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Antuara is a female vampiric demon who causes migraines.

Appearance: Unknown. Some say she takes the form of a foul wind. Others indicate that she may have an appearance similar to a mermaid. Antuara is said to have a voice similar to both a deer and an ox.

Lore: Antuara lives in the sea or ocean and rises up from her home in search of victims. When a suitable victim is found, Antuara enters into the victim's head causing headache, nausea, pain, light-sensitivity and all the other symptoms of a migraine via her loud noises and the ruckus she makes. Antuara is also believed to feast upon the blood of her victims and enjoys causing great pain, especially to the victim's eyes.

Powers: Antuara causes migraines and the pain and other symptoms associated with migraines.

Defense Against Antuara: In the past, charms invoking Artemis of Ephesus were used to repel the demon. With the coming of Christianity Artemis was replaced with Jesus Christ in the charms. In both charms the demon is ordered to leave a person alone and to enter into a bull's head instead. Modern medicine has also proved quite helpful with the management of migraines and the decrease of both pain and migraine length.

Vampire Mermaids and Migraines

Migraine Demon, Antaura

Kurt Cobain Murder Inquiry - CourtTV

Intruiging Witchcraft Facts - Dr. Ruehl

STD Radio - Zombification Part 4

Werwolves Are For Real - Dr. Ruehl

Blood On Satan's Claw (1971)

Pagan Tree Worship In Finland

Sightings - S4E7

Xtreme Mysteries - Crop Circles

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Phul is one of the Olympian Spirits.

Lore: Phul rules over 7 provinces of the Universe and is associated with the Moon. His day is Monday.

Powers: Phul has power over the moon and water and can transform any metal into silver. He can provide water spirits as familiars. Phul has the power to heal dropsy (Edema) and to extend human life to 300 years in length.

To view his sigil, click HERE.

The Book Of Ceremonial Magic by Arthur Edward Wyatt, Chapter 2

Unsolved Mysteries - Death Of Kurt Cobain

SK Radio - The Bell Island Boom! 78

DF Radio - Halloween Witches

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

STD Radio - Zombification Part 3

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Sightings - S5E2

Xtreme Mysteries - The Sphinx

Christmas Elements Have Pagan Roots

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Ophiel is one of the Olympian Spirits.

Lore: Ophiel rules over 14 provinces of the Universe, rules over one hundred thousand legions of lesser spirits, and is associated with the planet Mercury. His day is Wednesday.

Powers: Ophiel rules over all forms of communication and commerce. He can grant one great wisdom in any discipline or field of study. He can grant the alchemist the power to turn the element mercury into the legendary "philosopher's stone".

To view his sigil, click HERE.

The Book Of Ceremonial Magic by Arthur Edward Wyatt, Chapter 2

STD Radio - Zombification Part 2

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Coast To Coast AM - November 20, 2010 - Druids & English Magic

Part 1

Part 2

Coast To Coast AM - October 22, 2005 - Monsters

Werewolves On Wheels (1971)

A biker gang chances upon a group of monks who turn out to be part of a satanic cult.

Author Of, "The Werewolf's Guide To Life" Speaks Out On The 'Satanic Sex Stabbing' Case

Ritch Duncan, author of The Werewolve's Guide To Life, speaks out on how his book became connected to the "satanic sex stabbing" case.

FYI: Duncan's book is awesome and highly recommended. It's a tongue-in-cheek guide for newbie werewolves on how to survive.

How my book became part of the “satanic sex stabbing”

Wiccans In The Military

An interesting article on Wiccans and Neopagans in the military. I had no idea that a Stonehenge-like structure was built outside of the U.S. Air Force Academy in Colorado in order to accommodate Wiccan cadets.

US Army says Wiccan work it out

NSA Admits The Recieving Of Extraterrestrial Signals

Due to the law suit of one Peter Gersten, the NSA was forced to release a document acknowledging the reception of 29 extraterrestrial messages.

A top secret team was created to attempt to decode the messages and the conclusions reached were that the messages represented mathematical equations, list of elements, and possibly words.

You can view the secret document by clicking below.

It's been suggested this is just some weird "game" the NSA code breakers were playing. It would be interesting to read the rest of the document as only a portion of it has been released.

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Hagith is one of the Olympian Spirits.

Lore: Hagith rules over 21 provinces of the universe, commands four thousand legions of lesser spirits and is associated with the planet Venus. His day is Friday.

Powers: Hagith controls all things concerning love, sex and beauty. Hagith has the power to make one beautiful and loved by anyone. Hagith can transform copper into gold and vice versa. Hagith gives excellent familiar spirits.

To view his sigil, click HERE.

The Book Of Ceremonial Magic by Arthur Edward Wyatt, Chapter 2

The Rise Of The Antichrist - Russ Dizdar

A 10 hour audio of Russ Dizdar speaking on the coming of the Antichrist.

The Black Awakening - Russ Dizdar

A christian documentary regarding the alleged coming of super-soldiers and the arrival of the Antichrist.

Satanic Ritual Abuse - Russ Disdar & Chris White

A radio interview promoting and spreading the nonsense of 'satanic panic'.

STD Radio - Zombification Part 1

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

TON Radio - Occult America - Mitch Horowitz

EAR Radion - Mothman Secrets - Jeff Wamsley

Xtreme Mysteries - Fake Moonlanding?

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Secret About Thanksgiving - secret about thanksgiving - must see!!! Video

I debated whether or not I should post this and I finally decided to do it. Although I wished all my readers a wonderful Thanksgiving, I myself do not celebrate the holiday and consider it highly offensive. Just for the record, the original Thanksgivings were times of fasting and prayer, not feasting and football. I am reminded of the show, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, in the Thanksgiving episode 'Pangs' where the character of Anya, who is an ex-demon, talks about how she totally understands Thanksgiving because it's just like a pagan ritual sacrifice.

