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Graveyard Rooster Sacrifice Divides Hoodoo Community

Recently Dr. Christos Kioni, a professional rootworker and Palo practitioner, has found himself in hot water after allegedly posting a picture of an animal sacrifice he performed at the grave of a soldier. Catherine Yronwode, Hoodoo occult shop owner, appears to be behind the rampage to have Dr. Kioni arrested for animal abuse. So just what happened?

The accusations are that Dr. Kioni burned a rooster alive at the grave site as part of a magical working for a client. Animal sacrifice is legal, though burning an animal is not. Dr. Kioni allegedly posted pics of the sacrifice on his Facebook, though Dr. Kioni claims someone hacked his account. Catherine Yronwode is now spear-heading a campaign to have Dr Kioni arrested by supporting a petition against Dr. Kioni. Yronwode didn't originate the petition, instead it was created by one of her associates, but she sure as hell is promoting it.

The case is complex and both Dr. Kioni and Catherine Yronwode have brought shame to the Hoodoo community. Dr. Kioni and Catherine Yronwode have a long professional history of working together. It appears, in my opinion and in the opinion of those in the know, that Catherine Yronwode has ulterior motivations for waging war against Dr. Kioni. I will not repeat the rumors here.

It's unlikely that any charges will be brought up against Dr. Kioni as it would be far too difficult to prove that the chicken was alive at the time of it being allegedly burnt. However, it is very likely that Dr. Kioni will now find himself under police scrutiny for some time to come.

For the record, Dr. Kioni states that the rooster was killed legally. Dr. Kioni and Catherine Yronwode have severed professional ties. The mother of the soldier whose grave was used as the location of the ritual is quite naturally upset and shaken over the incident.

Note: Though I am a practitioner of Hoodoo, I am strongly opposed to animal sacrifice of any form. I do not harm any animals in my practice.

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Anonymous said...

Trust me this has nothing to do with a chicken!

Doc Conjure said...

@ Anonymous at 11:07,

I've been googling to see people's reactions in the Hoodoo Community and quite frankly, I'm very pleased. It looks like most of the comments I have read from people online are very intelligent and realize that there is a lot of bad blood and ulterior motovations at play here. So far, the only comments I've read that deny any ulterior motivations are from associates of Catherine Yronwode, and of course most of them are going to side with her on just about everything or else they may find themselves the next target for attack! LOL

But seriously, it's a shame Dr. Kioni did what he did and it's just plain foolish that he would post pictures about it. (To Know, To Will, To Dare, and TO KEEP SILENT!) I feel for the family of soldier whose grave was used as the location. I'm sure they were quite upset.

This said, animal sacrifice is a part of most ATR's. I may not agree with it but I must accept it and I definitely would not harass a person online for doing such.

And just for the record, the two absolute most intelligent comments that I've read basically stated such, paraphrased:

"Unless you are a vegetarian, shut the hell up about disagreeing with animal sacrifice."


"The opinions of non-ATR people, those who have not been initiated into an African Traditional Religion where sacrifice is performed, are meaningless. I will not even debate anyone on animal sacrifice who is not an initiate."


Alena said...

Why is this even news? It seems to me like the people that are attacking him are just doing it to make themselves look good. I could understand if he killed a dog or something, but a chicken? We eat chickens.

Doc Conjure said...

@ Alena,

Well, I'm not saying I think Dr. Kioni was justified to do what he did. I think it ultimately was at least foolish to post that picture. However, I think that Cat Yronwode and her minions are pretty much going on the attack because they have ulterior motives. I truly don't think Catherine Yronwode gives a flying "f" about the rooster. I think there was bad blood and she siezed upon the incident to inflict the upmost pain and damage she could. This definitely isnt the first time she has attacked someone online. Sorry if my meaning is not that clear. It's way past my bedtime...

Anonymous said...

so what happens now? any updates? are you insinuating that there's more to this than what we've been told? is the family pressing charges?

