Thursday, December 29, 2011

Goatman Of White Rock Lake

The Goatman Of White Rock Lake is a reported satyr-like monster that allegedly haunts the area of White Rock Lake, near Dallas, TX.

Appearance: A 7ft-tall, satyr-like being having the lower extremities of a goat and the upper body of a man, complete with goat horns and yellowish or greenish skin. In some sightings the creature was said to be covered in fur and to have long fingernails or claws.

Lore: Alleged sightings of the beast first began in the 1970s and appear to continue into modern times. The creature is most often said to be active at dusk or else is nocturnal. The Goatman dislikes humans and usually acts to scare or run-off any people who wander into it's territory.

Powers: Unknown, possibly stronger than a human.

Defense Against The Goatman Of White Rock Lake: Though the creature hates humans and has been known to act aggressively toward humans, even throwing items at people, it is of little-to-no actual threat.

Goatman Of White Rock Lake

Coming Of The Goat-Man

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