate would dispose of. They keep these in their homes. So to discard them would suggest that either the initiate died and someone else got rid of them or the person has discarded their faith and dumped the ngangas. Perhaps the ngangas were only left there temporarily. If the initiate was in legal trouble he may have feared the police discovering the nganga and may have left them at the lake in order to be retrieved at a later time.

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The Hoodoo Truth: Hoodoo Etsy Sites

This is my pure opinion, take it or toss it as you seem fit.

I would urge people looking to purchase items from alleged hoodoo/rootwork/conjure etsy sites to be warned. The overwhelming majority of the people selling these products are not practitioners but are just Wiccans jumping on the hoodoo bandwagon. If you do decide to purchase items from an etsy site try your best to determine if the person is an actual practitioner. I do know a couple of actual workers who do use etsy sites to sell products and even they get upset by all the fakes out there. Another thing to keep in mind is if the product being sold is legitimate or not. As I wrote in another blog, I came across an etsy site where a woman was selling cascarilla powder, which isn't even hoodoo, that wasn't even ground up. It was just small pieces of eggshells in a pretty bottle. I believe the price on it was $18! LOL

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Fran Drescher believes she was abducted by aliens.

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Kudos to Drescher for having the guts to come forward. And for my readers, she is not the only celebrity to claim to have been abducted. My lips are sealed though! :)

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The Hoodoo Truth: Domination Work - Why We Need It

Domination work is a subject that makes many people uncomfortable. Many people have a problem with domination work. I understand this hesitance and I also understand that the hesitance stems from not truly understanding the importance of domination work or how to properly use it.

I also know for a fact that there are many Wiccans out there who claim to also practice hoodoo/rootwork/conjure who are teaching people not to use domination works. These people usually respond with the notion of karma, the Wiccan Rede, "law of three", etc., and suggest that people only use sweetening works instead. Of course if you read my blogs you will understand that I have recommended several times now for new practitioners to purge this Wiccan nonsense from their minds. Wiccans are not our elders and they should not be pushing their beliefs upon this tradition. On top of this, there's a time and place for everything and sweetening works do not work on everyone in every situation. If new practitioners want to try sweetening works first, power to them. However, if sweetening works don't prove effective then it's time to get into domination work.

So why do we use domination work? Many people may not realize that domination work is one of the oldest types of works in the practice. It dates all the way back to plantation days, something which help explains why we use domination work. For oppressed peoples domination works serve the purpose of evening the playing field or else giving slaves the upper hand. The same for the oppressed Native Americans and Scott-Irish. It's also used by women to get the upper-hand when dealing with a male-dominated workforce or to control their husbands and keep them faithful to the marriage bed. Two other old uses are for "fixing" bosses who are not treating employees correctly, especially with regards to pay raises and promotions, and of course, the domination of enemies. A couple more modern uses of domination work include the domination of unruly children and even of pets!

So when we use domination work we are not using it because we are power-obsessed people. We are using it because we are at a disadvantage and we need help to sway things in our favor. As long as workers are not power-obsessed and as long as they are not running around trying to dominate and control every single person in their life then there is nothing wrong or immoral with domination work.

Now the major problem new workers may have with domination is that they may be too timid or may simply go through the motions. When we do domination work we must invoke that spirit of domination within us. We must be able to assert our will and command, yes command, the person we are working on. So when we are doing domination work we are not asking nicely. We are not suggesting that the people we are working on consider what we want them to do. Instead we are commanding them, ordering them to obey our will. Workers need to have the proper energy level, use the proper words, even cuss if necessary to assert our will over the person.

The Hoodoo Truth: How To Tell If Your Teacher Is A Witch

Below are some tips that new practitioners can use to tell if they are being taught legitimate hoodoo/rootwork/conjure vs. witchcraft.

1.) If the teacher is not a Christian.

All old-school workers are Christians. By Christian, I do not mean fundamentalist Christianity and the "shove-it-down-your-throat" variety. I am referring to folk religion. Levels of religiosity will vary among practitioners. Many practitioners may not belong to or even attend a church.

2.) If the teacher doesn't use the Bible.

The Bible is at the core of hoodoo/rootwork/conjure. Biblical passages and Christian prayer are used to empower works. The Bible cannot be removed from hoodoo/rootwork/conjure. There is no substitute for Biblical passages and Christian prayer. Witches are actually repulsed by the bible. Pay close attention to whether or not your teacher uses it. The Bible is not just used sparingly. There are some works that don't include the Bible, but the majority of workings do.

3.) If the teacher is teaching you to work with pagan gods, pagan spirits, or even outright demons.

I know of at least one so-called hoodoo online who is actually teaching paying students to work with actual demons. I know lots more who are teaching people to work with pagan gods or pagan spirits. None of this stuff is acceptable in hoodoo/rootwork/conjure. In fact, many practitioners don't like that some people work with the saints as they view working with the saints as being evil. The only thing I would caution people about working with the saints is that there are good people I know that are working with saints they should not mess with. There are many so-called saints who are pagan gods in disguise and they should be avoided. I'm actually kind of worried about back-lash if I start naming the saints that people should avoid. Perhaps in the future I will do so. I will have to see how I feel Spirit is leading me.

4.) If the teacher does not distinguish between justified and unjustified enemy work.

Basically if the teacher is telling you it's cool to do enemy work at the drop of a hat or whenever you fancy. Anytime a worker does unjustified work they have strayed into witch-territory. If they don't check themselves they will walk the path to become a true witch. What I'm trying to to communicate here is that there are many witches who don't know they are witches because they think that anytime they want to do enemy work it's automatically justified. That's how their brain works. If someone says something unpleasant to them, then that night they may do enemy work against that person, even though the situation didn't call for it. Or these people twist the definition of "enemy" around to mean anyone who stands in their way of achieving a goal. These psychos are out there.

5.) If the teacher outright tells you they are teaching you witchcraft or teaches you that hoodoo/rootwork/conjure is witchcraft.

Hoodoo/rootwork/conjure is not witchcraft and cannot be taught by witches. Witches can only teach witchcraft. A hoodoo is like a witch doctor or medicine man, meaning we destroy witchcraft, heal, solve day-to-day problems, and help the community. Witches only care about themselves. Hoodoo is not witchcraft and will never be witchcraft.

6.) If the teacher tries to get their students to join them in "enemy work" against a person.

I've seen this time and time again with so-called hoodoo folk online, especially with teachers. If there is a fight between two people, that fight is between those two people. If your teacher tries to get you to do enemy work against somebody they are having a problem with, then that's a huge hint that your teacher is a witch. Witches will use people as living shields. This means, they try to get people to join in so that they are protected. Unfortunately, the ignorant students who do join in usually get hit in the crossfire and end up "taking the bullets" for them. Don't be a sucker.

7.) Look to the person's personal life, what their hobbies are, what they do on the side, etc.

All I can say is that I've met alleged hoodoos who are into Satanism, Ceremonial Magic, who are drug dealers, have extensive criminal backgrounds, etc. Enough said. They are witches, not hoodoos.

