Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Black Dog Of Ojai, CA

The Black Dog Of Ojai, CA, is a phantom black dog or hell hound that haunts the location of Creek Road in Ojai, CA.

Appearance: A large, menacing black dog. Some claim the dog is as large as a pony.

Lore: According to local lore, circa 1890 a European vampire moved to Ojai, CA and settled near Creek Road. He brought with him his familiar, a large black dog to guard his stone sarcophagus as he slept by day. Like his master, the black dog was also a blood-drinker. The vampire was blamed for all manner of disappearances and mutilation of animals, as well as the disappearance and murders of people. Eventually a mob took matters into their own hands and sprayed holy water on the black dog causing him to flee. The mob then drove a stake through the heart of the vampire. The black dog continues to haunt the area and a sighting of it is generally believed to be a bad omen. According to the local Chumash elders, the black dog is a Nunashish, an evil phantom that acts as a guardian of a place.

Powers: The Black Dog Of Ojai, CA, possesses the powers of other black dogs, with sightings of it being a bad omen or even looming death. The Black Dog Of Ojai, CA, can disappear into thin air.

Defense Against The Black Dog Of Ojai, CA: Avoid the area of Creek Road. The Black Dog Of Ojai, CA, can be repelled with holy water, silver, and crucifixes.

Richard Senate: The Black Dog of the Ojai Valley

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MatilijaBeasty said...

Hello, I live on Matilija Canyon Road and I believe I came across the Black Dog of Ojai whilst driving home one night. I thought it was a black bear because of it's size (although a bit larger than I thought black bears to be)... the odd thing was that it had a long bushy tail (like that of a dog)it was running away from me so i was unable to see a head. once it crossed the road it stopped in some shrubbery and faced the street as if to watch me pass. I thought about turning around to get a better look at this creature but suddenly felt an overwhelming surge of fear and kept driving. The creature seamed to be that of the supernatural. There are other articles on a similar black dog that guards "sacred land". Matilija Canyon was said to be the sacred land of worship for the Chumash Indian. After reading this article I truly believe this has to be what i saw.

DocConjure said...

@ MatilijaBeasty,

If you want, send me an in-depth description of your sighting to my email address at and I'll be happy to publish it. You can request anonymity if you so choose.

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