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Popobawas , a.k.a. Imran, Khalid Khanzada, Zain Haiders, etc., are shape-shifting demons of the Tanzanian islands. The monsters have a infamous reputation for attacking and raping humans, especially sodomizing men while they sleep. The name 'Popobawa' means "bat wing" in the Swahili language.

Appearance: By day Popobawas are believed to appear as normal people. At night the demons can shape-shift into a number of forms. A popular form taken by Popobawas is of a bat-humanoid, complete with large, leathery, bat wings, sharp teeth and claws, and one giant eye in the center of their forehead. Popobawas also are said to possess a giant phallus. Popobawas can also take the shape of animals. For an image of a Popobawa, click HERE.

Lore: As far as origins go, a common tale is told concerning a sheik who raised a djinn and set it upon his enemies. With time the conjurer lost control of the demon and it was free to wreck havoc upon humanity.

Popobawas lie dormant for an unspecified length of time before emerging and seeking victims. Notable outbreaks occurred in 1965, 1970, 1995, 2000, and 2007. The monsters usually seek sleeping humans whom they then attack. Though they have been claimed to have raped both men and women, the Popobawas prefer male victims. To add insult to injury, PoPobawas often tell their victims to go public with how they were raped or else they will return for further sexual assaults. Perhaps one of the most ironic behaviors of the demons are their preference for people who are skeptical of their existence.

Powers: Popobawas can fly and have the ability to shape-shift into a variety of forms. Popobawas possess great physical strength. In at least one case the demon was believed to possess a human being. Popobawas can speak human languages.

Defense Against Popobawas: Popobawas have an incredibly acrid stench which may give away their presence. Additionally, would-be victims may hear the demon on the roof of the home before an attack. Reciting passages of the Koran will repel the demons. Fire may also repel the monster. Men can allegedly find additional relief from attacks by smearing their body with pig oil before going to sleep.

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