8.) If they have "spooky" altars.

Witches love the "spooky" stuff. They usually have altars decorated in black, with artificial skulls, voodoo dolls, stuffed animals, even real human remains and even disgusting things. A true hoodoo's altar is spiritual, not "spooky". However, I need to stress that the majority of practitioners don't even keep altars. Altars are generally something that professionals keep. Most lay practitioners will instead have a work space or work station.

There are additional signs as well. However, these 8 signs seem to be the most common signs that I've seen with the online crowd.

The Hoodoo Truth: Saint Spiritual Supplies

This is just my personal opinion, what I do. When I work with the saints, and please realize that the majority of workers do not work with the saints, repeat the majority of workers do not work with the saints, I do not use any spiritual products made specifically for the various saints. This means I don't use St. Michael oil, or St. Martha incense, or anything like that. I feel this stuff was introduced by the marketers in order to make more money. Instead, I will only use olive oil, holy oil, or a condition oil suited for the working. As far as incense, I will only use frankincense or an incense suited for the working or condition. Again, this is just what I do and these are my beliefs. If you want to purchase special spiritual products specific to individual saints, power to you.

Now, to confuse matters, I have purchased incense that can be bought at dollar stores that are labelled with names such as "St. Jude Incense", or what-not. However, when I buy them I do not buy them because I use them for the saints, but rather I buy them for the actual incense. For example, I have a "St. Jude" incense pack that is actually musk incense sticks. I have a "7 African Powers" incense pack that is sandalwood. I also have a Virgin Mary one that is rose. I use them for the scents and not the label on the packs.

The Hoodoo Truth: Witches Are Not Pure Evil

I'm writing this particular blog because I got into a fight with a witch (not Wiccan, Neopagan) on YouTube. So I thought I would clear this up for my readers.

Witches are not pure evil. Witches are a balance of good and evil, like everyone else. What separates witches from everyday people is that they let jealousy, hatred, desire for power, or the desire for a specific goal rule them and then they consciously choose to cross the lines and use black magic against innocent people.

One cannot tell a witch just by looking at them. Many witches are very pleasant people, have many friends, and may have fooled many people into thinking they were good, moral people. It's what goes on behind closed doors that determines if the person is a witch or not. Somebody can be as sweet as sunshine to people in public and then can go home and do death work on a person they are jealous of. None of us know what goes on behind closed doors.

Read my words closely. There are many witches online that are masquerading as practitioners of hoodoo/rootwork/conjure, even claiming to teach it. Most of them are nice on the surface. Some of them slip up from time to time and reveal their true faces. Once you know what to be on the look out for you will be able to spot a witch from a true hoodoo/rootwork/conjure. Not only that but a true hoodoo can sense a witch and a witch can sense a true hoodoo!

So if any of my readers are operating under this belief that witches are pure evil, it's time to shake it. Witches aren't pure-evil. The overwhelming majority of witches are nice and pleasant in public. It's what they are doing in secret that determines if they are a witch.

The Hoodoo Truth: The Three Types Of People Who Claim To Practice Hoodoo/Rootwork/Conjure

1. True practitioners
2. Fake practitioners
3. Witches (evil-doers, people who use black magic against innocent people)

There's no such thing as "non-traditional Hoodoo". A cat is a cat. A dog is a dog. There's no such thing as a "non-traditional cat" or "non-traditional dog". If you aren't practicing actual, traditional hoodoo/rootwork/conjure then you aren't practicing hoodoo/rootwork/conjure.

I know people don't want to read or hear about this. People want the teachings of the fakes and the witches, that hoodoo is just magic, that they can be whatever religion they want, that they can do whatever they want, and that it's cool to do black magic against innocent people, like it's completely normal. LOL

The Hoodoo Truth: The 7 African Powers

When I first started my journey into hoodoo/rootwork/conjure over 15 years ago, I came across information claiming that the 7 African Powers were part of the tradition. So as a young worker I just accepted it as being true. Now that I'm older, wiser, and have developed contacts with actual real-life old-school workers I've had the chance to question the things I accepted as being true. The Seven African Powers is one of the things I began to question. I've yet to meet an actual old-school worker who has told me that the 7 African Powers were used in hoodoo. For the most part, old-school workers seemed to have never heard of them or claim they are Santeria and not hoodoo/rootwork/conjure. My personal opinion is that the 7 African Powers were introduced by the marketers who are motivated by profit. I'll leave it at that.

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Your Questions Answered.....#19

As usual, all questions have been rephrased and all identities kept confidential.

1.) How can I tell if a Hoodoo priest is the real deal or not? I'm currently talking to a *certain Internet-worker* (name withheld) who is a priest but I don't feel comfortable with what he is telling me.

Answer - There is no such thing as a Hoodoo priest. You are either a Hoodoo or you are not and there are no priests in Hoodoo. So my best bet is that you are communicating with a man who is not Hoodoo but who just thinks that they can slap a hoodoo label on anything. Hint: Hoodoos only worship the biblical God. Hoodoos don't worship pagan gods. If the person is a member of another religion than they are not Hoodoos. If all you are wanting is "spell work" then I'm sure that man can help you but if you want Hoodoo you will have to look elsewhere.

2.) Who should I contact if I see a UFO.

You can contact MUFON at their website:


Click on the part about reporting a UFO in the upper right corner of the screen.


Visit Peter Davenport's site (National UFO Reporting Center) below and report your sighting there:


3.) I'm a contactee and I would like to be interviewed by you. I have some important messages about the future of mankind and how in the near future humans and the 7 great races of extraterrestrials will unite in peace.

Answer - I'm not interested in the contactee movement. I don't believe we are dealing with organic extraterrestrials. I find it hard for god-like intelligent machines to live in peace and harmony with human beings. But I do believe that we will see their creations, i.e. "the hybrids", which various abduction researchers like Budd Hopkins, Dr. John E. Mack, and Dr. David Jacobs feel may one day play a greater role in society. In fact, Dr. David Jacobs believes they are already here, walking amongst us. There is no living in peace together like a happy family, if that's what you are referring to.

4.) Is it true that the aliens that were seen at Roswell were people with Progeria or deformed Japanese people?

Answer - No. This nonsense has popped-up every couple of years or so. There are even books dedicated to it. I don't want to get into detail on this because it's not worth the time or effort. In a nutshell there are certain people who make the claim that the aliens seen at Roswell were not aliens but were human victims of experimentation by the U.S. government or even other governments. Some say it was Progeria patients. Others claim it was midgets. Still others claim that it was deformed "mutant" Japanese people. It's all b.s. On top of that the U.S. government still maintains that what was seen were crash-test dummies. It's all b.s. The answer is real simple. Either the witnesses saw what they claim to have seen or they are lying. It's your choice what to believe. What we don't need is the absurd stories that serve only to give temporary attention to the person making the claim.

5.) What do you call yourself, like voodoo man, wizard, warlock or what?

