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The Destiny Ring

The Destiny Ring is an alleged cursed ring once owned by silent screen sensation, Rudolph Valentino. The ring is believed to have the power to grant good luck but such good fortune is countered with a high price, the death of the wearer.

In 1920 Valentino paid a visit to a curio shop in San Francisco where he saw a silver ring set with a semi-precious cat's eye stone and immediately wanted it. The owner reportedly told him that the ring was a "ring of destiny" and that it was cursed. According to the owner the ring would bring the wearer great luck but at a very high price. Valentino ignored the warning from the owner and purchased the ring. Valentino would go on to wear the ring in a couple of his movies and even died while wearing the ring at the young age of 31 years in 1926.

Paranormal author Brad Steiger met the president of the Valentino Fan Club, Chow Mank who proceeded to tell him of the ring. According to Mank, Valentino showed him the ring and told him the story. During the conversation Mank reportedly had a premonition of Valentino's death in the form of a vision of a shadow moving over his face.

According to Mank, Valentino left the ring to a friend of his named Russ Columbo. In reality, the ring passed to actress Pola Negri who almost immediately began suffering health complaints. It was Negri who gave the Destiny Ring to Russ Columbo. Mank warned Columbo that the ring was cursed but Columbo dismissed it as superstition. Soon after Columbo was killed in an accidental shooting.

After Russ Columbo's death, the Destiny Ring allegedly came into the possession of Columbo's best friend, a man named Joe Casino. Mr. Casino feared the curse and refused to wear it, instead choosing to keep it on display. For some strange reason Casino decided that the curse on the ring was over and so decided to wear the ring. Casino was killed after being run over by a truck about a week after he first began to wear the ring. The Destiny Ring was passed to Joe Casino's brother, Del Casino who wore the ring with no problems. However, Del Casino's home was robbed by a man named James Willis who stole the ring. He was shot and killed by police as he attempted to flee the scene.

The last known fatality attributed to the Destiny Ring was of actor and skater Jack Dunn, who was cast to play Valentino in a new film. Dunn died 10 days after wearing the ring from some form of blood disease.

The last noteworthy news concerning the Destiny Ring was of the robbery of the bank in which it was being stored. One of the convicted robbers, Alfred Hahn, stated that if he had known the cursed ring was being kept there he would have picked a different bank to rob.

The current location and owner of the Destiny Ring is unknown though it is claimed that a Brooklyn, NY, barber won the Destiny Ring in a contest held by a local radio station.

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