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5th Annual "Ghouls Gone Wild" Halloween Parade - OKC

Saturday, October 29th will mark the 5th annual "Ghouls Gone Wild" Halloween Parade in Oklahoma City. As usual the Flaming Lips are said to appear. Past parades were a blast. Last year there was this cool float made up of the vampire club, Fangtasia, from the HBO hit show, TrueBlood. Lots of zombies too. The parade always ends with the "March of the 1,000 Flaming Skeletons", complete with an appearance by the Flaming Lips.

From past years....

So come to Oklahoma City on October 29th! It'll be fun! You'll have a blast!

'Flaming Lips' To Release Song Inside Real Human Skulls

You read right. I think it's cool! The only problem is the cost. Human skulls, which are legal to own by the way as long as you don't kill anybody, cost from $300 to over $1,000.

Flaming Lips Releasing 24-Hour-Long Song Inside Real Human Skulls


Project MKOFTEN was a 1966 secret CIA program to test the effects of various drugs on animals and people.

Project MKOFTEN has a place here on this blog due to it's connections with the secret CIA mind control experiments as well as the work of award-winning author, Gordon Thomas, who in his 2007 book, Secrets & Lies, claims that Project MKOFTEN also involved the occult, satanism, and black magic. According to Thomas, the CIA brought in witches, satanists, psychics, and various occultist as to ascertain their use with regard to the exploration and control of the depths of the human mind.

See Also;


Secrets and Lies: A History of CIA Mind Control and Germ Warfare by Gordon Thomas

Police See UFOs Too

Part 1

Part 2

"The God Of This World"

The term, "The God Of This World", a.k.a. "The God Of This Age", is a euphemism for Satan. The term originates in 2 Corinthians 4:4.

In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them.

The term has very gnostic overtones and refers to the belief that after Adam & Eve ate from the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, that control of the earth and humanity was temporarily given unto Satan, so that Satan should rule over mankind until the time of the Second Coming and Judgement Day.

Many Christians seem to not understand that Satan controls the world. Many a Christian today who may be fully aware of the above verse and meaning of the phrase, will still vote for say a "Christian" candidate for presidency or other office. If such Christians truly understood that Satan is boss then they would realize it doesn't matter if they vote for a man, or woman, who claims to be Christian. Satan is going to get his chosen man, or woman, in office.

UFOs and MJ-12 - Stanton Friedman LIVE

Dark Siden Of Rock And Roll: Crossroads

See Also;

The Black Man At The Crossroads

British Police UFO Encounters - The Alan Godfrey Case

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Your Questions Answered.......#8

As usual, all identities kept confidential and questions have been rephrased.

1.) How many types of aliens are visiting earth and what is their purpose or motivation?

Answer = I don't know, buf if you want just my opinion/speculation then I would say that it's probably just one "type" that may have different forms. I don't want to go any further into that aspect. As far as their motivations go I present the following for those with eyes to see and ears to hear:

2.) Does Holy Water work? How does one use it?

Answer = Yes, if you believe in it. If you don't believe in it then don't use it. It's used in a variety of ways. It's used differently for strict Catholics vs. conjure workers. I will do a blog in the near future explaining how Holy Water is used.

3.) Why do you rephrase questions?

Answer = Because sometimes people write things that other people may be able to use to identify them. I rephrase it to make sure nobody who reads the questions will know who it is.

UFOs The Best Evidence 3 - Strange Encounters

John Travolta, Time Traveler

Readers my recall my previous blog entry on Nicholas Cage, the Vampire. Now it appears that John Travolta is a time traveler, a skill he acquired from being a Scientologist.

Original 1860's AMBROTYPE John TRAVOLTA Time Traveler?

A Bigfoot Story Gone Mad

Wood Devil

The term Wood Devil, a.k.a. Forest Devil, is another name for Bigfoot. The term can also be applied to Satyrs. The name "Wood Devil" is most likely to have originated with equating mysterious beasts or animals with the Judeo-Christian concept of Satan and demons.

New Hampshire Wood Devils

Interview With A Satanist

Satanist Winter Laake discusses many topics, including death and mortality in this 48 minute interview.

148. Satanist Winter Laake Honest About Facing Death

Reminder This Is 'Banned Book Week'

This week is 'Banned Book Week', so celebrate your first amendment rights by heading to your local library and checking out a contested book. Below is a list of most frequently contested books.