Hoke, Eldon (1958-1997)

Eldon Hoke, a.k.a. "El Duce" was the lead singer for the band, "The Mentors". Hoke has a place here a the Demoniacal due to his connection to the death of Kurt Cobain.

According to Hoke, toward the end of December, 1992, Courtney Love offered him $50,000.000 to kill Kurt Cobain.

On March 6, 1996, Hoke underwent a polygraph test given by Dr. E. Gelb, who at the time was viewed as being the best expert in the field. Hoke passed the polygraph with flying colors.

In April, 1997, Hoke gave a interview for the documentary, "Kurt And Courtney" where he repeated his claim that Courtney offered him money to kill Kurt Cobain. Circa a week after giving this interview Hoke died under strange circumstances.

Prior to his death friends of Hoke claim his behavior was strange and that he acted paranoid. Hoke allegedly made inquiries about getting a fake I.D. and making comments on how easy it would be to get rid of someone or to dispose of someone.

According to friends, Hoke had left his home with an unidentified man circa 5 p.m. on April 19, 1997. The identity of this man has never been determined. At circa 9 p.m. Hoke was struck and killed by a train. The official explanation given was that an intoxicated Hoke passed out on the train tracks.

Kurt & Courtney - El Duce Interview

Eldon Hoke, AKA El Duce by Frances Barnett

Kurt Cobain's Death


Och is one of the Olympian Spirits.

Lore: Och rules over 28 provinces of the Universe and is associated with the Sun. His day is Sunday.

Powers: Och has the power to transmogrify any substance into precious metals or stones, to grant wealth, to give familiar spirits, and to bestow great medicinal knowledge and wisdom. Och has the power to extend human life to 600 years in length.

To view his sigil, click HERE.

The Book Of Ceremonial Magic by Edward Waite, Chapter 2

UFOs And The Alien Presence

Coast To Coast AM - November 24, 2011 - Bigfoot Footage

Part 1

Part 2

Police Officer Accused Of Theft Uses Paranormal Activity Excuse At Trial

A former Ohio police officer who was charged with theft after stolen goods were found in his home has used the excuse that he didn't know what was in the room because he avoided it all costs due to his belief that a supernatural entity existed in the room.

Ohio man claims ghostly presence as trial defense

Swedish Man Burst Into Flames At Train Station

Was it Spontaneous Human Combustion?

Did A Swedish Man Spontaneously Combust in Gothenburg Train Station?

Second Mayan Inscription May Foretell 2012 Apocalypse

A second potential Mayan "2012 apocalypse" inscription has been discovered. It references something coming, possible descending from the heavens.

Mexico Admits To Second Mayan 2012 End-of-World Reference

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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Reward Offered For Info On Cattle Mutilation Case

The Kansas Livestock Association is offering a reward for information concerning a cow that was mutilated on October 10.

Reward offered in cattle mutilation case


Phaleg is one of the Olympian Spirits.

Lore: Phaleg rules over 35 provinces of the Universe and is associated with the planet Mars. His day is Tuesday.

Powers: Phaleg has the power to bring victory in war, to destroy one's enemies, and to grant fame and renown in the military.

To view his sigil, click HERE.

The Book Of Ceremonial Magic by Edward Waite, Chapter 2

Coast To Coast AM - November 22, 2011 - Strange Phenomena In Missouri With Linda Moulton Howe

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Reminder: Tonight's The Night We Learn Who Rubberman is!

For American Horror Story fans, tonight is the big reveal. We've been promised that the identity of Rubberman will be revealed within the first 5 minutes of tonight's episode!

So who do you think it is? (I think it's Tate!)

American Horror Story "Rubber Man" Episode Sneak Peak

The Origin Of The Gimp Suit

Xtreme Mysteries - Ark Of The Covenant 1

Bigfoot In Kentucky

Tales of the hair one in Kentucky.

Tales Of Bigfoot In Kentucky

There's Something In The Water....

Peruvian Mayor Jose Benitez claims that high levels of minerals in the drinking water is turning the male population in his town gay.

Jose Benitez, Peruvian Mayor, Fears Tap Water's Minerals Will Turn Town Gay

Man Who Fought To Have 'Cursed Stone' Destroyed Dies

The Cursed Stones is a large rock that has a a lengthy curse inscribed upon it. Councillor Jim Tootle fought to have the Cursed Stone removed and destroyed and blamed the stone for local disasters. Tootle died suddenly from illness.

Councillor who tried to rid town of historic 'cursing stone' blamed for local disasters dies suddenly

Billionaire's Downfall Caused By Fairy Curse?

Some attribute billionaire Sean Quinn's downfall to his decision to move a fairy habitat in the form of an ancient burial structure circa 20 years ago.

Former billionaire Sean Quinn's downfall 'caused by fairies'

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Bethor is one of the Olympian Spirits.

Lore: Bethor rules over 42 provinces of the universe, 29 thousand legions of lesser spirits, and is associated with the planet Jupiter. His day is Thursday.

Powers: Bethor has the power to grant people positions of power, to grant wealth, to give precious gems and stones, and to give medicinal knowledge. Bethor can also provide familiar spirits of the air and if God agrees, can prolong one's life to 700 years in length.

To view the sigil of Bethor, click HERE.