Anonymous said...

sorry i forgot to add that any type of animal sacrifice has no part in hoodoo and anyone who kills or hurts an animal as part of a spell done on somone is a monster and a fraud.

Doc Conjure said...

@ Anonymous at 1:05 & 1:09,

"so what happens now? any updates? are you insinuating that there's more to this than what we've been told? is the family pressing charges?"

Not insinuating, I'm flat-out telling you this is a case of "dirty politics". There was bad blood between both Dr. K and Cat Yronwode which led to this whole mess. This is not a case of "Evil Black Man vs. Good Jewish Woman". It's about two feauding business partners. As far as the family pressing charges, I'm not sure if they even can. Perhaps a civil suit of some sort?

"sorry i forgot to add that any type of animal sacrifice has no part in hoodoo and anyone who kills or hurts an animal as part of a spell done on somone is a monster and a fraud."

The harming or killing of animals has a long history in the practice of hoodoo. Now, it doesn't mean that all practitioners harm or kill animals, but it is there. There's the infamouse black cat bone, where a black cat is boiled alive in order to obtain it's magic bone. Similarly, toads were believed to possess a magic stone in their heads. Frogs and toads were also used in gambling spells in a fashion that would kill them. Animals of all sorts were harmed or killed in destructive, black magic rituals for revenge. As an animal lover I would never harm or kill an animal for magic but there are people who will harm or kill animals to get what they want.

Look this whole thing is a murky and is not as clear-cut as Catherine Yronwode wants people to believe. Where do you draw the line? Answer me these questions:

Is it okay to kill an ant for magic? (Cat Yronwode sells fire ants that somebody gathered and killed. It may have even been her shop or even herself that killed them.)

Is it okay to kill a snail for magic?

Is it okay to kill a spider for magic?

Is it okay to kill a wasp for magic?

Is it okay to kill a toad for magic?

Is it okay to kill a chicken for magic?

Where do you draw the line? Would you snitch on a practitioner for killing a spider? If no, then why not? It's a living creature.

Again, this is about dirty politics.

Oh, and FYI: I use animal parts in my magic but I will never kill any creature for magic. In fact, I've never been stung by a bee or wasp, never been bit by a spider, snake, scorpion, or other creature, and this has nothing to do with me not coming into contact with these creatures. Instead, its because I respect them. I dont kill them and I have this weird sense that they know I won't hurt them so they leave me alone. Wasps land me all the time in the summer. Spiders crawl on me year round and I just gently blow them off me. LOL

Alena said...

Doc do you have an email where I can contact you privately?

Doc Conjure said...

@ Alena,

My email is listed in the right column on my blog. Here you go:

D'Angelo said...

Hmm. Never even imagined this stuff took place today. So Mr. Doc, you say you use animal parts so what exactly do you use and what do you use them for? That woman has a shop called lucky mojo. I take it that most people who do this stuff get it from there? Honestly I dig the candles but don't get too deep into this because there's too many crazies.

Doc Conjure said...

@ D'Angelo,

I'm too tired and too lazy to go through my inventory right now but what I remember I have offhand is:

chicken feet
chicken bones
rabbit feet
aligator feet
aligator tooth
various feathers
various animal bones
shark teeth
snake skin
black dog hair
black cat hair
rattlesnake rattle
cat's eye shell
cow horns
crab shell powder
various insects (that I've found dead trapped in cobwebs or that other people killed and I scavanged them)

As far as what they are used for, there's a link at the bottom of this blog regarding animal sacrifice in Hoodoo and animal parts used.

As far as the candles go, there's a lot of people who only do candle work. So you are not alone in that regard. Yes, Catherine Yronwode owns LuckyMojo and she sells Hoodoo and other occult supplies. I no longer shop there but you are free to spend your money wherever you please.

D'Angelo said...

Hey doc, man don't get mad or anything but when I click on the link it doesn't really explain how or why the parts are used.

Man I'll give you props cause you got a killer blog here.

Doc Conjure said...

@ D'Angelo,

I apologize. I will try to write some blogs on it in the future.

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