List of most commonly challenged books in the United States

Stephen King To Release Sequel To 'Shining'

The sequel will feature a group of vampires. You can listen to King read an excerpt from the book in the clip below.

Stephen King is one of my favorite authors but his best work is his earlier books. I have hesitations about this sequel.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Walking Dead Season 2 Trailer

Hell's Bells 2: The Power And Spirit Of Popular Music (2004) - Part 3

To view part 1, click HERE.
To view part 2, click HERE.

Part 31

Part 32

Part 33

Part 34

Part 35

Part 36

Part 37

Part 38

Part 39

Part 40

Part 41

Part 42

Hell's Bells 2: The Power And Spirit Of Popular Music (2004) - Part 2

See part 1 by clicking HERE.

Part 16

Part 17

Part 18

Part 19

Part 20

Part 21

Part 22

Part 23

Part 24

Part 25

Part 26

Part 27

Part 28

Part 29

Part 30

Hell's Bells 2: The Power And Spirit Of Popular Music (2004) - Part 1

The sequel of the Christian documentary, Hell's Bells, which makes the claim that the secular music scene is satanic.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8

Part 9

Part 10

Part 11

Part 12

Part 13

Part 14

Part 15

Turns Out You Can Get Your Alien-Hybrid Baby Baptized

Back in the 90s I read this hilarious question asking if it was okay to get your alien-hybrid baby baptized. Well, rest assured. According to Pastor Chris Ward, alien-hybrids can indeed be saved.

Man Claims Wife Raped By Spirit

The man even filed a complaint with the police.

Hubby claims wife raped by 'invisible man'

UFOs & The CIA

Six CIA UFO documents are discussed in this article.

6 strange sightings from the CIA's declassified UFO files

Will The White House Respond To The UFO Petition?

Alejandro Rojas discusses the recent petition to have President Obama officially recognize the reality of the UFOs.

White House Set to Come Clean on Extraterrestrial Visitation

AMC Hosting "Walking Dead" Webisodes

Starting Monday, October 3, 2011, AMC will air webisodes for the Walking Dead show that will feature the character of Hannah, who viewers have seen as a legless zombie that the character of Rick killed. The webisodes will take place prior to Rick's awakening in the hospital and will feature Hannah's backstory and how she became a zombie.

AMC Launching 'Walking Dead' Web Series Monday

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Your Questions Answered.......#7

As usual, all identities are kept confidential and all questions are rephrased.

1.) Can you blog on the Zeti Reticulians and the beings from Tau Ceti. I'm interested in their war with each other and what it means for the planet.

Answer = No. I don't buy into those types of stories.

2.) Can you blog on how UFOs were actually created by the Nazis and how the U.S. government wants us to believe they are extraterrestrial?

Answer = No. I don't believe such claims and would add that if there was any truth to Nazi UFOs then the Nazis would have won the war.

3.) Can you go into details about your Bigfoot sighting?

Answer = I have never seen a Bigfoot. I think you may have misread a blog I wrote about meeting a guy who was in a Bigfoot documentary.

4.) I have proof that Mothman was a demon, that there was more than one of them and that they sabotaged the Silver Bridge which led to it's collapse. Perhaps we should collaborate on a book together?

Answer = I don't believe Mothman is a demon nor do I believe Mothman had anything to do with the collapse of the Silver Bridge. I would graciously decline your offer.

5.) As far as the Hybrids go, Why did you not write about how the hybrids are actually the Nephilim in Genesis?

Answer = I don't believe that hybrids are Nephilim of the Bible. That would be a religious interpretation and I do not buy into religious interpretations of the UFO and Alien Abduction phenomenon.

6.) How many crashed UFOs has the U.S. military recovered?

Answer = I don't know. Perhaps you can find your answer in the book, Crash: When UFOs Fall From the Sky: A History of Famous Incidents, Conspiracies, and Cover-Ups by Kevin D. Randle

7.) I don't understand how you believe that aliens are evil and that they want to take over the world but you don't think they are demonic.

Answer = I've never said aliens are evil. As far as taking over the world, yes, that is their goal if you follow the research of Dr. David Jacobs. The whole purpose of the abduction phenomenon is to create a hybrid race which Jacobs believes will colonize the planet. I do not believe in a religious interpretation of the UFO phenomenon. As such I do not believe that UFOs and aliens are demons.

