Sunday, September 4, 2011

Callahan, John

John Callahan was the Accidents and Investigations Division Chief at the FAA in Washington D.C. during the Japan Airlines UFO Incident in 1986.

On November 18, 1986, a UFO trailed a Japan Airlines 747 and was tracked on radar for approximately 30 minutes. For more information, reference the video clips below.

The very next day Callahan was told there was a briefing scheduled by the FAA Administrator. In attendance would be agents from the FBI, CIA, and members of President Reagan's scientific panel. Additional attendees were unidentified. At the meeting all the evidence Callhan had brought with him was confiscated by agents and never returned. Fortunately, Callahan did not bring all of the evidence he had to the meeting.

According to Callahan during the meeting there was a general feel of excitement in everyone and there was a claim made by a man in attendance that this was the first time a UFO had been recorded on radar for such a great length of time. Callahan also claimed that agents claimed that such information cannot be revealed to the public as the public could not deal with the reality of the UFO phenomenon. Evidently, at least one of the members there could not deal with the reality as well and refused to believe it, citing his religious beliefs forbid the acceptance of UFOs. The meeting concluded with the standard, "This meeting didn't take place and you are all sworn to secrecy."

John Callahan would later team up with the Disclosure Project and was one of the presenters at the press conference in Washington D.C., on November 12, 2007.

Disclosure Project: Testimony of John Callahan, Former FAA Division Chief

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