Thursday, December 15, 2011


Adaros are evil marine demons or spirits in the mythology of the people of the Solomon Islands.

Appearance: Adaros appear as mermaid-like beings part man, part fish, having sharp teeth and claws, fins for feet, gills near their ears, a horn growing on the monster's kneck/back, and an appendage similar to either a swordfish or sawfish growing on it's forehead.

Lore: Adaros are born from the evil portion of a human's spirit upon death. Though they are believed to live in the sun, Adaros travel to earth via rainbows and locomote via waterspouts (marine tornadoes). The king of the Adaros is believed to be named Ngorieru.

Powers: Adaros can hurl poisonous flying fish at people which can kill the victim outright or else knock them unconscious.

Defense Against Adaros: Offerings of food and a sacrifice of a flying fox (bat) thrown into the ocean will prevent attacks and awaken individuals who have been knocked unconscious by an Adaro.

Origins Of The Adaro

Dictionary of nature myths: legends of the earth, sea, and sky By Tamra Andrews

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