8.) Can you give me detailed, specific instructions on how to astral travel?

Answer = No. I don't astral travel. You might try your local library for books or search online.

9.) Can a person become possessed by a spirit of the dead, not a demon, but an actual deceased person?

Answer = Yes. In the folklore and even religion of most cultures possession by the dead is a possibility.

10.) Someone left graffiti on our house. When I saw it I immediately thought that it was related to the occult and that it was some type of curse done to my family. Have you heard of using graffiti to curse people and what exactly does it mean?

Answer = It's possible but I would need to see a picture of the graffiti.

11.) I'm looking for a spell to find hidden treasure. Can you recommend any to me?

Check the grimoire, The Black Pullet. Look online. I can't tell you that you will find anything to make you rich, but I can say that these types of spells originated at a time when banks didn't exist or when people would bury or stash away their valuables. So it was common for stories of people finding hundreds of dollars in a hole in a wall in a new home or valuables buried on the property. Of course there are also still legends of treasure that many still believe to be true and still attempt to locate the buried stashes. If the Black Pullet is not to your liking, then check pretty much any magical grimoire as most of them have spells for finding treasure.

12.) I'm not ready to tell my story, but last year my wife and I met this man. All I can say is that we both do not believe he was human. Are there many people who have had similar cases of meeting people who may not be human?

Answer = There are many cases of reported similar meetings. If or when you feel you are ready to share your story I would like to hear it.

Scream Greats Volume 2: Satanism & Witchcraft

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Teacher Sacked For Putting Curse On Students And Other Abuses

A 49 year-old teacher in the U.K. has been banned due to allegations that she pulled hair from students' heads and used them in "Voodoo curses", as well as other alleged abuses. The accused allegedly wrapped the hair around a voodoo doll and told the student that if she put it in water he would drown.

'Voodoo curse' teacher struck off over pupil drowning threats

Man Who Claimed To Be Fleeing A Werewolf Freaks Students Out

The man busted down the down to an apartment, ran past the horrified occupants, and jumped off the back apartment balcony. The suspect believed that a werewolf was pursuing him.

Hendrix students alarmed by man running from "werewolf"

Is This A Ghost?

There is an alleged video of a ghost captured on film at the site in the link below.

Local Ghost Caught On Camera?

To me it just looks like an animal.

Amanda Knox Labelled "Witch" By Italian Lawyer

Amanda Knox is currently the victim of a "satanic panic"-style witch hunt in Italy after the mysterious murder of Meredith Kercher in 2007. At the time an Italian prosecutor who went after Knox was obsessed with satanic conspiracies and believed Knox was a member of a satanic cult who murdered Kercher as part of a human sacrifice.

Amanda Knox described as 'she-devil,' 'witch'

Note: Just for the record, I believe Amanda Knox is innocent. Knox is definitely the victim of a witch hunt.

Woman Accused Of Playing Part In Murder Claims She Is Part Vampire, Part Werewolf

An 18 year-old woman accused of playing a part in the murder of a 16 year-old male claims to be part vampire, part werewolf. Police believe the group who are accused of murdering the teen were involved in a vampire cult though the accused woman denies it.

Murder Suspect claims she is a vampire

Monday, September 26, 2011

Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Sacrifice Walk-through

For Buffy fans who simply cannot get enough, here is another walk-through of a Buffy game that can be viewed as a movie.

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Buffy The Vampire Slayer XBOX "Movie"

Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Chaos Bleeds

The Paracast - "Great Debate" - Dr. John B. Alexander & Stanton T. Friedman - September 25, 2011

Retired Col., Dr. John B. Alexander ruffled some feathers with his claims that UFOs exist but that there's no cover-up. Stanton T. Friedman challenged him to a debate.

NOW PLAYING! September 25, 2011 — John B. Alexander and Stanton T. Friedman

Hex Education - The Life Of A Vampyre With Guest Father Sebastian

Christian Day and Lori Bruno interview Father Sebastian on the life of a vampyre and his upcoming books.

Hex Education - The Life Of A Vampyre With Guest Father Sebastion

Nightmare House 2 Walk-through

This is a walk-through of the Nightmare House 2 game. It can be viewed as a movie, with commentary. A bit of warning due to language from the commentator. A haunted house, ghosts, demons, zombies,...what else could you ask for?

Book Review: The World Of The Druids

The book is, The World Of The Druids by Miranda J. Green.

