Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Ojai Vampire

The Ojai Vampire wan an alleged vampire that moved to Ojai, CA, circa 1890, and set up home near Creek Road.

Appearance: An undead corpse.

Lore: According to local folklore, circa 1890 a European vampire moved to the area of Ojai, CA, and set up home near Creek Road. The vampire was blamed for mysterious animal disappearances, cattle mutilations, and strange disappearances and murders of people. The vampire was dispatched by a local mob who crept up to the monster's stone sarcophagus which was guarded by a black dog. The mob sprayed the hell hound with holy water, causing it to flee. The mob then lifted the lid of the sarcophagus and drove a stake through the heart of the vampire. The vampire troubled the community no more.

According to some forms of the legend, the mob took the remains of the vampire and encased them in a slab of  cement. The slab was then hidden in nearby Camp Comfort County Park. To this day there are individuals who claim they know where the remains of the vampire are hidden, It is also still common for people to meet up in groups to attempt to find the location of the vampire's remains or of it's former stone sarcophagus.

Powers: Typical powers associated with vampires.

Defense Against The Ojai Vampire: The Ojai Vampire is no threat as it was killed by a local mob.

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Anonymous said...

i have seen the vampire of ojai califorina i will never tell of it's loction neer camp comfort me and my friend found it we saw the black dog too. the vampire is real. not a story. i will never go back to that spot again, ever. i felt like we where being watched.. the black dog attacked us.it was very uncomfortable for us. we saw him in the coffin. you can see him if you can find it on your own...do not mess with the stake in his chest.......

Rebecca said...

to those who have seen the black dog leave a black rose for me and let him know i am beseach him to the fulliest and thank him for being and existing in all worlds . emerald-grace3 - queen rebecca of rome italy

Anonymous said...

Plz believe me leave the black dog alone when me and my friend came a cross the black dog it was not cool and me and my friend haven't talked since that day and we grew up together I see him every once in awhile and still no words between us it changed us both it has taken me awhile to send you this message stay away from the black dog and I will never leave anything for that dog if you feel you need to find the black dog good luck in trying to find the black dog

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