Sunday, September 11, 2011

Reminder: TrueBlood Season 4 Finale Tonight!

Tonight is the season 4 finale, the end of the "season of the witch".

Season 4 Finale Preview

Unfortunately season 4 did not turn out as I expected. I expected that it would be my favorite season but it turned out to be my least favorite season of the series. Season 4 was just all of the place and never got any good footing. I also didn't like how the Marnie/Antonia thing was handled. This said, even though I disliked season 4 I will not give up on the series. Many favorite series of mine had bad seasons. Take Buffy for example. Seasons 1 and 7 sucked but I still love the show as a whole.

I'm just glad season 4 will be over with after tonight. I can only hope that season 5 is far better.

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