In real life I generally go by my first name. :) However, you can call me a Hoodoo Man, a Hoodoo, a Conjure or a Conjure Worker. There are also many other terms that are acceptable. However, don't call me a "voodoo"-anything because I'm not of the Voodou faith. Also, I'm not Gandolf so the "wizard" part is out. Warlocks are male witches, so that doesn't apply either.

6.) I enjoy your blog. I'm very into the work of Jacques Vallee and was wondering if you could perhaps write a piece on him and his theories?

Answer - Ouch. You may get upset after you read this. I am familiar with the work of Jacques Vallee. I have read Passport To Magonia. However, I'm not a fan of his work. In fact, I believe he and John Keel are perhaps the worst offenders in helping to destroy the credibility of the field of Ufology by removing it from reality by interjecting the "demonology"-nonsense of "inter-dimensional tricksters" and what-not. To Scientists, all this nonsense translates into "spirits", "demons", "fairies", etc., and not "reality". I know Vallee is very popular amongst certain crowds. The way I personally view it is that if a percentage of UFOs, the ones that matter, are not "nuts n' bolts" then the phenomenon is of little importance and we would all be better off just ignoring it. So I put Valle and Keel in the same category as say the medieval authors who compiled works on the classification of angles, demons, fairies, gnomes, and all manner of other alleged supernatural entities.

If you have any questions or comments feel free to email me at:


The Hoodo Truth: Satanic Panic & Hoodoo

One of my hobbies is researching the "satanic panic" hysteria of the late 1970s through the mid 1990s. During this time frame many innocent people had their children taken away and their lives destroyed by baseless and absurd accusations of satanic ritual abuse. Also during this time frame the police became more involved with alleged 'occult scenes', i.e. the discovery of alleged sites of worship by satanists or other occultists. Ritualistic activities, up to and including animal sacrifice, were believed to take place at these locations. The discovery of such sites often made the local news. I can assure my readers that the majority of these sites were hokey nonsense dreamed up by youths with too much time on their hands. The remainder appeared, at least to me, to be something from the ATRs (African Traditional Religions), such as Santeria, Voodou, or Palo, and not actual Satanism. However, this isn't the purpose of me writing this blog.

What has been fascinating me of late is the people who claim to come from a long line of Satanists. I am also somewhat fascinated by people who claim to come from a long line of witches as well. I've blogged on these people before and from my research I have concluded these individuals are highly mistaken. The people who claim to come from a family of Satanists are in another completely different category.

When it comes to people who make the claim of a Satanic family heritage I believe the overwhelming majority of them are deluded and are quite frankly spinning tales. They may truly believe what they claim, but on closer inspection what they say just doesn't add up. So I'm not interested in say 90% of the people who claim they come from a long-line of Satanists. Instead, I'm interested in the smaller number of people, say 10% who may be communicating a core piece of truth, but one in which they did not properly identify.

It started for me back in 2006 when I talked to a man in his 40s online. The man claimed that when he was 18 years-old he finally got the courage to run away from his family in Georgia. You probably guessed that the man claims to have come from a long line of Satanists. I didn't judge the man and instead showed him respect and allowed him to tell me his story. His claims were the standard variety, i.e. they sacrificed children, drank blood, sexually abused him, performed "black masses", etc. I didn't ask him to go into detail because I've heard this crap countless times before. So I just let him continue. About three days into communicating with him he told me about the last ritual he claimed to have witnessed, one where he believes God granted him the strength to leave "the cult" and where God put the idea to run away in his head. For some reason I then asked about the ritual. I didn't save any of the communications, but to the best of my knowledge this is what he claimed about the last "ritual" he witnessed:

Man: The altar was cleaned and the candles lit. Something sweet smelling was sprayed into the air. There was a lot of mumblings which was some form of praying.

Me: Where was the altar?

Man: The altar was kept in the back room of the house so nobody could see it.

Me: What did it look like?

Man: It was an old table with a floral print cloth, lots of candles, and scary statues.

Me: Statues of what?

Man: Like really creep Catholic statues.

(I didn't ask him if he was talking about saints but I'm pretty sure he was.)

Now why in the hell is a Satanist have statues of Catholic saints?


Me: So that is the altar where they worship Satan?

Man: Yes.

Me: Did you witness any of the rituals?

Man: No, they would never let me stay in the room. I was forced to stay either in the garage, or my room. One time a man I didn't know came in and took me to the shed because there was a woman screaming.

Me: There was a woman screaming? Where they attacking her?

Man: No. They were doing some form of ritual on her.

To the best of my memory the man went on to talk about alleged animal sacrifices and sacrifice of babies that he somehow knew his family did but that which he never witnessed himself. Also, the man talked about his family burying a lot of stuff in the middle of the night.

Practitioners of hoodoo/rootwork/conjure may know where I'm going with this next. I honestly believe there was a core piece of truth to what this man told me. However, I don't think it had anything to do with Satanism. I think his head was filled with "satanic panic" due to him growing up in that generation and since his family probably deemed him to young to understand they didn't fill him in on the family secret. The family secret wasn't "Satanism", but either hoodoo/rootwork/conjure or one of the ATRs.

So my question is this....Just how many cases of people who claim to come from a family of "Satanists" are likewise mistaking hoodoo/rootwork/conjure or an ATR for devil worship? I honestly don't know but I find the question fascinating.

I won't even stop there but will introduce another concept. There are real witches out there. By witch I don't mean Wiccan or Neopagan, but a real evil-doer, a person who does black magic against innocent people. My blog is full of cases of witches being arrested for sacrificing people, for sacrificing animals, and for desecrating graves and/or stealing human remains. Let's face it folks, these people are out there. So naturally my question would be, what if some of the people who claim to come from a family of "Satanists" actually come from a family of these types of witches instead? Just like with hoodoo/rootwork/conjure, the tradition is passed down. A witch will teach witchcraft to their family or offspring. Could this be another factor?

Now, if you want your mind blown, ponder if this "witchcraft" actually went on to help inspire the formation of the "official Satanism" of today, such as the Church of Satan. The reason why I bring this up is because the "magic" that these Satanists perform comes from that which they stole from hoodoo/rootwork/conjure as well as from other forms of magic, such as Ceremonial Magic. Did the religion of "Satanism" actually form from this "witchcraft" that is the bane of hoodoo/rootwork/conjure?

Coast To Coast AM - October 28, 2011 - Satanism & Black Magic

The Hoodoo Truth: Nation Sack - Fact Or Fallacy?

New practitioners may have heard of something called a "nation sack", which is alleged to have been a special type of mojo that woman wore which gave them the ability to dominate or control their men, to keep them faithful, and to get them to give the woman their money. It's a great story but unfortunately, and in my opinion, there simply isn't enough evidence to prove that a "nation sack" existed, as in there was no such tradition of a special woman-only mojo named a "nation sack".

The name nation sack is a corruption of "donation sack", which is slang for a prostitute's purse. A donation sack is a small draw-string bag prostitutes would store the money they earned in. The bag was usually hidden in their undergarments for safety.

