Friday, December 30, 2011

Pope Lick Monster

The Pope Lick Monster is an alleged satyr-like creature that haunts the location of the railroad trestle over Floyd's Fork Creek (Pope Lick Creek) near Louisville, KY.

Appearance: A human-animal hybrid having the lower extremities of a goat or sheep below the waist and having the upper body of a man. The monster possesses horns on it's head and is covered in shaggy fur. In some reports the creature carries an axe.

Lore: Legends of the Pope Lick Monster date back to the 1940s. As far as origin tales go, there are multiple competing versions. Some of the most popular origin stories include the monster being an escaped circus freak, the unholy offspring of a human and goat or sheep, or of a sorcerer who sold his soul to the devil in exchange for magic powers.

The Pope Lick Monster delights in causing accidents and deaths, usually by luring people onto the train trestle where they are then struck and killed by a train or else fall to their deaths. In some instances the beast attacks victims directly. Several deaths have resulted at the location, though whether or not the Pope Lick Monster was involved has not been proven. Most of the deaths involve teenagers and all of the deaths were ruled accidents.

Powers: The Pope Lick Monster possess the power to hypnotize people which he uses to lure victims onto the tracks. The Pope Lick Monster also possesses the ability to mimic the voice of a victim's loved ones, which again, he uses to lure victims. The Pope Lick Monster is reported to be physically stronger than a human.

Defense Against The Pope Lick Monster: Stay away from the location. Unlike other satyr-like beings, the Pope Lick Monster is dangerous.

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Pope Lick Monster

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