The World of the Druids is one of those books I checked out from the library and decided that I needed to own it. In fact I believe I read it 5 times before recently purchasing it. It is a very good overview of the Celts, their Druids, and their gods, religion, and society. Included are also sections on modern day druidism and even neo-paganism. The imagery, tables, and artwork add to the appeal of the book.

The World of the Druids is a great book for those interested in the Druids and of the Celts and who would like solid information devoid of the romantic interpretation first put forward in the 18th century. Don't get me wrong, the book does indeed touch on the romantic interpretations of the Druids yet separates such views to place them in context.

The book definitely clears-up much misinformation on the Druids, their belief structures, and forms of worship. Green is very careful to point out what we know and what we don't know concerning the Celts and their religion.

On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest, I give this book a 10. If you are interested in the Druids, or the Celts, then this is definitely a book you are likely to want in your collection.

Timothy Good: Need To Know - Secret Space Program Conference - Amsterdam - April 3, 2011

Woman Steals Hearse With Dead Body

The 23 year-old accused woman allegedly was kicked out of the car by her girlfriend. Needing a ride home, the woman saw the hearse and decided to make her move.

Angela Dehart Arrested: Woman Steals Hearse Containing Dead Body

Petition For President Obama To Disclose The E.T. Reality

The minimum number of signatures has already been met, but if you are interested you can still sign up and sign the petition to let President Obama know your opinions on UFO disclosure.

Disclosure Petition - Paradigm Research Group

800 Year-Old 'Witch Graveyard' Found

An archaeological dig in Italy has revealed the graves of two women who were believed to have been witches. One woman had 7 nails in her jaw bone and other nails were used to pin her clothing to the ground.

A grisly end: 800-year-old remains of witch discovered in Italian graveyard… with seven nails driven through her jaw

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Coast To Coast AM - Need To Know - Timothy Good

BBC - A Case Of Spontaneous Combustion

Part 1

Part 2

'The Most Dangerous Man In America' Helps Confirm UFO Secrecy?

This information was posted to a list I am a member of and I thought I would share it. The film deals with government corruption, specifically regarding Vietnam, Daniel Ellsberg and the Pentagon Papers, and reveals that Uncle Sam is the father of lies.

In the film there is a scene where Ellsberg informs Henry Kissinger that his life is about to change as Kissinger will soon be given access to "above top secret" information. Ellsberg relates how this will change Kissinger, more importantly, how he will begin to view the so-called "experts" as fools because they will not know what he knows. Ellsberg tells Kissinger that he will literally stop listening to the experts.

The Most Dangerous Man In America Trailer

I find this information interesting because back in September, 1950, Dr. Robert Sarbacher advised one Wilbert Smith that UFOs exist, that UFOs are extraterrestrial in origin, and that the matter is classified higher than the H-bomb.

See Also;

Dr. Robert Sarbacher

New J. Edgar Hoover Film Coming Out Will Ignore UFOs

A new J. Edgar Hoover film staring Leonardo DiCaprio and set to be released in November will ignore J. Edgar Hoover's interest in UFOs.

No saucers in this Hoover: J. Edgar biopic will side-step UFO issue

Friday, September 23, 2011

Reminder: Supernatural Season 7 Premiere Tonight!

Supernatural season 7 premieres tonight at 8:00 PM CST on the CW.

Happy Autumn Equinox!

Today, September 23, 2011, is the Autumn Equinox. On this day there will be equal amounts of day and night, or light and darkness. Starting tomorrow the night or darkness will grow longer until the Winter Solstice. Summer is officially over and Autumn has begun!

Today is also Mabon, the Wiccan sabbat celebrating the arrival of Autumn. Mabon is also the second harvest festival of the year. Mabon is often thought of as the "Wiccan Thanksgiving". Wishing my Wiccan friends a very wonderful Mabon!

Wishing Everyone A Very Happy Autumn!

"Friends Of The Library" Booksale

I recently got home from visiting a local "friends of the library" book sale. These type of events are really good places to pick up quite the quantity of books, at decent prices. I had about 10 books I picked up, a couple on ghosts, a book from Nick Redfern, a book on Nostradamus, and a few mythology books. I eventually settled on only two books, In Search Of Ghosts by Hans Holzer and Mythical Beasts: An Anthology Of Verse & Prose by Lorenz Books.