The Book Of Ceremonial Magic by Arthur Edward Waite, Chapter 2

Coast To Coast AM - November 21, 2012 - JFK Assasination

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

CM Radio - Flying Humanoids

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

"The Lost Symbol" - Magic Squares And The Masonic Cipher

PPR Radio - Devils & Demonology

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Free Book: Aradia, Or The Gospel Of The Witches

The book, Aradia, Or The Gospel Of The Witches by Charles G. Leyland (1898), is in the public domain.

The book, Aradia, or the Gospel of the Witches, was an influential book with regard to the formation of modern Wicca. In fact, the name Aradia can now be frequently found among the names for the great Goddess worshipped by modern Wiccans.

The books deals with the alleged revealing unto the author that witchcraft is a secret survival of a pagan cult to Diana, Lucifer, and Aradia.

To read the book, Aradia, or the Gospel of the Witches, click on the links below.

Aradia, or the Gospel of the Witches by Charles G. Leyland

Aradia, or the Gospel of the Witches by Charles G. Leyland

Xtreme Mysteries - The Bible Code 1

5 Year-Old Claims Haunted By Gray-Skinned Ghost

The boy whose name is Dagan, a name that is also the name of the Philistine god but with an alternative spelling, claims that a gray-skinned man comes into his room at night and talks to him as well as moves furniture around. A strange face also has appeared on a wall.

Terror of family who claim their five-year old son is haunted by the 'man with grey skin'

See Also;


A Multitude Of M.I.B. Encounters

Gareth J. Medway has compiled a large list of alleged experiences with the M.I.B.

Men in Black Encounters, a Short Catalogue

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Aratron is one of the Olympian Spirits.

Lore: Aratron rules over 49 provinces of the universe, 17,000, 640,000 lesser spirits, and is associated with the planet Saturn. His day is Saturday.

Powers: Aratron has the power to turn any life form into stone, turn coal into treasure and vice versa, grant invisibility, make the barren fertile once more, grant long life, help one communicate with the spirits under the earth, and reveal the secrets of alchemy, healing, and magic.

To view the sigil of Aratron, click HERE.

The Book of Ceremonial Magic by Arthur Edward Waite, Chapter 2

CSRadio - Women In Satanism

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Free Book: The Book of the Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage

The book, The Book of the Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage by
S.L. MacGregor Mathers (1900)
, is in the public domain.

The grimoire had a huge impact on Ceremonial Magic. To read the book, The Sacred Magic of Abramelin The Mage, click on the links below.

The Sacred Magic Of Abramelin The Mage by S.L. MacGregor Mathers

The Sacred Magic of Abramelin The Mage Book 1

The Sacred Magic Of Abramelin The Mage Book 2

The Sacred Magic Of Abramelin The Mage Book 3

B. O. A. A. Radio - American Werewolf With Linda Godfrey - October 2010

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8

Scariest Places On Earth - Aliester Crowley

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

The Black Vault Radio - February 23, 2008 - Ruben Uriarte On Mexico's Roswell

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Xtreme Mysteries - The City Of Gold

Grandmother Molested At Night By Octopus-Like Ghost

A 73 year-old British Grandmother has complained that for the last four months an octopus-like ghost has molested her while she slept.

Herne Bay gran struggles to sleep because of groping ghost

Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Olympian Spirits

The Olympian Spirits, a.k.a. Olympic Spirits, are seven powerful spiritual entities who under God, reign over the universe and earthly life. The Olympian Spirits are associated with Ceremonial Magic and made their first appearance in print in the grimoire, The Arbatel of Magic circa 1575. The Olympian Spirits are Aratron, Bethor, Phaleg, Och, Hagith, Ophiel, and Phul.

Each Olympian Spirit rules over multiple provinces, rules over multitudes of lesser spirits, is associated with a specific astrological planet, has their own distinct sigil, and rules over spheres of human life or destiny. Additionally, each Olympian Spirit reigns supreme over earth for a period of 490 years. We are currently under the power of Och whose reign began in 1900.

Olympic Spirits: The Hidden Gods

The Book Of Ceremonial Magic by Arthur Edward Wyatt, Chapter 2

Coast To Coast AM - November 19, 2011 - Amityville Horror & Conspiracies

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Free Book: The Book Of Ceremonial Magic

The book, The Book Of Ceremonial Magic, a.k.a. The Book of Black Magic by Arthur Edward Waite (1913), is in the public domain.

To read the book, The Book Of Ceremonial Magic, click the links below.

The Book Of Ceremonial Magic by Arthur Edward Waite

The Book Of Ceremonial Magic by Arthur Edward Waite

Xtreme Mysteries - Coral Castle

Faustian Pact: Dealing With The Devil

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Ghost Adventures: Salem Witch House

Jordan Maxwell - The Inner World Of The Occult (2002)

My advice: Take the info in the presentation below with a grain of salt.

Michael Tsarion - Sorcery & Magic

Part 1

Part 2

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Coast To Coast AM - November 18, 2011 - Demons 101

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Free Book: The Golden Bough

The book, The Golden Bough by Sir James George Frazer (1922), is now in the public domain.

This book is a classic and a must read for occultists. The Golden Bough was extremely influential in the creation of the modern religion of Wicca. To read the book, The Golden Bough, click on the links below.

The Golden Bough by Sir James George Frazer

The Golden Bough by Sir James George Frazer

UFO Down To Earth - Dreamland

Michael Tsarion - The Luciferian Deception

Part 1

Part 2

The Travis Walton Experience

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8

The 700 Club - Amityville Horror

Dermablend Professional Commercial

For American Horror Story fans, this is the guy who inspired Tate's skull face.

Psychic Allegedly Told Demi Moore To Divorce Ashton Kutcher

A psychic allegedly told Demi Moore to divorce Ashton Kutcher for the preservation of her own health.

