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Galley-Trots, a.k.a. Gally-Trots, White Hounds, etc., are supernatural canines, similar to Hell Hounds or Phantom Black Dogs, which are believed to live underground in hollow hills or "fairy mounds".

Appearance: Galley-Trots appear as large hounds the size of bulls, having shaggy, white fur and red ears and eyes.

Lore: Galley-Trots haunt abandoned ruins and are believed to guard treasure. Anyone who trespasses on their turf may be attacked or given chase by the beasts. Additionally, Galley-Trots were believed to make appearances outside of homes where a person would soon die.

Powers: Galley-Trots are omens of death. Galley-Trots may have supernatural abilities such as to become invisible or to disappear.

Defense Against Galley-Trots: Unknown. Due to their potential connections to fairy hounds, iron objects and salt may prove effective against warding off the creatures.

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