So what is the alleged evidence that such a thing as a special mojo called a "nation sack" ever existed? The only evidence comes from 2 sources, Come On In My Kitchen by Robert Johnson, and one of Hyatt's informants. Careful reviewing of the material does not lend credence that a specific type of mojo called a "nation sack" existed.

In the song, Come On In My Kitchen, Johnson is not singing about a woman of good repute, but rather a woman who left him for another man. There are also hints that the woman may herself be homeless or may be a prostitute. They lyrics are vague and it all depends on interpretation. However, I think the fact that he was singing to this woman about "not getting hits" in winter and for her to come in from the rain and cold is telling. In my personal opinion, the woman Johnson is singing about is in fact "working the street" in winter-time and Johnson is concerned for her and wants her to come home. This would explain why she had a "(do)nation sack" as she was a prostitute. That's my personal interpretation of the song, and readers are free to disagree. Whether or not the woman in the song is a prostitute or not has no bearing on whether or not a "female-only" mojo called a "nation sack" ever existed.

As far as Hyatt's informant. I just don't see how one and only one informant can be used by marketers to claim that an entire tradition existed. In my opinion if there was indeed an actual tradition of "nation sacks", then there would be far more female informants speaking of them. Hyatt even mentions that the term is not even known outside of Memphis.

So is there an actual tradition of a "female-only" mojo called a "nation sack". I don't believe so. However, readers are free to form their own opinion.

Even though I think the notion of a "nation sack" was created by marketers to help sell their products, I do think it is possible for women to create a mojo bag for the same purposes as for the alleged nation sack.

The Hoodoo Truth: Calling Upon The Devil

New practitioners may come across passages in Hyatt's material where informants advise people to call upon the Devil in various workings. The majority of such works are destructive in nature, i.e. enemy work. Now, I can't tell people what to do. All I can relate is that I had the guts to ask one old-school worker if he ever called upon the Devil in his works. After he calmed down from his fit he made it clear to me that he doesn't mess with witchcraft. So take that how you will. I haven't asked any other old-school workers I've known over the years if they have ever called upon the Devil so I can't tell you if other old-school workers do this. What I can tell you is that hoodoo/rootwork/conjure and witchcraft are two separate things. There are certain people who want to mix the two, primarily because they are witches, and want to teach that hoodoo is witchcraft. Don't be fooled. You don't have to call upon the Devil to get justice.

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Vampire Wants To Be Delegate At GOP Convention

Patrick Rodgers, self-styled vampire, wants to be a delegate at the GOP convention so he can support Ron Paul.

Philadelphia "vampire" hopes to be a delegate at the GOP convention

More On The Strange Objects On The Sea Floor That Some Speculate Are "UFOs"

More on the salvage team who discovered strange objects on the sea floor that some speculate are UFOs.

Video: Divers find large, unexplained object at bottom of Baltic Sea

New Study Results Indicate Morgellon's Is Not Real

The conclusions of a new study indicate that the belief that certain people have a strange new disease that cause fibers to exude from the body is false and that alleged sufferers are causing their own sores by scratching and picking at their scabs.

Morgellons disease exists "only in patients' minds," study shows

Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Hoodoo Truth: Using Plastic Jars/Containers

One of the things we as practitioners have to deal with is the changing times. Things change. There's nothing we can do about it. Things will go obsolete and we as workers will need to adapt to the changes. One of these changes we have to adapt to is the loss of glass bottles. Glass is going bye-bye. Workers can still find certain products that come in glass bottles, such as pickles, peppers, and what-not. However, for many other items glass is quickly being replaced with plastic. Mayo is a product that is going completely plastic. Baby food is another item. Peanut Butter jars are almost completely plastic at this point. If you can still find glass mayo jars or baby food jars, then I would recommend saving them as they are going "extinct" and being replaced with plastic containers. Pickle jars will probably be around for a while.

Now, I will be honest. I don't like working with plastic containers. I much prefer glass jars and I feel that the glass is just easier, energy-wise. I feel resistance or blockage when using plastic, but what can we do? So if you are forced to work with plastic just keep in mind that you may need to give it that extra "umph" to get it working. Also, another action that will have to change is the burning of candles on the lids of the jars. Of course we cannot just set a candle on a plastic lid as we can with a glass jar with a metal lid. So to adapt we need to use tea-light candles instead of offertory or stick candles. Otherwise, workers will need to put their candles in candle holders and then place these on top of the plastic jar. Whatever floats your boat.

You know what bottles I really miss? The glass soda bottles with metal or plastic screw on lids. I remember those were still available up to the 1990s and then they just disappeared.

So for new practitioners, keep in mind that we do have to alter our works based on the times. The key is to retain the "hoodoo spirit", so that it is not lost in the process.

The Hoodoo Truth: Has No Hanna

I can't take credit for this, as for many years I wondered just what the heck was "Has No Hanna". As far back as the 90s I was asking people about it. The only answer I got of any importance was from a shop owner who told me that if I dressed my wallet with it or put some in my shoes then I would never be broke or needy and that I would always have just enough to get by. However, even she couldn't tell me what it actually was.

Things changed when I ran across the page below. "Has No Hanna" is Night-Blooming Jasmine!

For the entire story, click the link below.

On Has No Hanna Formula

The Hoodoo Truth: Van Van

The name "Van Van" is a corruption of "vervain", a.k.a. verbena. In addition to vervain's pleasant fragrance, it is also believed to have power to repel evil and to protect from witchcraft. Any recipes for Van Van oil or other Van Van spiritual products should contain actual vervain (verbena), or it's essential oils. Many practitioners are today using lemongrass instead of vervain. I'm not going to tell people what to do, but lemongrass is not vervain and will never be vervain. Likewise, related plants to lemongrass, such as ginger grass and palmarosa are not vervain either.


Coast Two Coast AM - Voodoo

I just wanted to state that at the very end of the show the topic of Hoodoo is brough up. I also should state that George Noory appears to be more interested in Hoodoo than the actual religion of Voodou. Noory goes on and on about the candle, the dolls, the "spells", etc., and doesn't appear that interested in the actual religion of Voodou. I've listened to many shows of George Noory asking guests about using colored candles, oils and what-not. Now from listening to this show I'm pretty much convinced that Noory simply doesn't know the difference between Hoodoo and Voodou.

Also, I'm not a member of the Voodou faith and I don't want to step on any one's toes or anything but the priestess in this interview below advises people who want to join the Voodou faith but who don't want to do the animal sacrifices that they can simply join a house where no animal sacrifices are made. Again, I'm no expert but I know of several actual initiates who would disagree with this priestess and I'll just leave it at that.

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Bruce and Priscilla Wetherill, both 84 years-old, claimed that two years ago a flying saucer with metal tentacles almost crashed into their vehicle while they were driving. The couple kept the experience secret until further reports of sightings were made.

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The Zombie Apocalypse Store

Did you know there was a store dedicated to selling zombie apocalypse gear? One can also purchase general survival gear as well.

