Monday, September 12, 2011

Halloween's Around The Corner....Time For Practitioners/Life-Stylers To Stock-Up

Black Glitter Skull, Witch Broom, Faux Crystal Ball,
Gargoyle Statues & Skull Necklace
Halloween is just around the corner and it's that time of year for magical practitioners to take advantage of the holiday and stock up on much needed items. Below are some of the things magical practitioners can purchase this time of year.

A Practitioner's/Life-Styler's Halloween Shopping List

- Black, Orange, & Figural Candles

Black and orange candles are rarely found in stores at any other time of the year other than Halloween/Thanksgiving time. This is the perfect time to stock up on these colored candle. Also be on the look-out for figural candles such as devils and skulls that one can use in magic as well.

- Black Cloaks, Capes Or Hooded Robes

If ritual garb is your thing, look for relatively inexpensive cloaks, capes, or hooded robes.

- Witch Hats

In the past, Wal Mart has sole very cool-looking "Harry Potter"-style witch hats. Even if you don't plan on wearing them they can make very interesting Halloween decor. For a quick table-top decoration, place a witch hat in the center of a table.

- Witch Brooms

I picked my witch broom up for $3.99 at Party Galaxy. Wal Mart also sells them but I've noticed that some years they do not carry them. These witch brooms are roughly the same size of broom sold by most occult shops. Practitioners can also personalize their brooms by adding ribbons, bells, and other items to them.

- Faux Crystal Balls

I picked mine up at the Halloween Store for $9.99, with a half-off coupon. So I paid about $5 for it. Be careful. These faux crystal balls are made from globe light bulbs. The glue used in them often will come free and float in the water. I picked out the best one they had available but my faux crystal ball has some rather disgusting looking 'floaters' in it. Only when the ball is still does it resemble a crystal ball. If one prefers, one can attempt to make their own crystal ball so as to avoid any of these floating contaminates.

- Skulls

I purchased my black glitter skull at the Dollar General for $3.50. Both the Halloween Store and Party Galaxy carry this very cool-looking resin skull with tribal decorations for about $15. I'm hoping I can get it shortly. Skulls can be used for all-year decoration or just for Halloween time. The can be included on ancestor altars for remembrance of the dead.

- Black Fingernail Polish & Make-Up

For the more Gothic-inclined, this is the time of year to stock up on black fingernail polish and make-up.

- Statuary

If you are into gargoyles or Gothic statuary then now is the time of year to purchase such. For the past 4 years or so, Dollar Tree has come out with some good gargoyle and Gothic statues. At just a dollar a piece the price can't be beat.

- Horns

For male Wiccans & Neopagans who honor the Horned God and wish to emulate him on Samhain, this is the time of year to purchase faux horns. If you want to make a complete package then "hoof" shoes can also be purchased, though you may need to purchase these online as I've not seen the hoof-shoes in stores.

- Fairy, Angel, Or Demon Wings

If that's your thing, buy them now.

- Fangs

Vampire life-stylers may wish to take advantage of the holiday to purchase fangs. I'm not talking about the cheap plastic variety, but of the kind that are applied to the canine teeth and look very professional. I've seen prices ranging from $20 on up.

- Cauldrons

Are you a witch in need of a cauldron? You can find many plastic and sometimes even metal ones at this time of the year. You can also try your local thrift store as they may have nice brass versions you can use. I have a lion-footed brass cauldron that I picked up at a local thrift store for about $4 a few years back. If one prefers, a "flaming cauldron" can be bought and hung. Fabric, light, and a fan give the impression of a suspended cauldron with fire. I owned one for several years before it finally broke.

- Gothic Jewelry

Now is the time to purchase Gothic costume jewelry. Much of it will be cheap and will not last, but occasionally one can find a good buy, an item that will last many years.

- Black Cats, Crows, Owls, Bats, Snakes & Other Critters

Want a cool black cat, crow, raven, owl, bat, or snake for your altar? Now is the time to purchase them.

Happy Shopping!

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