I will let my readers in on a little secret. More than half of the books in my collection have been obtained via book sales. At $1-$2 for hard bound books, you can't go wrong! I would advise my readers to act fast. Go the very first day of a book sale and head straight to the paranormal section, as these books go fast. I went to this book sale on the second day and there was pretty much nothing left with regard to paranormal books. So when you find out about these types of book sales in you area, jump on it because people literally buy books by the sack-full at these events.

Inside Spontaneous Human Combustion

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

UFOs Then And Now? - The Innocent Years (2004)

UFOs Hard Evidence Volume 6

Irish Coroner Officially Lists Death As Caused By Spontaneous Human Combustion

The strange death of 76 year-old Michael Faherty in Ireland in 2010 has led the coroner to conclude that there simply is no explanation for why Faherty burned to death.

'First Irish case' of death by spontaneous combustion

The Midnight Archive - Modern Day Mummies

The Midnight Archive - Occult New York - Part 1

Part 1

Historian To Speak On The Hartford Witch Hunt

Walter Woodward will give a speech on the Hartford Witch Hunt that began by the accusations of a dying 8 year-old girl.

East Granby Historical Society to host state historian on Hartford witch hunt

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Betty & Barney Hill Movie Planned

Bryce Zabel has announced he will make a movie based on the Betty & Barney Hill alien abduction case.

Betty And Barney Hill's Alien Abduction: New Film To Detail First Widely Reported UFO Kidnapping

Missing Time Promo

Return Of 'Buffy'?

In a recent interview Sarah Michelle Geller made interesting comments on how a return of Buffy may be possible.

A multi-million comeback

UFOs Hard Evidence Volume 5

Ladies, Cover Your Feet In Arkansas...

There's a perv on the prowl who wants to suck your toes.

Arkansas Toe-Sucking Suspect Still Being Pursued By Police (VIDEO)

P.W. - Poltergeist & Bigfoot

The Tale Of The Texas Demons

Nick Redfern tells the tale told to him by an elderly couple back in 2001. The tale involves 'winged demons' spotted back in 1946.

Lair of the Beasts: Texan Monsters

Bigfoot Conference In Tyler, TX

The Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy is hosting a Bigfoot conference in Tyler, TX, on October 1.

2011 Texas Bigfoot Conference coming up in Tyler

The Caretaker Trailer

Santa Muerte Shrine Found At Location Of Murder

An altar to Santa Muerte was found in a shed next to the remains of a trailer where a man had been brutally murdered and set on fire. Eerily, when the altar was discovered there were still candles burning on it.

Santa Muerte Shrine Found Outside Sullivan City

Black Magic In Tampa Bay

Things are getting out of control in parts of Florida, especially the Bay Area, with regard to the remains of animal sacrifices being littered all over the place. Some of the remains appear to be associated with Santeria rites, while others are simply magic be it white magic or black magic, used by individuals.

Is it black magic, voodoo, or witchcraft? Rumors swirl after more and more animals turn-up headless and sacrificed across the Bay Area

Reward Offered For Information Regarding The Murder Of Boy For Black Magic Purposes

Ten years ago a small boy was beheaded as part of a black magic ritual. The police are not giving up and there is a reward being offered for information leading to the identity of the murderers.

Note: In the link below "Voodoo" is linked to the murder. This is a result of poor journalism and outright ignorance. The religion of Voodou does not tolerate human sacrifice. This poor child was a victim of "muti murders", i.e. he was killed as a part of black magic rites.

Met in new bid to catch boy's voodoo killers

Kansas: October Is Zombie Preparedness Month

Makes sure you have what it takes to survive a zombie apocalypse.

October is Zombie Preparedness Month!

Zombie attack basis for emergency prep

Vampire Teeth All The Rage In Japan

In Japan, vampire teeth via cosmetic dentistry is currently en vogue.

Vampire teeth keep Japanese smiling

'Vampire' Drains Sheep In Russia

Workers near an experimental research farm near Russia were shocked to discover 18 sheep had been attacked and drained of blood. By the next day 33 sheep had been lost due to the attack.

Vampire preys on wild sheep

This Day In History......8 People Hanged For Witchcraft In Salem

On September 22, 1692, 8 people were hanged after being found guilty of witchcraft in Salem, MA.

Six women, two men hanged for witchcraft

Mother Purchases Curse Against Son's Prosecutors

Maria Alleyne went to Africa and hired a practitioner to put a curse on two prosecutors after her son was arrested for drug trafficking.