Worried about zombies? Check out this Las Vegas store

Ghost Photographed By Demolition Crew?

Members of a demolition crew snapped pictures of house they were set to demolish. Little did they realize they may have captured a picture of a ghost and former worker at the house.

Demolition workers photograph 'ghost of former guesthouse worker'

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Your Questions Answered....#18

As usual, all questions are rephrased and all identities are kept confidential.

1.) What advice would you give someone who is trying to master their inner beast?

Answer - I'm not quite sure what is being asked. If you are referring to mastering our own darker, animalistic impulses then there are a variety of means available. You can try meditation, visualization exercises, etc.

2.) I have a voodoo doll I got from New Orleans. It is very flimsy and I'm thinking that it would break if I try to use it. Will it breaking effect the spell I'm doing?

Answer - I have a "flimsy" New Orleans-style doll I made for decoration purposes. I've never used this type for any actual workings because they are indeed far too fragile. I would advise only working with cloth dollies in your actual work. For more info, visit my blog on Doll Babies.

3.) Does vervain actually work against vampires as it does in The Vampire Diaries?

Answer - No. There is no legitimate lore about vervain, a.k.a. verbena, protecting against vampires. However, there is lore about vervain warding off evil, especially witchcraft.

4.) How do I use a glass witch ball?

Answer - I would cleanse the ball and then hang it up in a window or near a door. A witch ball is a glass ball, traditionally blue in color, and having holes with hollow threads or tubes of glass inside. The witch balls works only against witches who are out of their bodies and who have sent their spirits forth to harass or attack people. Witches were believed to be fascinated by shiny or colorful objects. So while in spirit form the witch would be attracted to the ball, enter one of the holes, and then be trapped inside. When sunlight hits the ball at sunrise the witch that is trapped inside will die.

5.) I recently purchased Black Protection oil. How do I use it?

You use it like any other oil. To dress candles, amulets, mojos, etc. You can anoint yourself with the oil or add it to your bathwater as well. I would also recommend anointing your feet with this oil.

6.) Aliens are demons and people can call on Jesus to stop abductions.

Answer - No.

7.) What Goetic demon should I invoke for help with trying to get a business started. I particularly need a strong demon who can help win over wealthy investors.

Answer - I don't mess with demons.

The Hoodoo Truth: No Such Thing As Karma!

I am sick to death of going online and finding so-called practitioners of hoodoo/rootwork/conjure start warning about karma-this and karma-that. Read my words, there is no such thing as karma in hoodoo/rootwork/conjure.

We are not Wiccans. We are not New-Agers. Most practitioners are not of Eastern culture or heritage. People need to purge their minds of this Wiccan and New-Age nonsense of karma. It doesn't exist folks.

For one, the Wiccan and New-Age version of karma is not the same as the karma from Eastern cultures. Karma is not a system of reward and punishment. Karma has nothing to do with any god, goddess, "The Universe", or anything like that. There is nobody dealing out karma. "Bad Karma" is instead self-imposed and only refers to an attachment to an action, thought, or desire. If there is no attachment to the action, thought, or desire then there is no karma. Understand this? Eastern cultures wage war too. Their warriors had to go out there and kill, take human lives, and I can guarantee you that they didn't believe they would suffer "bad karma" for doing so. Instead, they trained themselves not to attach to the action of killing another person. This notion of Wiccan and New Age karma has no meaning for conjure workers.

So got that? There is no such thing as karma. However, there are consequence. There are consequences for everything we do, be it mundane or magical. Everything is interconnected and it's like one big "domino effect". Read my words carefully, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. This means that even the most benevolent of intentions can actually lead to great destruction. Many Wiccans and New-Agers have this idea that if they say words like, "for the good of all and the harm of none" that it somehow prevents any negative consequences. Not true!

Let me explain. When a person does money-drawing work there is no way to tell where that money will come from. It may come from a winning scratch off, a person asking you to help them move and get paid for it, or even from another person loosing or dropping money and finding it. In this latter case, the person may be in desperate need of cash and them loosing it puts them in a state of hardship. So is the person who did the money-drawing work and who found this money bad or evil? -No! There were no evil intentions. The worker has no control over how the work will manifest. Repeat, the worker has no control over how the work will manifest. Repeat, the worker has no control over how the work will manifest. Readers should now realize that the Wiccan and New-Age notion of "for the good of all and the harm of none" is pointless since we do not control how the work will manifest. It's out of our hands! If God, the Universe, whatever, chooses to make a work manifest in a certain way, it's not our fault! However, we should have an awareness of the possible consequences of our actions.

Everything has consequences. As I stated above, even our good actions and good works can have negative consequences. We can't help that. Does that mean that we shouldn't do any works? Believe it or not there are indeed people out there, mostly Wiccans and New-Agers, who argue that nobody should do anything for personal gain because someone else may get hurt or harmed. These types of people have a better understanding of the consequences that can happen. However, I will be quite honest. I'm not giving up the power just because someone may get hurt or suffer something bad. I don't wish bad things on anyone. However, we live in a Universe where we must accept the good with the bad as it's a part of our existance.

So to recap, there is absolutely no such thing as karma. We are not Wiccans. We are not New-Agers. The Wiccans and New-Agers teach a "mutated" form of karma, and not even the real version from Eastern cultures. So there's no such thing as karma, no such thing as the Wiccan Rede or the "rule of three". It's all nonsense. Remember, they are not our elders. Hoodoo/rootwork/conjure is centuries older than Wicca and the New-Age movement. Instead, there is only consequences and there are consequences to everything we do, be it mundane or magical. We cannot control the consequences. It's out of our hands. We do not control how a work manifests. So the rule of thumb is that workers need to be willing to accept the consequences, whatever they may be, when doing a work.

The Hoodoo Truth: "The Secret" Of Everyday Items

Every new practitioner will ask, "How do I use (fill in the blank)?". Well, let me share this secret with you. The everyday items we use in hoodoo/rootwork/conjure, such as things found in the home, shed, bought in the grocery store, etc., are used in conjure work as an extension of the mundane use for such items. This concept is definitely one that every new practitioner needs to understand.

The Hoodoo Truth: Morality

When it comes to communicating the morality in hoodoo/rootwork/conjure it must be stressed that we, as practitioners, are not fundamentalist Christians, meaning that we don't shove our beliefs down people's throats. We do not judge people. Now, I can only speak for myself here but I've found that most old-school workers share similar beliefs with regard to the morality. Basically, if you aren't murdering, raping, beating women, molesting kids, or robbing the life savings of the elderly, then we generally don't care how you choose to lead your life. We don't care if someone is gay as it's none of our business. We don't care if someone is stepping out on their wife or husband as it's none of our business. We don't care if someone is into some really freaky or kinky stuff. It's none of our business. If it doesn't effect us then we usually don't get involved. Of course as professionals, people come to us with their problems and we help them. However, as far as judging people or condemning people, it's just not what hoodoo/rootwork/conjure is about.

