Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Your Questions Answered.......#7

As usual, all identities are kept confidential and all questions are rephrased.

1.) Can you blog on the Zeti Reticulians and the beings from Tau Ceti. I'm interested in their war with each other and what it means for the planet.

Answer = No. I don't buy into those types of stories.

2.) Can you blog on how UFOs were actually created by the Nazis and how the U.S. government wants us to believe they are extraterrestrial?

Answer = No. I don't believe such claims and would add that if there was any truth to Nazi UFOs then the Nazis would have won the war.

3.) Can you go into details about your Bigfoot sighting?

Answer = I have never seen a Bigfoot. I think you may have misread a blog I wrote about meeting a guy who was in a Bigfoot documentary.

4.) I have proof that Mothman was a demon, that there was more than one of them and that they sabotaged the Silver Bridge which led to it's collapse. Perhaps we should collaborate on a book together?

Answer = I don't believe Mothman is a demon nor do I believe Mothman had anything to do with the collapse of the Silver Bridge. I would graciously decline your offer.

5.) As far as the Hybrids go, Why did you not write about how the hybrids are actually the Nephilim in Genesis?

Answer = I don't believe that hybrids are Nephilim of the Bible. That would be a religious interpretation and I do not buy into religious interpretations of the UFO and Alien Abduction phenomenon.

6.) How many crashed UFOs has the U.S. military recovered?

Answer = I don't know. Perhaps you can find your answer in the book, Crash: When UFOs Fall From the Sky: A History of Famous Incidents, Conspiracies, and Cover-Ups by Kevin D. Randle

7.) I don't understand how you believe that aliens are evil and that they want to take over the world but you don't think they are demonic.

Answer = I've never said aliens are evil. As far as taking over the world, yes, that is their goal if you follow the research of Dr. David Jacobs. The whole purpose of the abduction phenomenon is to create a hybrid race which Jacobs believes will colonize the planet. I do not believe in a religious interpretation of the UFO phenomenon. As such I do not believe that UFOs and aliens are demons.

8.) Can you give me detailed, specific instructions on how to astral travel?

Answer = No. I don't astral travel. You might try your local library for books or search online.

9.) Can a person become possessed by a spirit of the dead, not a demon, but an actual deceased person?

Answer = Yes. In the folklore and even religion of most cultures possession by the dead is a possibility.

10.) Someone left graffiti on our house. When I saw it I immediately thought that it was related to the occult and that it was some type of curse done to my family. Have you heard of using graffiti to curse people and what exactly does it mean?

Answer = It's possible but I would need to see a picture of the graffiti.

11.) I'm looking for a spell to find hidden treasure. Can you recommend any to me?

Check the grimoire, The Black Pullet. Look online. I can't tell you that you will find anything to make you rich, but I can say that these types of spells originated at a time when banks didn't exist or when people would bury or stash away their valuables. So it was common for stories of people finding hundreds of dollars in a hole in a wall in a new home or valuables buried on the property. Of course there are also still legends of treasure that many still believe to be true and still attempt to locate the buried stashes. If the Black Pullet is not to your liking, then check pretty much any magical grimoire as most of them have spells for finding treasure.

12.) I'm not ready to tell my story, but last year my wife and I met this man. All I can say is that we both do not believe he was human. Are there many people who have had similar cases of meeting people who may not be human?

Answer = There are many cases of reported similar meetings. If or when you feel you are ready to share your story I would like to hear it.

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