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Your Questions Answered.....#13

As usual all identities are kept confidential and all questions are rephrased.

1.) How many witches are there in the U.S.?

Answer = Wow, uh...I guess that depends on your definition of 'witch'. If you are meaning Wiccan or Neopagan then the answer is problematic. Wicca is believed to be the fastest growing religion but it is still far behind Christianity and Judaism in the U.S. If you are not referring to Wiccans and just magic practitioners in general then the number of people would be greater than mere Wiccans. There practitioners of other faiths who use magic, such as members of African Traditional Religions for example, and then there are individuals who practice occult magic unconnected to a separate religion.

2.) How can we trust what abductees claim about the aliens. How can we trust abduction researchers are not bias and are instead just out to get rich?

Answer = Trust can only go to an extent. I would be very weary of any abductee who becomes famous simply for claiming to be abducted by aliens and especially so if they make a large amount of money from book deals, interviews, etc. I do have a short list of famous people who claimed they were abducted whom I personally do not believe and feel that they are con artists. As far as being able to trust what abductees say, in the past researchers like Budd Hopkins and Dr. David Jacobs withheld information from the public. This information was used to corroborate the accounts of future people who claimed they too were abducted by aliens. With time some of these secrets have been revealed. For example, the overwhelming majority of abductees claim there is a blue light that appears in the room, if they are in a room when they are abducted. No abductee reports a violet, magenta, purple, green, etc., light. It's almost always a blue light. Another example of some of the secret information that was kept hidden from the public was that on board the crafts everything is moulded to the ship itself. So if there is a table or bench then it is moulded to the floor. A third example is that on board the crafts there are no doors, only rounded doorways. So this was again used to verify if an abductee was telling the truth. For example, Hopkins or Jacobs may say something like, 'And so when you enter the room did you have to open the door yourself or did the door open automatic like in Star Trek or in certain stores?", which is of course incorrect as the researchers know that abductees do not report doors at all. Yet another example would be cases where abductees claim to have seen alien writing. As far as researchers getting rich off of this, it hasn't happened yet. When an abduction researcher has become wealthy off of this subject then perhaps this might become an issue. Don't confuse writing a book(s) with achieving wealth.

3.) I'm having problem with a step-son who will not mind me and who constantly back-talks me and tells me I'm not his true mother. It's gotten to the point where he disrespects me in public and is acting out at school. As far as magic goes, is there anything you can recommend for me to use?

Answer = Yes. I'm sorry to hear your problems. The spiritual products you will want to try are domination products, such as "Do As I Say", "Commanding", and even "Master". You can purchase the oils and dress candles and burn them over his name-paper or picture of him. Another trick you may try is to dress your fingers with the oil or powder lightly and then when you need to address him make sure to touch him skin-on-sky, like say touching his arm, the back of the neck, etc. If you can make a quick clock-wise circle with your fingers, so much the better. Additionally you can put him under your feet, via a name-paper you wear in your shoe. You will tap your foot when you need to show your dominance over him. Now, additionally you need to do a sweetening spell to sweeten him up to you and have him willingly accept and respect you as his new mother. Click on the links in this answer for more info.

4.) I found purple sand on my chair at my work. Is someone doing black magic on me?

Answer - Someone may be working on you, not quite sure if it's black magic. Do a cleansing and cleanse your chair and workspace. Even if it's not black magic they may be trying to dominate you or for all I know it could be part of a love spell. I would still recommend doing a cleansing. It may be hard to cleans your office without other people knowing. Try to mix up some ammonia that has been diluted in water. Wet a rag with this mixture and wipe down the chair. This will kill the energy. Then follow this with sprinkling protection powder or salt that you prayed the 23rd Psalm over the area.

5.) I think I may be cursed and I'm having dreams of a family member attacking me at night.

Answer = Do a cleansing and try to make a routine out of it, say like a cleansing every week or so. I do not feel your are cursed but have a lot of negative energy around you. To prevent any nocturnal attack take an open pair of scissors and put them in a bible. Place the bible under your bead. You can also take a glass of water and pray over it the 23rd Psalm. Dip your fingers into the water and make a cross with a circle around it on the bed's headboard or on the wall directly behind the bed. You can anoint your forehead with the water as well. Place the glass of water under the bed, if possible or else near the bed.

6.) I'm looking for information on a monster called Azuriman. Do you have any information on this monster?

Answer = I've never heard of that name before but a similar name is Ahriman, which is a Persian entity similar to the biblical Satan. In the future I probably will do a blog entry on Ahriman.

7.) Is it true that vampires are caused by a virus? I was told from a guy I know that it is a virus that is spread through drinking blood and that the government has been secretly studying it for some time after capturing a vampire back in the 1950s.

Answer = The notion that vampirism is caused by a virus or other pathogen is modern, dating back to the mid 1980s. Unfortunately it simply is not true. I plan on doing a blog on the "vampire virus" in the future. A similar legend is that zombies are created from a virus as well.

8.) Have you ever heard of a "goomerman"? According to my now deceased great grandmother, our family has "goomer blood" and that one person in every other generation is born with it. I later asked my grandmother want my great grandma meant by it and she said it was just superstition and that it meant having powers.

Answer = Yes, a "goomerman" or "goomerwoman" is slang for a Hoodoo practitioner. The term "goomer", also sometimes called "gummer", may stem from the word "goopher", such as in goopher dust. Additionally the belief that certain gifts skip a generation is quite common in families. So basically your great grandmother was saying that you come from a magical family with a history of conjure work, more specifically the belief that at least one person every other generation is born with "the power".

9.) I'm interested in learning candle magic. What items do I need to start off with? Do I need to buy expensive items like certain oils because I don't have a lot of money at this time.

Answer = Basically all you need to start off doing candle magic are candles, candle holders, condition oils or blessed olive oil, something to carve the candle such as a coffin nail, needle, or other item, papers for writing name papers, and writing utensils. If you are just starting off I might recommend using plain white emergency candles. The color white can be used for any situation. As far as oils go, you can start off with blessed olive oil or purchase inexpensive brands of oil like 7 Sisters, Indio, or Anna Riva oils. I was first taught to use my saliva to dress the candle with so you may try that as well. Then once you realize that you don't need much in order produce effective results then you can move on to colored candles and other types of candles, as well as more expensive oils if you prefer. Of course I recommend this way so that you don't fall into the trap of having to have the most expensive items in order to produce effective conjure work. For more information on candle magic, click HERE and read through my blogs.

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