Psychic told Demi Moore to give up the Ghost

Friday, November 18, 2011

Who Is Rubber Man?


The identity of the latex-clad bogeyman of "American Horror Story" is a mystery. However, we are guaranteed to learn his identity on next Wednesday's episode titled, "Rubber Man".

Why did he kill Chad & Patrick? Is he the one who fathered Vivien's twins? What does he want?

I originally thought that Rubber Man was either a demon/devil or a personification of the house. However, I have this sneaky suspicion that Tate is far sicker than we realize.

American Horror Story House Call

CGS - S3E12

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

UFO Road Trip - Pat Uskert

Truth Frequency Radion - Michael Tsarion - Exploring The Occult (2010)

Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1 (2011)

Breaking Dawn Part 1 premieres tonight, Friday, November 18, 2011.

Good Morning America - Amityville Horror

ABC7 - Zombies Capturing Popular Culture

Colorado Psychic Vampire

Meet Sable Schultz, a real-life vampire from Colorado. She won't drain your blood, but she will consume your energy.

Beyond Twilight: Self-proclaimed vampires lurk in Colorado

Vampires Over Time

An interesting article on how the vampire has changed with time.

Vampires: A Bite In Time

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Natalie Wood Case Reopened

LA detectives have reopened the death case of Natalie Wood. For over 30 years now many people have doubted the claim that Wood accidentally drowned and instead believe she was murdered.

Natalie Wood Case Reopened By LA Detectives (PHOTOS)

From last year:

Satanic Ritual Scheduled For Downtown Oklahoma City Friday

James Hale and the Church of the Four Crown Princes (sounds like a band name), will be holding a satanic ritual at the Civic Center in downtown Oklahoma City this Friday at 7PM CST.

Metro Man Plans Satanic Ritual For Downtown OKC

Coast To Coast AM - Novemver 16, 2011 - Ghosts

Part 1

Part 2

Free Books: The Witch Cult In Western Europe

The book, The Witch Cult In Western Europe: A Study In Anthropology by Margaret Alice Murray (1921) is in the public domain and is legal to download.

This is a must read for people interested in the origins of modern day Wicca as this book laid the foundation for the belief that Wicca was a survival of paganism. Unfortunately scholars have dismissed Murray's work as there is no evidence to back up her claims.

The Witch Cult In Western Europe by Margaret Alice Murray

The Witch Cult In Western Europe by Margaret Alice Murray

In Search Of...A Call From Space

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Good Morning America - Amityville Horror

RichPlanet.Net - Timothy Good Interview - Timothy Good Interview. Ufos Aliens Secret Bases Video

The Today Show - Travis Walton (2011)

The X-Conference - Dr. Roger Leir (2010)

Part 1

Part 2

The Dusty Wright Show - Budd Hopkins

Part 1

Part 2

Vampire Arrested

Denver police have arrested the woman who allegedly entered a convenience store and sexually assaulted a male customer, bit him on the neck, and then proceeded to bite the neck of the store clerk.

'Vampire' nabbed by Denver Police

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Tupac Assasination: Conspiracy Or Revenge? (2009)

Part 1

Part 2

Free Books - The Science Of Getting Rich And The Master Key System

The following books are free and legal to download. To download your copy of The Science Of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles and The Master Key System by Charles F. Haanel, click on the link below.

Exposed: Tupac Breaking The Oath (2010)

Who Really Killed Tupac?

Russian Woman Claims To Have Kept Alien Corpse In Fridge For 2 Years

My opinion: hoax.

Sacrificed (2009)

A short documentary on Muti Murders, the practice of killing people, mainly children and albinos, in order to use their body parts in black magic rituals.

Sacrificed from Nina Saada on Vimeo.

Witches - Daughters Of The Goddess

WITCHES-DAUGHTERS OF THE GODDESS from Jonathan Moser on Vimeo.

Dracula: True Horror

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

BBC Horizon - Human V 2.0 (2007)

The new race is coming. In the future man will merge with machine, will be able to upload minds into machines in order to cheat death. The future of mankind is 'cyborgian'. Not everyone agrees with the direction we are traveling as a species. Ted Kacynski, a.k.a. "The Unabomber", tried to stop it from happening.

Building Gods (2006)

The coming of the Singularity and the creation of advanced, god-like, A.I. (Artificial Intelligence).

Free Book: The Secret Teachings Of All Ages

The book, The Secret Teachings Of All Ages: An Encyclopedia Outline Of Masonic, Hermetic, Qabbalistic And Rosicrucian Symbolical Philosophy - Being An Interpretation Of The Secret Teachings Concealed Within The Rituals, Allegories, And Mysteries Of All Ages by Manly P. Hall (1928), has not had it's copyright renewed and is now in the public domain. This means you can now download the book legally and for free.

To read the book, The Secret Teachings Of All Ages by Manly P. Hall, click the links below.

The Secret Teachings Of All Ages by Manly P. Hall

The Secret Teachings Of All Ages by Manly P. Hall (online)

The Secret (2006)

For magical practitioners this is a good documentary concerning the law of attraction.

Peter Doherty Flees To France After Home Haunted By Ghost Of Amyn Winehouse

The friend of Winehouse claims he has seen her ghost on three or four occasions now and simply can not take it anymore. Doherty has packed up and is living in France.

Winehouse Ghost Haunting Pete Doherty's London Home

Woman Exectuted For Witchcraft To Get Memorial Statue

Alice Nutter was one of many people executed for practicing witchcraft during the Pendle Witch Hunt of 1612. Nutter will now get a memorial statue.

Statue of Pendle Witch Alice Nutter to be commissioned

Police Hunting Vampire Woman

Denver Police are on the hunt for a woman who entered a convenience store, sexually assaulted a male customer and bit him on the neck. The vampire then turned her attention to the clerk and bit her on the neck as well.

