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Cohomo, a.k.a. The Cole Hollow Road Monster, is a reported bigfoot-like monster that was sighted in Tazewell County, IL, in 1972.

Appearance: An 8-10ft-tall, hairy hominid with white or light-colored fur, only three toes on each foot, grey skin, and large teeth. Some witnesses could not see any facial characteristics due to the excessive hair. Cohomo was said to be extremely foul-smelling.

Lore: In early May, 1972, 18-year old Randy Emert and a group of friends reported a sighting of the monster and later revealed they believed it was living underneath an abandoned house. From that day foreword, reported sightings of Cohomo grew incredibly. On May 25, 1972, the police received 200 phone calls regarding sightings of the beast. By July the sightings had not stopped and the police realized that something had to be done. A volunteer teem was put together with over 100 individuals who would search the area for signs of the beast. The team was disbanded when a member accidentally shot himself in the foot. On July 25, 1972, another 200 phone calls concerning sightings of the monster were placed to police. One phone call involved the sighting of a UFO in the form of strange lights that was witnessed descending into the woods.

Powers: Unknown

Defense Against Cohomo: Cohomo is of little-to-no threat to humans, though certain property damage was attributed to the beast.

Hoax?: Randy Emert, one of the first witnesses of the alleged monster, claimed in 1991 that he made up the story in order to scare a friend. It's been claimed that the resulting sightings were due to mass hysteria but bigfoot-like monsters continue to be sighted in the region.

Cohomo Monster: 1972

Cohomo (Cole Hollow Monster)

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