Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Sobby Savage

The Sobby Savage is the name given to a bigfoot-like monster that was reported in McNairy County, TN, circa 1871.

Appearance: A 7ft-tall, hairy, hominid with red eyes.

Lore: The Sobby Savage caused a great uproar at the time of the sightings due to the monster's attempts of abducting lone women. Locals attempted to hunt the beast but there was no word as to whether or not they were successful.

Powers: The Sobby Savage was said to possess great strength and could leap over large fences with ease.

Defense Against The Sobby Savage: The Sobby Savage appeared to be afraid of adult men and would quickly flee the scene if a man sighted him. The Sobby Savage would not attempt to abduct a woman who was in the presence of a man.

Bigfoot From Yesteryear: The Sobby Savage -- Cohomo Monster -- Winsted Wildman

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