Monday, September 12, 2011

Jenny Greenteeth

Jenny Greenteeth is a water hag in English folklore.

Appearance: Jenny Greenteeth appears as a monstrous old woman with green skin, long, matted hair, and as the name implies, incredibly sharp, green teeth. For an image of Jenny Greenteeth, click HERE.

Lore: Jenny Greenteeth lies in wait in bodies of water in England, waiting for children to wander too close to the water's edge. When a victim wanders too close to the water's edge, Jenny Greenteeth lunges and drags the poor soul down into the depths of the water where she drowns and devours them.

Powers: Unknown

Defense Against Jenny Greenteeth: Stay away from the water's edge.

Trivia: Meg Mucklebones from the 1985 movie, Legend, is based on Jenny Greenteeth.

Meg Mucklebones

Jenny Greenteeth

Jenny Greenteeth, Folklore Character

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