Denver police looking for 'vampire bandit'

Monday, November 14, 2011

Book Review: Witches' Potions And Spells

The books is Witches' Potions And Spells By Kathryn Paulsen.

This is a delightful treat. Written in 1971, this book is a treasure trove and collection of dark spells before witches lost their bite with the coming of Wicca. Within it's 62 pages readers will find spells utilising those nasty ingredients such as animal parts and blood. Retro 1950s-style drawings compliment the text. Witches' Potions And Spells is definitely a keeper for the non-Wiccan variety of witches or for those who still remember a time when witches and witchcraft had an edge and was delightfully dangerous.

On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest, I give this book a 10.

Hunting Hecate (2010)

Hunting Hecate from 20MM Productions on Vimeo.

The UFO Conspiracy (2004)

Part 1

Part 2

Alien Abductions Of The 4th Kind

NASA Apollo Image Anomalies

Part 1

Part 2

Travis Walton Interview

This is allegedly the first interview Travis Walton made after his abduction.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

NASA's Alien Anomalies Caught On Film

Free Books: 15 Free Books On UFOs

These books are free for download courtesy of NICAP.

ONLINE BOOKS - Authorized Full-Length Versions

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Interest Renewed In Missing PA District Attorney - Ray Gricar

The Aswang Phenomenon (2009)

Mothman Country (2010)

Mothman Country from Peter Haas on Vimeo.

TheToadsBool - Santisima Muerte Money Spell

X Conference 2010 - Linda Moulton Howe Interviews John Burroughs

Free Book: The Flying Saucers Are Real

The book, The Flying Saucers Are Real by Donald Keyhoe (1950) is now in the public domain and the copyright has not been renewed. This means it is perfectly legal to download and share this book.

To read and/or download the book, The Flying Saucers Are Real by Donald Keyhoe, click on the links below.

The Flying Saucers Are Real by Donald Keyhoe (pdf, to save to your computer click the disk in the upper right corner)

The Flying Saucers Are Real by Donald Keyhoe (read online and/or download text)

UFOAZ - Travis Walton

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

The Lost Betty Hill Interview (1999)

Saturday, November 12, 2011

I'm Calling It Now About The Penn State Child Sex Scandal + More Info On DA Ray Gricar's Disappearance

I'm just writing this blog to be the first to state that if in fact the rumors of a child sex ring catering to wealthy pedophiles are true then I would be afraid that Sundusky will be "suicided" to prevent the truth from being made known.

Also, for those who are interested for more info on the disappearance of DA Ray Gricar, go to YouTube and type in "Haunting Evidence S1E3". This episode concerns Gricar's disappearance and involves psychics who report what they are picking up about the case.

FYI: The police are saying there is no link between Gricar's disappearance and Sundusky but don't let them fool you. The Police know practically nothing about Gricar's disappearance so they are definitely not in the position to rule out anything at this point. Again, don't be fooled. Until any good solid leads develop it will always remain a possibility that there is indeed a connection.

Penn State Scandal Gets Stranger...Ties To Missing DA?

DA Ray Gricar disappeared under strange circumstances in 2005. His laptop was found under a bridge minus the hard drive. The hard drive was eventually found a few miles away but was too damaged to be reconstructed. Investigators determined that someone had made Internet searches on how to destroy a computer hard drive shortly before he disappeared.

What makes the disappearance of Gricar even more interesting is that he was the DA who chose not to prosecute Sundusky back in 1998. Is Gricar's disappearance connected to the Sundusky child sex scandal?

Ray Gricar, Missing Pennsylvania DA, Opted Not To Prosecute Jerry Sandusky

Disappeared - A Family's Curse

Conspiracy Of Silence (1994)

In light of the Penn State horrors I thought I would post this documentary. As you may know, the latest rumors in the Penn State scandal include accusations of a child sex ring where boys were pimped out to wealthy pedophiles.

The following is a banned 1994 documentary claiming that in high levels of government exist child sex rings. Pressure was applied to The Discovery Chanel who then at the lost moment refused to air the documentary.

I must admit that I did not believe the claims in the documentary when I first saw it. However, with the recent Penn State scandal and with the knowledge that so many people knew what was going on and did absolutely nothing to stop more children from being victimized, I have now begun to rethink this stance. The fact that so many people knew what was going and did nothing makes me now think that either: 1.) money was more important, 2.) they were also pedophiles who were involved in it, or 3.) there was blackmail material on the people who knew which guaranteed their silence.

Is there a vast conspiracy of child sex rings involving the most powerful men in the country? Watch the video below and come to your own conclusions.

Book Review - Encyclopedia Of The End

The book is, Encyclopedia Of The End: Mysterious Death In Fact, Fancy, Folklore, And More by Deborah Noves.

Written in encyclopedic form, this book delivers. It is a compilation of a large variety of topics and things relating to death, dying, burial, and what lies beyond.

Well read people will likely already be aware of much of the information covered in the book. The book itself would best be displayed as a coffee table book and morbid conversation starter.

On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest, I give this book a 7.

How To Summon A Demon - Goetic Invocation Of Asmodeus

Paranormal TV - The Abduction Of Travis Walton

Part 1

Part 2

UFO Paranormal Radio Network - November 25, 2011 - The Travis Walton Experience

UFO Part 2 - Above Top Secret

Open Minds Radio - January 4, 2011 - Travis Walton

Interview With A Time Traveler

This is a parody using actual audio clips.

