Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Liberty County Monkey Man

The Liberty County Monkey Man is alleged bigfoot-like creature that has been sighted several times in the area of Liberty County, TX.

Appearance: A 4ft-tall, hairy, upright-walking hominid.

Lore: Starting circa April, 2003, reports of the monkey man began to filter in. Most of the witnesses are credible and include an off-duty police officer. Many of the sightings have occurred near the local Trinity river. However, the creature has also been sighted in town. In one sighting the monkey man was spotted on a witness' roof! Several reports were made to the police about the monkey man and the Liberty County police eventually did patrols for the beast. It should be noted that there are frequent reports of adult bigfoot in the area. Some speculate that the monkey man was a juvenile bigfoot.

Powers: Unknown

Defense Against The Liberty County Monkey Man: No reports of violence or attacks on people have been connected to the monkey man to date. The Liberty County Monkey Man poses little-to-no threat to humans.

The Monkey Man of 1409

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