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1.) Perchten, plural of Perchta, are the accompanying pagan spirits of the Germanic goddess Holda, a.k.a. Perchta.

Appearance: Among the Perchten are horned devils, similar to satyrs, witches, the spirits of unbaptized children and the souls of infants who will soon be born.

Lore: Perchten travel with Holda/Perchta and perform her will. Perchten generally punish lazy or bad people. Perchten take part in the wild hunt with Holda/Perchta and act to snatch up people and/or their souls.

2.) Perchten is also the name of the masks worn during mid-Winter time which are used to represent the Perchten. The masks are generally either horned to represent the devils or satyrs or are in the form of old hags to represent witches. Occasionally other scary figures are represented, such as the Grim Reaper. Also sometimes the beautiful form of Holda/Perchta is portrayed. Such masks and costumes are worn in processions called "Perchten runs". The purpose of such is to cleanse the community of evil and help to banish the demons of Winter.

Perchten Run

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