Part 1

Part 2

Friday, November 11, 2011

Coast To Coast AM - September 24, 2010 - Witchcraft & Psychic Prediction With Evelyn Paglini

The Roswell Story

Haunted Hotels: Where Phantoms Lurk

Mad World: NASA Confessions

Headless animals left outside jail may be witchcraft

Visitors From Space (1998)

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Egypt Closes Pyramids For 11-11-11

Some claim it is from fears of people doing rituals at the pyramids on the unique date of 11-11-11.

Egypt Pyramid Closes Ahead Of 11/11/11


Once 100 years and for 12 consecutive years a pattern of dates and years develops that results in the combinations of 1-1-1, 2-2-2, 3-3-3, 4-4-4, 5-5-5, 6-6-6, 7-7-7, 8-8-8, 9-9-9, 10-10-10, 11-11-11, and 12-12-12. Today is 11-11-11.

Numerology wise, the number 11 is considered a master number, meaning it is the same digit repeated. The number 11 has the power of the number 1, but amplified or doubled. The number 11 is associated with equality, balance, consciousness, creativity, and new beginnings. The number 11 is also referred to as "the gateway", playing on it's transformational role. In this fashion each 1 represents a pillar between which we travel toward the future.

The number 11 is also considered lucky, especially paired with the number 7. Today is a day for risk taking and for new starts. Now is the time to play the lottery, man an investment, apply for a job, start the process of returning to school. Today is also a good day to lay the foundation for future romantic relationships.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day to day and takes advantage of the energy presented on this unique event that only occurs once every 100 years.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Coast To Coast AM - October 23, 1997 - Harlot The Witch

Note: This is the infamous show with a self-professed satanic witch. Many people, including myself, do not believe this woman was being truthful. I will go further and suggest that the woman is a Christian who is pretending to be a satanic witch in order to spread the "satanic-panic" hysteria that many Christians believe. Since she lives in Salt Lake City and since her ideas are very close to Mormonism, I do feel that she may actually be a Mormon. Of course I have no proof for my beliefs concerning Harlot. It may very well be that she is just a woman that is doing her own thing.

Coast To Coast AM - November 9, 2011 - UFO Disclosure & Strange Creatures

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

The Origins Of Withcraft

Part 1

Part 2

Mad World - Ghosts And Poltergeists

The Pascagoula Abduction - Dr. James Harder Interviews Charles Hickson

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Open Minds Radio - Linda Moulton Howe - Experiences At Kirtland A.F.B.

Veritas - Linda Moulton Howe - An Alien Harvest

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Tonight Is The First Night Of The Full Moon

Tonight is the first night of the full moon.

Wishing fellows creatures of the night a very happy November full moon. (Creatures of the night, unite!)

A Strange Harvest (1980)

Linda Moulton-Howe's Emmy-award winning 1980 documentary on the mystery of Cattle Mutilation.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

New World Witchery - September 6, 2011 - Biblical Magic

Using the Bible for conjuring as well as discussing the tales of magic contained in it's pages.

New World Witchery - September 6, 2011 - Biblical Magic

The Open Mind - Bill Jenins Talks With DeForest Kelley (1986)

DeForest Kelley, Dr. "Bones" McCoy of Star Trek fame, decided to call into the show and reveal his personal UFO experiences.

Coast To Coast AM - October 5, 2010 - A Look At Witchcraft With Judika Illes -

UFOs Filmed At Arizona High School Football Game

For the full 1 minute video, click HERE.

Satanic Werewolf Woman Allegedly Lured Man For Sex, Tied Up, Tortured & Stabbed Him Repeatedly Instead

An 18 year-old young man from Phoenix, AZ, met a Milwaukee woman online and travelled to her house for sex. Once there he found himself tied up, tortured, and held prisoner for 2 days. When he was able to escape and contact police he was found to have over 300 puncture wounds to his body. A search of the house located books relating to satanism and werewolves.

Woman is jailed in bizarre east side stabbing

Trumbull, CT, Library To Hold Talk On History Of The Vampire In New England

The presentation will be on November 15, 2011.

Trumbull Library talk to unearth New England's vampire legends

Historian Claims Aliester Crowley Behind "Curse Of Tutankamun" Deaths

Historian and author Mark Beynon has an interesting hypothesis concerning the deaths of people who allegedly died from the curse of Tutankamen. According to Beynon, such deaths were in fact ritualistic murders carried out by the Beast, Aliester Crowley.

Curse of Tutankhamun may have been work of Satanist killer

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Truth Brigade Radio - EA Koetting - Occule Arts & Black Magic - August 13, 2010

Early History Of The Goddess Hecate

Hex Education - Witches, Warlocks And Jody Cabot - April 28, 2010

Christan Day and Lori Bruno chat with famous witch, Jody Cabot. Among other topics will be the controversy surrounding the word "warlock".

Hex Education - Witches, Warlocks And Jody Cabot - April 28, 2010

Late Night In The Midlands - Linda Moulton-Howe - April 20, 2011

One On One With Liz Green - BBC Radio Leeds - Timothy Good - September 8, 2010 - BBC Radio Leeds - Timothy Good Video

AS Radio: Vampires - Reality Or Fiction?

Dreamland - Scientists Close Encounter - October 17, 2009

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Another Severed Foot Washes Ashore

The latest foot was found in B.C. The only explanation so far given is that the feet are from suicide victims.

Another foot found on B.C. shoreline

Monday, November 7, 2011

My Third Earthquake Experience

Just happened a couple of minutes ago. Strange. It was a smaller one, definitely no where near 5.6, but it was cool no-less. I was sitting on the floor on my lap-top when my butt began to vibrate and the hanging light-fixture began swaying. LOL

Edit: The news reported it was 4.7, the same as the first one before the 5.6.