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Recent cases of horse mutilation in the U.K. is strangely coinciding with the spread of a new disease that threatens the horse population. Experts in the Cattle Mutilation phenomena have already theorized that the culprits are not extraterrestrial, but people, military or secret agency people to be more specific.

Are UK Horse Mutilations Satanic Cults Or Something Worse?

Believers Turned To Voodoo For Comfort After Haiti Quake

Many Haitians in the U.S. turned to the spirituality of Voodou for comfort after the devastating Haitian earthquake.

Some local Haitians turn to Voodoo in quake aftermath

Man Arrested For Attacking Woman He Thought Was A Ghost

It turns out the woman was playing a prank for her friends. She had dressed in white and had her hair covering her face and acted "weird". When the woman approached the man, who was a security guard, he allegedly kicked her in the face. The "ghost" had to be hospitalized.

Indonesian man arrested for kicking woman he thought was a ghost

UFO Sighting Wales 2012 Flying Saucer Lights

Mexican Police Chase UFO

The sighting of a UFO prompted Mexican police to give chase. Was the object recorded on camera?

Mexico: Police Engage in UFO Chase

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Hoodoo Truth: Advice To Would-Be Witches

Just so my readers and I are on the same page, when I use the word witch I am referring to the older, proper definition of an evil-doer, a person who does black magic against innocent people and who is usually motivated by jealousy, hatred, obsession with power, or a desire to get ahead.

People don't just wake up one day and decide to be witches. That's not how it happens. Instead, becoming a witch is usually a slow process. It often starts when a person allows jealousy or hatred to rule them. Then there is a point where the person decides to magically act on their jealousy by doing black magic against the person they are envious of or someone who is standing in the way of them achieving their goals. In other cases the person may be power hungry and may start to use domination works against nearly every person in their life. A third option is when the person begins to work with or make pacts with dark or demonic spirits.

Power is seductive. As the person crosses more and more boundaries and doesn't perceive any repercussions for their actions the person slowly begins to believe themselves all-powerful and becomes more and more narcissistic. People only exist to serve their needs. Right and wrong, good and evil, become reversed. Believe it or not there is still hope for these people at this stage. It's what happens in latter stages that may decide whether or not a person can change and come back from the dark side.

Regardless of how the process begins it's only a matter of time before the person begins to perform animal sacrifices, begins to drink blood, and begins to mess with truly dark stuff. A lot of this stuff comes from the influence of the demonic spirits these official witches work with. They channel that dark energy and it changes them. In this latter stage there seems to be little hope for the person's recovery. The person has officially become a witch. As a witch, they are a threat to anyone who stands in their way or who angers them. They are a threat to the community.

What these witches do not appear to realize is that they are not all-powerful and that there are indeed spiritual workers fully capable of destroying their evil works and destroying them. Eventually a witch will cross paths with a true spiritual worker, or one of their victims will seek the aid of a spiritual worker and a battle ensues.

Now the problem is that there are indeed far more witches out there than genuine spiritual workers. Many witches get away with the evil or we only hear about them when the police bust them. A couple of years ago a witch in Salem put an animal carcass on a person's porch. Another woman was arrested for digging up a corpse and putting "voodoo dolls" in the casket. Another witch was arrested after she lured and stabbed a man in the desert as part of a human sacrifice. We've all heard the news stories of grave robberies and the desecration of graves. I can guarantee you that not a single genuine spiritual worker, i.e. "true hoodoo" does that sort of thing. We do not dig up corpses. We do not steal human remains. We do not perform human sacrifices. That's what witches do.

So for all of you would-be witches who think the word "witch" empowers you and brings you comfort. You have no idea what you are messing with. You have been brainwashed by Hollywood and by Wiccan propaganda. You don't just wake-up one day and decide to slit a child's throat and drink it's blood. You don't just decide on a whim to go the graveyard and dig up a corpse. It's a slow process of transformation. People baby-step their way to witch-hood and the process begins with letting jealousy, hatred, and or desire for power and domination to rule our lives. The dark spirits then slip in and gain control of you. Nip it in the bud and come back to yourself.

Once a witch crosses a line, there's no turning back. A "true hoodoo" has no choice but to use their gifts to make sure that such a witch can no longer harm others. And I must stress that the weapons of a spiritual worker is spiritual power. We do not physically attack or harm people. We use our spiritual power to fight evil.

The Hoodoo Truth: "Family Witchcraft": Faulty Teaching Or Faulty Learning & Identifying Witches

I came across another instance of a woman claiming to come from a family of witches last night while browsing the topic of hoodoo/rootwork/conjure on a forum. This particular woman was black and from the South. She went on and on about how this was her family tradition and how it empowers her family. Well, to be honest this woman is either 1.) lying or decieved or 2.) telling the truth. I favor number 1. I also suspect that if she ever said such a thing to like her great-grandmother that she would slap her face! The reason being is that this whole notion of "coming from a long line of witches" stems from either faulty teaching in the family, faulty learning from the family, or the hype from Hollywood and Wicca propaganda. I don't care if you are black, white, Indian, or some mix thereof. Your ancestors did not view the practice as witchcraft and were against witches. If you are a practitioner, especially a new practitioner, you seriously need to purges this nonsense from your mind. In hoodoo/rootwork/conjure a witch is always evil. They do black magic against innocent people, either out of jealousy or hatred, or to simply get what they want. There is no such thing as a "good witch" as it is we who are the good practitioners. Witches are the other side.

So let me touch on faulty teaching and faulty learning as I think it plays a big part of this mess. When families pass down the tradition a lot of things can go wrong. The fault will either lie with the teacher or the student. If the teacher made the mistake of believing the tradition is "witchcraft" they will then teach it as such. So if a person has been taught by a family member that hoodoo/rootwork/conjure is "witchcraft" then the fault would lie with the teacher. The other side of the coin happens when the teacher correctly teaches the tradition but just that the student is caught up on this witchcraft nonsense and no matter how many times the teacher corrects or admonishes the student they refuse to shake that false belief. So in those situations the fault lies with the student and not the teacher.

Hoodoo/rootwork/conjure is not witchcraft and will never be witchcraft. The tradition is opposed to witchcraft and workers fight witches. We kill their curses and when needed we kill the witch, with our spirituality mind you as murder is wrong. Usually the way this works is that you don't find out who the real witch is until the witch dies. If someone is doing witchcraft to you and you go to a worker and they decide the witch needs to die, then the work will be done and then usually someone will quickly die. It could be someone in the family or someone down the street. Whoever the witch is, she/he will drop dead and only then will be identified as the witch.

Now sometimes the witch will know the jig is up. Sometimes the worker can magically torment the witch until they openly reveal themselves and beg for the torture to be stopped and/or beg forgiveness and plead for their lives. In the folklore, this happens a lot. Sometimes the worker and the client forgive them but many times the severity of the offense is so strong that mercy is denied the witch and she/he is killed magically. That's just how it's done. Witches and witchcraft is not tolerated and our ancestors would never call themselves witches.

The Hoodoo Truth: Concentration

We as practitioners have heard this time and time again, a worker needs to concentrate on one's desire during a working. So what exactly does this entail?