Spirited ‘drug’ defense

'Sabrina The Teenage Witch' Cartoon In The Works

A new cartoon-version of Sabrina the Teenage Witch is in the works.

Is ‘Sabrina the Teenage Witch’ coming back to TV?

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Troy Davis To Be Murdered Today

***UPDATE***: Troy Davis Was Murdered On Behalf Of The Citizens Of The State Of Georgia AT 10:00 PM CST On September 21, 2011. His last words to his murderers were, "May God Have Mercy On Your Souls". When a man is sentenced to death with little to no evidence proving guilt we all are under threat of meeting the same fate.  

Troy Davis was convicted of the 1989 murder of Officer Mark MacPhail. At trial there was no physical evidence presented that linked him to the crime. There were 9 witnesses who testified that either Davis shot Officer MacPhail or that Davis confessed to them that he had been the one to shoot him. After the trial, 6 of the 9 witnesses recanted and claimed the police coerced them and pressured them into making false accusations against Davis. A 7th witness has also contradicted his testimony. Troy Davis is set to be executed today, Wednesday, September 21, 2011 for a crime he may not have committed. Troy Davis will go to his death maintaining his innocence.

Please think of Troy Davis today and of the other potential innocent men and women on death row. After all, you might just end up in a similar predicament.

The Troy Davis Case

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

I will go ahead and state that it is my opinion that Troy Davis is indeed innocent of the murder of Officer MacPhail simply because there is not enough evidence to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. I am not saying that Davis is an upstanding citizen or even a saint, but rather saying that I do not believe he is guilty of the crime for which he will be murdered for today. I do believe it is murder to execute Troy Davis and I do believe that if there is a God then quite a few people will have stand before the throne on judgement day and explain why they murdered Davis and then claimed it justice.

I normally post several blogs a day. In memory of Troy Davis I will not post any further blogs today and ask my readers to keep Troy Davis in their hearts and prayers.

Shaffer, Brian

Brian Shaffer was an OSU med student who disappeared early in the morning on April 1, 2006.

On March 31, Shaffer and friends celebrated Spring break by having a night out on the town. Circa 9:30 PM the gang arrived at a nearby bar called the Ugly Tuna Saloona. There the friends enjoyed themselves and appeared to have a good time. At one point Shaffer even called to leave a message for his girlfriend telling her he loved her and made plans to see her. After a stay the friends headed off for other bars.

The gang returned to the Ugly Tuna Saloona after drinking with friends at other local bars. Circa 1:15 AM Brian Shaffer is captured on security camera talking to two women outside of the bar. He then turns and enters the Ugly Tuna Saloona. Brain Shaffer is never caught on camera leaving the building. It is seemingly a case of a man vanishing into thin air.

If you have any information on the disappearance of Brian Shaffer, call 1-877-645-TIPS (8477). You can remain anonymous.

04/01/06: Brian Shaffer, Columbus, OH

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

UFOs Then And Now?: Aliens And Contact (2004)


Momo, short for the "Missouri Monster", is a Bigfoot-like monster that according to legend inhabits the state of Missouri in the U.S.

Appearance: A 7ft tall, hairy, Bigfoot-like humanoid with a large pumpkin-shaped head with large, orange-glowing eyes. Additionally, Momo is said to only have three fingers on each hand and only three toes on each foot. In many of the sightings witnesses reported the monster's hair was so long that it completely covered the face. For images of Momo, click HERE.

Lore: Officially, sightings of Momo date back to the early 1970s, though Bigfoot sightings in the area trace back to the early 1940s. Perhaps one of the most noteworthy of sightings occurred in July of 1971. Joan Mills and Mary Ryan were picnicking near Louisiana, MO, of Highway 79. As the women ate and talked they smelled and awful smell and heard noises coming from the nearby woods that seemed to suggest that something large was heading their way. Standing there staring at the women was a hairy, Bigfoot-like creature. The women panicked and fled to the car where they locked the door. Unfortunately they had forgotten the car keys which remained at the picnic site. It was then the women& claimed that Momo attempted to open the car door. After blaring the horn the beast meandered back to the picnic site and proceeded to eat their food before wandering back off into the woods and disappearing. Other sightings of the beast proved even more frightening. On July 11, 1972, three witnesses reported seeing the monster covered in blood and carrying a dead dog. This would not be the only sighting of the monster carrying or eating a dead animal. The number of sightings escalated to the point that allegedly on July 23, 1972, police helped a group of hunters search for the "bear" they believed responsible for the sightings. No "bear" was ever caught.