Notes On Curses

YouTube user thetoadsbool gives some excellent advice on using curses and more importantly, when not to.

Mad World: Michael Jackson Conspiracy

Pastor Claims Killer Saw Demons As A Teenager

Pastor Bryce Whiting claims Joshua Komisarjevsky, who faces the death penalty for committing murder, saw demons as a teen.

Pastor says Conn. man convicted of home invasion killings saw demon when he was a teen

Couple Shares Dark Witchcraft Secret

His ancestors helped send one of her ancestors to the gallows for allegedly practicing witchcraft during the Salem witch trials.

Couple shares link to Salem witch trials

Witches In The Philippines

Consolacion Acay has been a practicing witch in the Philippines for over 60 years.

Witches in Philippines' Siquijor province are old hat

Anne Rice Disses Stephenie Meyer's Sparkling Vampires

Title says it all. I would add that I too prefer Rice's vampires over Meyer's version. Problem is that Rice no longer writes on vampires so her reign as "Queen of the Damned" is done with. This opens the door to differing interpretations.

Anne Rice takes a bite out of Stephenie Meyer's sparkling Twilight vampires

Oklahoma Earthquake Man Made?

Could 'fracking' be responsible for the recent Oklahoma earthquakes?

All I can tell you is that in Oklahoma, several people who recently moved from California were interviewed and they all said that they have never experienced anything like this before. One woman went on to describe that though she has experienced earthquakes in California before, the recent Oklahoma earthquake lasted far longer in duration and seemed to come in waves.

Did fracking cause the Oklahoma earthquake?

Christopher Lutz Sets The Record Straight On The Amityville Horror

Christopher Lutz who lived in the alleged Amityville Horror house comes forward to set the record straight.

Hear Real Story of 'Amityville Horror' House

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Your Questions Answered......#12

1.) How can I use the Intranquil Spirit to make my wife return to me and our kids?

Answer: You can visit my blog on the Intanquil Spirit below.

The Intranquil Spirit

Honestly, I would not recommend using the Intranquil Spirit. The Intranquil Spirit is literally an earthbound or even hellbound spirit. When you perform the spell you are literally summoning the nearest earthbound spirit and it's a crap shoot as to who you will get. You may get a very nasty spirit and one that is difficult to control. If someone doesn't know what they are doing then it can cause a lot of problems, up to and including poltergeist phenomenon, haunting, illness and even possession.

I would recommend using St. Martha. St. Martha is a matriarch-type figure and she runs a tight house. She is better known for her abilities to dominate and control men and many people falsely believe that she won't work on women. The truth is that she can and will dominate dead-beat moms and women who shirk their responsibilities. You can read some tips on working with her below.

St. Martha The Dominator

This said, if you have your mind made-up on working with the Intranquil Spirit than you can find directions at the link above. I would advise you substitute a black candle for the pink candle that is usually sold in occult shops for the Intranquil Spirit. You will need Black Arts oil and incense as well as a picture of the person. You will also need a crucifix and at the very least a glass of water. You will need to pray the prayer to summon the Intranquil Spirit. You can find the prayer below.

O, Intranquil Spirit, you that in Hell are wandering and will never reach Heaven, hear me.

Grasp the five senses of (name) and do not let him/her rest in peace, that he/she should think only of seeing me, smelling me, hearing me, tasting me, and touching me, that he/she should find himself/herself as desperate as the waters of the seas and as torn as the wind in the storm until he/she returns to me, that he/she should run and run until he/she humbly falls at my feet because nobody will help him/her. That neither a divorced woman/man nor a married woman/man, a widow/widower, nor a virgin woman/man, shall ever love him/her, but only me and me alone.

(Name), I conjure you before the cross and God Almighty, that you are to run after me as the living run after the cross and the dead run after the light. Amen.

You will dress the candle with the oil and burn it on top of the picture of the person. Burn the incense as well. Recite the prayer while holding the crucifix. You will recite the spell each night the candle burns or for a total of 9 nights. It would be best to do this at midnight.

This is not a spell you simply do once. If the Intranquil Spirit works for you then you will need to keep doing the spell and the spirit will usually demand more and bigger offerings. It starts off with just a glass of water but with time it will build until it is demanding a feast.

The Intranquil Spirit works by psychologically torturing, even possessing the person and forcing them to return. Of course this isn't true love and the moment you break the spell the person will usually leave once more.

This is why I would recommend using St. Martha instead. She's a wise woman who knows how to work people and she does not pose the danger that the Intranquil Spirit does.

Feel free to send your questions to

Mad World - Hollywood Witchcraft

"Oh, Here Goes Those Christians Again!"

A documentary on the belief that witchcraft has infiltrated Hollywood.

My favorite part of the documentary is where the narrator states that practitioners refer to the Internet as "the portal of transcendence". LMFAO!

Dreamland: Linda Moulton-Howe - Incredible Kansas UFO Wave - Dreamland: Linda Howe Incredible Kansas Ufo Wave Video

History Of Thought: Witchcraft And Witch Hunts

Zombie University

Oz Encounters: UFOs In Australia (1997)

The Walkie-Talkie Dead

Shocker (not): White House Responds To UFO Petitions

The White House has responded two 2 recent UFO petitions asking for the government to acknowledge the existence of UFOs and the cover-up of information regarding UFOs. Phil Larson, Office of Science and Technology, has officially responded by saying there is no evidence of extraterrestrial life nor is there any credible evidence indicating any type of cover-up. Shocked? I'm not. Unfortunately trying to get Uncle Sam to confess to dirty secrets is a big waste of time. Uncle Sam is the cheating spouse that has to be caught in flagrante delicto in order to make the charges stick. We will need some major UFO event in order to wake up the public and begin to demand answers. Since UFOs have already buzzed the White House twice back in 1952 and then again in 2002, I have no idea just how big this event needs to be. I mean, if UFOs can buzz the White House and the majority of the public continues to slumber, what drastic action will be needed to snap people out of their collective trance?

