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Your Questions Answered.....#14

As usual, all identities kept confidential and all questions are rephrased.

1.) I think it's important for you to warn people about not using products from Indio/Wisdom as their oils, such as 7 Sisters, Anna Riva, etc., and other items contain chemicals, especially Diethyl Phthalate, which is highly toxic.

Answer: Back circa 2003 an occult shop owner posted material online blasting Indio/Wisdom for adding DEP (Diethyl Phthalate) to their spiritual products. The truth is that the matter is far more complex than most people realize. In a nutshell, it's a matter of personal choice. Yes, those brands do contain DEP, but DEP is everywhere in our society. It's in plastics, cosmetics, detergents, and air fresheners, for example. Also, keep in mind that the shop owner who first brought this to the public attention also sells self-lighting incense powders that when burned produces far more harmful chemicals.

WARNING!: Just because you buy a so-called "natural" spiritual oil made with essential oils added to a base oil doesn't mean it's DEP-free. DEP is used in the manufacturing of essential oils so the essential oils added to the base oil may contain DEP.

2.) How do I make my own magic oils?

The easiest method is to purchase an inexpensive brand like 7 Sisters, Anna Riva, Indio, Selene, Vandi, etc., and then add pinches of roots, herbs, and minerals to the bottles. Another method you can use is called cold pressing. The "hot" version is to simmer roots and herbs in oil. Finally, one can add drops of essential oils to a base-oil, such as vegetable oil, almond oil, or even mineral oil. Dyes, either artificial or natural, can be used to tint the oil if so desired. Pinches of herbs, roots, and minerals can be added to the bottle as well. If you are looking for an all-purpose oil, try Blessed Olive Oil.

3.) Do you believe that alien-human hybrids are being created to be taken to colonize other worlds? I'm not quite understanding how or why aliens would want sperm and eggs from people and why people believe that they are creating hybrids. It makes no sense to me. I mean how are we supposed to protect ourselves if it's true?

Answer = No. I believe the hybrids are being created to infiltrate and take over this planet, not to colonize other worlds. In order to understand it you must first be convinced that some UFOs are indeed extraterrestrial. Once you do that then you can turn to the research of the top Alien Abduction Researchers, such as  Budd Hopkins, Dr. David Jacobs, and Dr. John E. Mack. All three agree that the aliens are taking sperm and ova and creating hybrid beings. Dr. John Mack believed that perhaps these beings would be seeded on other worlds but both Hopkins and Jacobs feel that Mack was far to optimistic and that all the evidence points to a far darker scenario. As far as what humans can do do protect themselves, don't worry about it. You can't stop it. The time of "pure human" control of the planet is nearing an end. Imagine a world where "humans", a.k.a. hybrids that look and act completely human but are actually hybrid beings, live in a Utopian, telepathic society. It will be wonderful. FYI: Dr. Jacobs is convinced they are here now, walking amongst us. I guess what I'm trying to communicate is that it's going to be an "extinction via transformation". In the future there won't be "pure humans". The only "humans" will be hybrids. So they are slowly pulling the rug out from under humanity. I guess the key word is "assimilation". No matter what they (aliens) will be in control.

4.) What's the reality of secret societies in the entertainment industry?

Answer = The reality is that the entertainment industry is jam-packed with members of secret societies. Many celebrities are quite open with their membership. Those who are not quite-so-open will usually respond by neither confirming nor denying membership. The music industry has pretty much been completely infiltrated at this point. It's connected to the agenda of influencing or managing society. Symbolism and phrasing is a big give-away that a band, performer, or celebrity is a member of a secret society.

5.) How do I tell if someone is a witch?

Answer = The easiest way is to ask them. Many witches are out of the broom closet. If you visit there home and they have an altar or occult paraphernalia then that is a big sign as well. In the past most witches wore black. Today that trend has mostly ended. This said, one could still look for jewelry such as a pentagram pendant or ring. The books they read can also give them away. If they have a lot of candles, herbs, and strange bottles of oils then these are all used in occult magic and spell work.

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