Powers: Unknown, but Momo did exhibit signs of great physical strength and the ability to run at fast speeds.

Defense Against Momo: Momo poses only a moderate risk to people. Although there are no reports of Momo harming or killing people, the fact that he exhibits curiosity toward human may ultimately put people in danger. The best course of action would be to quietly and quickly leave the area while not drawing attention to one's self. Officially, Momo sightings stopped in the 1970s.

Trivia: There was a local UFO flap that coincided with sightings of Momo. A UFO research group from Oklahoma believed Momo was directly linked to the UFO sightings. A Director of the Oklahoma City Zoo analyzed some alleged casts or tracks of Momo and declared them to be fake.

Momo Stalks The Midwest

Show-Me Sasquatch


William Stage Writes About The Missouri Momo Monster

UFOs Hard Evidence Volume 4 (1999)

Hex Education - Goetic Demons With Guest Michael Pendragon

Join Christian Day and Lori Bruno as they discuss the topics of Demons and the Goetia with Michael Pendragon.

Goetic Demons with Guest Michael Pendragon!

Hell's Bells - The Dangers Of Rock 'N' Roll (1989)

A documentary on "the Devil's music". Check out the mullets!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8

Part 9
Blocked by YouTube

Part 10

Part 11

Part 12

Part 13

Part 14

Part 15

Part 16

Part 17

Part 18

Monday, September 19, 2011

The Enchiridion Of Pope Leo

The Enchiridion Of Pope Leo, a.k.a The Grimoire Of Pope Leo, or "The Enchiridion" for short, is a magical grimoire that may date back to the early 16th century in Rome though in legend it was created in the year 800 A.D. and was the source of Charlemagne's power.

According to legend, anyone who owns a copy of the Enchiridion Of Pope Leo and recites from it daily as prescribed, will be afforded great fortune and protection from all manners of evil.

Enchiridion of Pope Leo, The

The Enchiridion Of Pople Leo


A Grimoire is a book of magic written in a "how to" format and including such topics such as astrology, the magical and medicinal properties of herbs, roots, and stones, the creation of amulets and talismans, the conjurations of spirits, and spells and incantations.

See Also;

Book Of Shadows

Christian Extremists Murdering Voodoo Practitioners In Haiti

Doctor To Give "Voodoo Death" Presentation At Heart Failure Society Meeting

Dr. Martin A. Samuels will give a presentation on "Voodoo Death" at the 15th Annual Scientific Meeting of the Heart Failure Society of America.

"Voodoo" Death Revisited: The Modern Lessons of Neurocardiology

See Also;

Voodoo Death

UFOs Then And Now?: Cause For Alarm (2004)

Book Review - Good Magic

The book is, Good Magic by Marina Medici.

I am delighted that I was able to recently obtain a copy of this book. I had purchased this book back in 1994 and then either lost it, or it was stolen, or I may have accidentally given it away circa 1997.

The book is a guide for beginners and for those new to magic and spell work. This book is perhaps one of the better guides for beginners as it gives the basic run-down of magical workings. Everything from casting a circle to using candle magic, the properties of herbs, roots, crystals and stones, divination, and even creative visualization, is covered. Additionally the book is filled with beautiful photography that will inspire readers and hopefully put them in a magical mood.

I take issue with only two things with regard to the book, the first being that the book is very new-age heavy. The second issue I have is that the instructions on cleansing and the type of clothing has no real bearing on doing magic. For example, one doesn't have to bathe before performing a ritual, nor does one must wear clothing made from natural fibers such as cotton or silk. One can definitely bathe or shower before doing work if one chooses, but it's not necessary for successful magic. Likewise, one can choose to wear only clothing made from natural fibers but the success of the magic is not based on what you wear.

On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest, I give this book a 9. What I can't accurately rank is the joy of remembering myself reading the book back in 1994. It's almost like reliving the experience, and for that I am much thankful.

