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Abyzou, a.k.a. Obizuth, is a vampiric, female, child-killing demon. The name Abyzou means "abyss".

Appearance: In the Testament of Solomon, Abyzou is described as having greenish skin, hair like serpents, and with darkness hiding her lower body. In other portrayals Abyzou is shown as having the upper body of a woman and the lower body of either a fish or serpent.

Lore: Abyzou is one of many female demons who attack children, pregnant women, and virgins. Abyzou feeds on her victims blood and milk, causing pregnant women to miscarry, preventing lactation, killing infants, and causing young women to sicken and die. Like many similar demons, Abyzou also likely causes infertility. In the Testament of Solomon, Abyzou also takes credit for causing all manners of other conditions such as, problems with they eyes, ears and throat, as well as causing insanity. Abyzou also admits that she does not sleep and takes the life of at least one child each night.

Defense Against Abyzou: Abyzou can be controlled via the magic of Solomon. In charms, St. Sisinnious, St. Michael, and the archangel Raphael are petitioned to protect from the demon. In the Testament of Solomon, Abyzou makes known that Raphael is her main adversary. A simple charm used to repel the demon is to write the name of the archangel Raphael on a piece of papyrus when a woman enters labor. It is said Abyzou will flee upon seeing such charm.


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Anonymous said...

I think my cousin has this inside her.

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Kaylee kiessling said...

This is sick...

Vlads Phoenix said...

It tried to attack me and my cousin. I told him how to use Solomons seal to capture it and he buried it. It won't be back for another thousand years at most.

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