The best way that I've chanced upon to communicate it was by listening to Dr. Evelyn Paglini. Paglini is not into hoodoo/rootwork/conjure but she does understand this concept. Paglini described it as focusing one's attention or will like a laser beam. When you are in "the zone", the world falls away. Time doesn't exist. Nothing really exists for us except us and the desire we have for the outcome. If there is a dripping faucet, ticking of a clock, etc., then it simply doesn't register with us when we are properly doing conjure work.

This is the mental state we as practitioner need to be in when we do conjure work. Often than not, many practitioners will discover that more time has passed than they realized. Again, this is because the worker was in the proper mental state of concentration.

The Hoodoo Truth: How Not To Conjure

Some time back I posted a blog on how I chanced upon a video on YouTube of two alleged professional conjure workers who filmed themselves doing work for a client. I quickly deleted the blog because I didn't want to stir up trouble. However, it's time to use it as an example of what not to do. I won't post the video here, and I don't even know if it's still on YouTube, but the two workers were doing some of the following:

1.) Drinking alcohol during the work for the client.
2.) Smoking during the the work for the client.
3.) Laughing and joking during the work for the client.
4.) Had kids screaming in the background

If I were the client I would ask for my money back because this is an outright joke. How powerful is such a working going to be?

Tips On What Not To Do During Conjure Work

- Don't drink alcohol when you are doing a work. If you can't wait until after you are done with the work then you need work done on your behalf!

- Don't smoke when doing a work unless smoking is a part of the working itself, such as to blow the smoke over items. Again, if you can't wait and smoke until after you are done with the work then you need work done on you to break that habit.

- Don't do work if you are sick unless it is healing work for yourself.

- Don't do work if you cannot concentrate, example, if you have a headache or even migraine, then you may want to think about doing your conjure work at a later time. Also, sometimes we have something on our minds that we simply cannot shake. If that's the case then don't do work until you can shake it.

- Don't do work if you are on prescription pain pills. If you cannot operate heavy machinery or shouldn't be driving then you likewise shouldn't be doing conjure work.

- If you are a parent and can tune-out the yelling and screaming of kids long enough to do your conjure work, then power to you. However, if the noise is too distracting then I would advise putting off doing conjure work until the kids are asleep.

- Don't do your work with the t.v. or radio blaring in the background.

A lot of this stuff is just basic common sense, but then again some people really don't think about these things. This is why I decided to write this blog.

The Hoodoo Truth: Going Through The Motions

I think that a lot of new practitioners may be getting the wrong idea about doing works, mainly that just doing the action of the working is all that hoodoo is. This brings up the notion of "going through the motions", as if a mere action was all that was necessary to produce effective conjure work. That's just not how it's done in hoodoo/rootwork/conjure and I think this is a big reason why so many people who get into the practice and then leave because they don't feel that it works. True hoodoo/rootwork/conjure works but you can't just throw stuff together and call it hoodoo. A worker must stick their intention into the work, must have strong visualizations skills, must have a strong desire and will, must empower the works and do what it takes to see it through. A worker must believe and have strong faith that the work will be a success.

Another thing to keep in mind is that when older folk share tricks with new practitioner they often leave out the stuff that they believe you should already know, such as what I described above. So when an old timer tells you to go get you a potato, cut it in half, rub it on your wart and then go outside and bury it in the yard, that worker is not telling you what I wrote in the above paragraph because it is just assumed that you as a new practitioner already knows this.

So if you want to practice effective conjure work, get this notion of just "going through the motions" out of your head. Hoodoo/conjure work is far more than just a physical action.

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Monday, January 23, 2012

Coast To Coast AM - January 20, 2012 - Curses

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The Hoodoo Truth: Yay! I Got My First Threat Of A Curse By The Phoney Internet Hoodoo Crowd!

I guess I ruffled the feathers of the witches posing as Hoodoos and spiritual workers online because I had the pleasure of having a person send me a threat of putting a curse on me! Yay! LOL

Just going off of the email I think this person is a mere minion of another Internet-worker. Well guess what, baby! Not scared in the slightest. I got me protection. Do your worse and watch it fly right back in your face! :)

But honestly readers, I knew this would happen. I tried to avoid it but I'm sick and tired of these witches, not Wiccans, Neopagans, etc., but actual evil-doers pretending to be good, spiritual workers who are teaching wrong things about hoodoo/rootwork/conjure and who are motivated by profit and power.

All I got to say is that this little minion can do their worst. They can throw for me, burn as many black candles on me as they want, even try to bury me in the graveyard, but in the end it's going to come right back at them and they would have dug their own grave.

Oh, and by the way you little pee-on minion who threatened me, a "shut up" work is not a curse and is done on people who speak lies, not the truth. You try to shut up someone who is telling the truth and you will find your own mouth sealed!

You little brown-nosing suck-up, if you push the buttons you are going to find out what a true hoodoo can do! So bring it on baby!

The Hoodoo Truth: Hair Brushes

I was led to share the following with readers, just to keep the old ways alive.

Hair brushes can be used for spiritual cleansings. You brush yourself off with them just like you would use an egg, broom, feather duster, bible, chicken foot, or whatever you use. Just be sure to cleanse the brush after using it.

Hair brushes can also be used for bad stuff but I won't be telling any readers about that other than saying that hair brushes are of course the best way to get hair from a person other than trying to pluck it out of their heads!

The Hoodoo Truth: "I Don't Know Nothin' Bout No Hoodoo/Conjure!"

If new practitioners start to talk to older people in their communities they are bound to come across people who claim they don't know anything about hoodoo/rootwork/conjure. These people may even claim the practice is evil or that the person shouldn't mess with it. Later on, and as you befriend them, these people will open up and begin sharing tricks.

Don't ask me why people deny having any knowledge about the practice. All I can say is that secrecy is extremely important. I've blogged on the issue of secrecy in hoodoo before.(See: Secrecy) Another thing I have pondered is if people actually know that this "family tradition" has a name(s). I believe that a lot of people practice the traditions of their families and never realize that there is a name to describe it. Also, keep in mind that many of the older folks will not use the term "hoodoo" because they use the older definition of the word, meaning "cursed, unlucky".

So if you are a new practitioner and are smart enough to get out there and start talking to the older folks then don't be discouraged if they claim they don't know anything about the practice. Many people who claim to have no knowledge actually know a lot of things!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Hoodoo Truth: Witches: How To Identify Them And Defeat Them

In hoodoo/rootwork/conjure there is a strong belief in witches. By 'witch' I am referring to the following:

- A person who performs black magic against innocent people.
- A person who can fly, without or without the aid of a tool or even animal.
- A person who can shape-shift, usually into either an animal form, such as an owl, cat, dog, coyote, etc., or into a floating ball of light.
- A person who can slip out of their skin and attack people, holding a sleeping victim down while draining their life-force. See: SLIP-SKIN HAG
- A person who digs up corpses for food and/or magical ingredients.
- A person who shoots darts at people, making them sicken and die.
- A person who drinks blood.
- A person who kills and/or eats babies, often while still in the mother's womb or shortly after the infant is born.