White House: There's no sign of E.T. or UFO cover-up

Washington D.C. Intrusion 2002 & Other Midwest Sightings

1952 - UFOs Buzz White House

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Just Experienced My Second Earthquake!

Circa 2 AM this morning I experienced my first earthquake. It was a 4.7. Usually they occur when I'm asleep and I sleep right through it. A couple of minutes ago I experienced my second earthquake. I was so excited! LOL

I can't believe I experienced 2 earthquakes within a 24hr period! Just for the record, I don't think it was an aftershock. It felt just as powerful as the first one and it was separated by like 21 hours.

Update: Preliminary indications are that it could have been a 5.2.

UPDATE: It has been upgraded to a 5.6!!!

22 Students Hospitalized After Mysterious Illness Sweeps Stadium Stand

Like a wave of sickness spreading across the stadium, 22 students fell ill and had to be hospitalized at a Houston High School football game. So far there is no explanation for the event other than it might have been caused by food poisoning. Such explanation is not likely to be the correct one.

Serious Health Scare In Houston

Some type of chemical or biological testing going on? Who knows?

Update: FOX news is reporting that it was first believed to be the result of exposure to a chemical but fire officials claimed there was no evidence of such.

22 Students Hospitalized After Falling Ill at Houston High School Football Game

See Also:

McDonald's Odor Kills 1, Sends 8 To The Hospital


Free E-Book On The Kurt Cobain Murder Theory

For those out there who believe that Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain did not kill himself but was actually murdered instead, a new free e-book is available for download at the site below.

Kurt Cobain: Murdered by Brendan Hunt

Santa Muerte Still Going Strong

An 8 minute audio interview here:

Saint Of Death Gains Loyal Following In Mexico

An article and slide-show below:

Some worship the Saint of Death in a city plagued by violence

Man Arrested For Having 20+ Corpses In Apartment

The Russian man had allegedly dug up the corpses, dressed them in outfits, and kept them in his apartment.

Anatoly Moskvin Found With At Least 20 Clothed Female Corpses In His Nizhny Novgorod Home

Robin Leach UFO & Paranormal Enthusiast

UFOs, Lies And The Cold War (2005)

UFO’s Lies and The Cold War Documentary from UFONews on Vimeo.

My First Earthquake

Just got through experiencing my first earthquake. In the past I've slept through many of them but this was the first time it's happened while I was awake. I was a little after 2AM and I was getting ready for bed, gargling with mouthwash when it hit. I was like, "Huh?" LOL.

So now I know what a relatively harmless earthquake feels like. :)

Friday, November 4, 2011

Michael Tsarion - Psychic Vampires

Truth Frequency Radio - June 12, 2010 - EA Koetting - Black Magic

Vikings May Have Used Crystal Power To Navigate

They called them 'sunstones' and they were believed to locate the position of the sun on cloudy days.

Sunstones may have helped Vikings navigate from Norway to America

Hex Education - November 2, 2011 - Demons With Carl Johnson

Christian Day and Lori Bruno discuss demons and demonology with guest Carl Johnson.

Hex Education - November 2, 2011 - Demons With Carl Johnson

The Mysterious Death Of Zigmunt Adamski

The strange case of a corpse found on top of a coal pile, with clothes askew and with a strange green ointment found on strange burns on the back of his head and neck. Was Adamski the victim of a UFO abduction?

Spooky Calderdale Hallowe’en special: Mystery of the burned corpse

Graphic Novel Based On Officer's Alien Abduction Experience In The Works

The artists needs support from interested parties on getting the graphic novel released. The title is, December 3, 1967 and is based on the testimony of Nebraska State Patrolman, Herbert Schirmer.

Herbert Schirmer, a Nebraska state patrolman

Roswell "Dream Team" Organizes To Shed New Light On The Roswell UFO Crash

Tom Carey, Don Schmitt, and Kevin Randle have united to get to the bottom of the Roswell UFO crash. The team are in the process of doing more research and eventually plan on releasing an "ultimate book on the Roswell crash".

Rowell Investigation Dream Team

Navy Telegram Discovered Asking For Help With Martian Signals

A 1924 Naval telegram has recently been discovered. It's content is quite fascinating.

1924 Telegram requests help for extraterrestrial signals from space

Night Of The Vampire (2011)

Psychic Accepts Music Award On Behalf Of Kurt Cobain

Get More:
O Music Awards

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Corky The Poltergeist

Corky likes to smash bottles of wine around Halloween.

Wine snob ghost 'haunting Birmingham pub smashes house wine bottles'

Recalling The Enfield Poltergeist

Another look at the alleged poltergeist case.

What IS the truth about the Enfield Poltergeist? Amazing story of 11-year-old London girl who 'levitated' above her bed

The Abduction Of Alan Godfrey

An article on Alan Godfrey's claim of being abducted by aliens.

Spooky Calderdale Hallowe’en special: Was policeman Alan Godfrey abducted by aliens after UFO sighting?

Remembering The Black Flash Of Provincetown

A return to the mysterious phantom known as the Black Flash.

The ‘Black Flash’...The Legend Lives On

See Also;

The Black Flash Of Provincetown

Sunday Night Football UFO 10/23/11

Supposedly the answer is that the frames the UFO appears in were actually filmed over several days. So what was it? A bug?

Ghost Sex?


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