Friday, September 23, 2011

"Friends Of The Library" Booksale

I recently got home from visiting a local "friends of the library" book sale. These type of events are really good places to pick up quite the quantity of books, at decent prices. I had about 10 books I picked up, a couple on ghosts, a book from Nick Redfern, a book on Nostradamus, and a few mythology books. I eventually settled on only two books, In Search Of Ghosts by Hans Holzer and Mythical Beasts: An Anthology Of Verse & Prose by Lorenz Books.

I will let my readers in on a little secret. More than half of the books in my collection have been obtained via book sales. At $1-$2 for hard bound books, you can't go wrong! I would advise my readers to act fast. Go the very first day of a book sale and head straight to the paranormal section, as these books go fast. I went to this book sale on the second day and there was pretty much nothing left with regard to paranormal books. So when you find out about these types of book sales in you area, jump on it because people literally buy books by the sack-full at these events.

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