If a person displays one or more of the above traits then they are considered to be witches. This is why it is so very important for practitioners to make sure that any enemy work they are doing is justified. Please also keep in mind that I am in no way referring to Wiccans, Neopagans, or the "Traditional Witchcraft" crowd. Instead, the term witch used is the old and proper term of the word. The African, European, and Native Americans peoples did not tolerate witches. They killed witches. This has nothing to do with the influence of Christianity. Instead, almost every single culture has a strong belief in witches as figures of evil. The modern Wiccan propaganda of the "good witch" is, quite frankly, nonsense. We Hoodoos are the good practitioners. Witches are evil.

So what does a witch look like? Witches look like normal people. You cannot just look at someone and tell if that person is a witch or not. So how can you tell if a person is a witch? Below are some helpful tips.

How To Identify A Witch

1.) Witches are repulsed by the Bible. Just like the legends of crosses/crucifixes repelling vampires, witches are repulsed by the Bible.

2.) Witches cannot recite scripture without stuttering or else are incapable of fully reciting scripture. For example, the witch may leave off the last word in a passage and a person has to be observant in order to pick up on it. A very popular belief is that witches cannot recite the Lord's Prayer.

3.) Witches cannot cross a broom. A simple trick to determine if someone is a witch, or at least is your enemy, is to place a broom down in a doorway and ask the person to enter the room. A witch cannot enter as she/he cannot cross the broom. Also, some will say that if the person means you ill or is a secret enemy then they cannot cross the broom either.

4.) Witches cannot cry. (I'm not too sure about this one!) I personally think the message being communicated here is that they do not experience remorse for their actions, nor do they care about anything or anyone other than themselves.

5.) A "true Hoodoo" can identify a witch. It's something about their energy. Remember, Hoodoos are the "good practitioners" and witches are the evil variety. Witches also can sense who are the Hoodoos. They will quickly flee the scene when a Hoodoo arrives.

6.) Witches will display inappropriate responses, such as laughing at funerals, becoming angry or jealous at the birth of a new child, and/or laughing and taking joy in the suffering of others.

7.) There are multiple other tricks to determine if a person is a witch. I will not list any more here because it is a common belief that if a witch knows about a trick then she/he can take measures to counteract it! LOL

Okay, so now that I've gone over a few ways to determine if someone is a witch let me now discuss some of the traits of witches, how we can defeat them, and how we can even kill them!

Traits Of Witches

1.) Witches crave power.
2.) Witches want to dominate and control everyone in their lives.
3.) Witches only care about themselves.
4.) Witches do not reveal their true selves and hide behind false faces.
5.) Witches are incapable of love, or any true emotion for that matter.
6.) Witches are extremely jealous people.
7.) Witches practice black magic against innocent people. If someone stands in the way of a witch getting what she/he wants the witch will hurt, harm, or kill the person without hesitation or regret. Witches often give themselves away by bragging about their evil ways. One can still find places online where witches have boasted about hurting or even killing people via black magic.
8.) Witches take delight in the pain and suffering of others, especially if they caused it.
9.) Witches are skilled at manipulation and they use people.
10.) Sexually attractive witches use their bodies and sex to control people and get them to do what they want.
11.) Witches have ways to conceal their evil. They live double-lives, and can be very secretive.
12.) Witches are parasytical people.

How Witches Attack

1.) Witches perform black magic against innocent people. Witches are usually motivated by jealousy, hatred, and/or power, i.e. destroy anything standing in the way of a goal.

2.) Witches can make people sicken and die from darts they are believed to shoot at people. The darts are typically created from the bones of the corpses they have dug up. The darts are said to be either invisible or are very small, like a grain of rice or a mustard seed in size.

3.) Witches slip out of their skins at night and fly around in search of sleeping victims. Sometimes they choose a person they are jealous of or an ex-spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend to attack. Other time's it's the spouse or significant other of the person they want for themselves. In this spirit form the witch can slip into the house through even the tiniest crack or through keyholes. The witch will then locate the victim and paralyse the victim, pressing down on the person, scratching them, and feeding off of the person's life-force. Once satiated the witch will then leave the victim. Smart witches know only to feed off of a victim once and then choose a fresh victim each night. However, sometimes witches who are motivated by hate/jealousy will choose the same victim each night. If the witch is not stopped the victim will eventually sicken and die.

How To Defeat A Witch

1.) Repulsion - Witches are repulsed by bibles and anything with spikes or thorns that are placed in the doorways. These spikes or thorns really only repel the witch in her spirit form. Don't forget about the brooms.

2.) Pain - Red pepper, black pepper, salt, and just about anything that can irritate the witch while she is out of her skin can be used to bring her pain and prevent her from attacking. In her spirit form the witch is believed to be vulnerable. Also, it is belived that if you could grab hold of a witch while she/he is attacking you then you would feel "raw meat", as of course the witch is out of his/her skin.

3.) Seeds & Sieves - Witches are neurotic people. They suffer from a supernatural form of "OCD". If seeds are scattered around the bed then the witch must count all of them before she can attack you. Likewise, if a sieve is placed under the bed then the witch has to count all of the holes in the sieve before she/he can attack.

4.) Jesus Christ - When being attacked by a witch, when a witch is "riding" a victim, if a person can struggle until they can say "Jesus Christ" then the witch will be forced to leave.

5.) Reversing work - Reversing work will remove any black magic from a witch and send it back to her/him so that the witch is destroyed.

6.) Publicly accusing a person of being a witch will temporarily strip the witch of her power. A form of this includes writing the witches name on one's home, usually above the door or on a part where the public can see it and with including the phrase, "hag". (Ex - Janet Dawn Doe Hag) If you do this the hag cannot enter your home. Just keep in mind that other hags can enter your home!

7.) Trapping - A witch can have her spirit trapped, either in a device such as a "witch ball", a special mirror, or even in a bottle.

How To Kill A Witch

1.) A witch must return to her skin before sunrise or else she will die. Sunlight is fatal to witches who are in spirit form.

2.) If you can locate a witch's skin, while she is out of it, you can sprinkle red pepper and salt on the skin and she will be unable to put the skin back on due to the pain. She will die at sunrise.

3.) A Hoodoo can trap a witch in spirit form in the body of a insect and then kill the insect and the witch will die too.

4.) A Hoodoo can trap the witch in a bottle and then place the bottle outside or in an east-facing window and the witch will die when the sun's first rays strike the bottle. Hoodoos can also remove the powers of a witch and trap them in a bottle too. The bottle is then buried. As long as the witch doesn't find the bottle and break it then she is powerless.

5.) Fire and/or beheading are the traditional ways to kill witches who are in their physical forms. However, we Hoodoos do not do this! That is just the folklore about how to kill witches. Under no circumstances should a person attempt to physically harm or physically kill someone they think is a witch. Hoodoos only use spiritual means.

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