Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Loading Candles

The term, "loading candles", literally means to add items to a candle, i.e. to "load them with objects".

The practice of loading candles is action associated with the practice of candle magic within various magical traditions, such as Hoodoo/Rootwork/Conjure. The reasons for loading candles include the desire for secrecy as well as tho make the candle magic work more powerful. A loaded candle, depending on the type of candle used, can be burnt in the presence of others without people realizing that the candle is part of a magic spell or working.

In theory just about any candle can be loaded. However, in practice only candles such as Hoodoo Candles, image candles, and large pillar candles are traditionally loaded. As far as the items loaded into candles, such includes condition oils, powders, herbs, roots, stones and minerals, zoological items and personal effects such as hair and nail clippings. Certain practitioners may load name papers or petition papers into the candle, usually after folding them up as small as possible. I strongly recommend practitioners not do this. I can attest to doing this once and only once. The result of such was that I awoke in the middle of the night with the house full of dark, black smoke from the petition paper burning.

How To Load Candles

For instructions on how to load Hoodoo Candles (7 Day Candles, Novenas), click HERE.

For this example I will be loading a candle for protection for myself.

Items Needed:

1 large Pillar Candle
1 Coffin Nail
1 Knife (optional)
1 Small Candles (votive, emergency, tea light, etc.)
Candle Holder
Rag or Cloth
Matches or Lighter
Items To Be Loaded Into The Candle


Light one of the small candles. Place it in a candle holder. Take the coffin nail and wrap a rag or cloth around the head of the nail. This is the part in which you will hold the nail. Hold the nail over the flame until the nail is good and hot. Turn the pillar candle upside down and gently insert the nail into the bottom of the candle. The was will melt when the nail is inserted. Repeat this process until a large enough cavity is formed. If you prefer not do this method then use a knife to carve out a cavity but beware that this method may end up shattering or cracking the candle. Now it's time to load the candle. Since this candle will be for protection, I will use some of my own hair, a pinch of protection powder, a pinch of herbs or roots such as basil or angelica root. I will put this into the cavity. Next I will take the lit candle and drip the wax over the items to seal off the cavity. If one prefers, the type of candle used to do this can be color-matched to the candle being loaded so should if anyone pick up the candle they would not know that it was being used for a spell or magical working.

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