UFOs Hard Evidence Volume 3 (1998)


A Vortex, a.k.a. Spirit Vortex, Energy Vortex, is a gateway between the earth plane and the spirit world. Spirits, demons, and other entities use vortices to travel between the worlds and/or dimensions. Vortices are generally invisible to people save for psychics and mediums who describe them as being similar to "energy tornadoes". Certain vortices, such as those found in Sedona, AZ, have a unique, revitalizing effect on humans. Otherwise, many people report negative feelings and experiences when in close proximity to vortices. Witches and magical practitioners may desire to be in close proximity to a vortex due to the boosting effect it gives to the energy used in spells and magical workings.


Vortex or Vortices-The Gateway To The Spirit World

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Coast To Coast AM - September 18, 2011 - Grassroots UFOs

Part 1

Part 2

The Book Of The Law - Aleister Crowley

Happy Birthday The Black Vault!

The Black Vault turns 15! It's hard to believe this website that was started by a 15 year-old, has grown to become perhaps the number one source for secret government documents.

MUFON-LA - Inside The Black Vault - John Greenwald, Jr.

Interview With Voodoo Zombie Expert

An interview with Wade Davis, the author of The Serpent And The Rainbow.

Looking for zombie poison in Haiti and other great adventures

Sunday, September 18, 2011

UFOs Then And Now?: Nightmare (2004)

50th Anniversary Of The Betty & Barney Hill Abduction

Today Is the 50th anniversary of the alleged Betty & Barney Hill abduction.

The Paracast - Kathleen Marden & Stanton Friedman, Captured! The Betty and Barney Hill UFO Experience: The True Story of the World's First Documented Alien Abduction

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8

Part 9

Part 10

Part 11

Part 12

To watch the 1975 movie based on the alleged real-life experiences of Betty & Barney Hill, click on the link below.

The UFO Incident (1975)

Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Chaos Bleeds...The Xbox "Movie"

For Buffy fans, this is a walk-through of the game, Chaos Bleeds. It can be watched somewhat like a movie.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8

Part 9

Part 10

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UFOs Hard Evidence Volume 2 (1998)

Coast To Coast AM - September 17, 2011 - Living In A Haunted House

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

FOX On The Town: Oklahoma Bigfoot Hunt

Bigfoot hunters will be attempting to capture proof of Bigfoot in the area north of Atoka, Oklahoma. The activities are associated with the first annual "Cryptid Fest".

Fox on the Town: Hunt for Bigfoot

As readers may know, Oklahoma is a hot spot for Bigfoot sightings. There was even a documentary made on Bigfoot in Oklahoma, which you can view below.

Bigfootville (2002)

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

FYI: I met Tim Harjo, featured in the documentary, at a funeral a couple of yeas ago. Very interesting guy.

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Amanda Knox Is Victim Of Satanic Panic, Similar To The West Memphis Three

The Amanda Knox case is Italy's version of the West Memphis Three case, complete with a prosecutor who was obsessed with 'satanic conspiracies'.

Amanda Knox case is Italy’s West Memphis 3

Saturday, September 17, 2011

UFOs Hard Evidence Volume 1 (1998)

Archaeologists Uncover Evidence For The Undead....Or The Belief In Them.

Archaeologists in Ireland have found human remains with stones in the mouth suggesting that individuals feared the undead.

Did Zombies Roam Medieval Ireland

Note: The evidence indicates that people feared in the undead, more specifically a type of vampire that spreads disease by chewing it's death shroud. The author of the article truly should have used the term "undead" instead of zombies.

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All About Paganism & Witchcraft

An interesting article by Christopher Howse concerning the history and growth of neopaganism, Wicca, and witchcraft.

Paganism, from the Beast to Buffy

Are We In A UFO Wave?

UFO sightings continue to increase.

So what's up with the big increase in UFO reports?

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Friday, September 16, 2011

Paranormal Witness - 1993 Kentucky Police Helicopter UFO Encounter

UFOs: The True Story Of Flying Saucers (1956)

If I Die Young - The Band Perry

The song is an ode to Lord Alfred Tennyson's The Lady of Shalott. I can easily visualize John William Waterhouse's The Lady of Shalott while listening to the song. For me, it's a good song for reminding listeners of their mortality and to realize how precious life is.

Answer The Phone And Then Die

In Nigeria there is a rumor spreading of people dying after answering a call with the ID 09141. Allegedly, up to 10 people have supposedly died after answering such calls.

Nigerians reassured over 'killer phone number' fears

Man Who Threatened To Eat Obama Sentenced

A man who threatened to kill and eat the President and the First Lady has been sentenced to five years in jail.

Sentence for a plan to eat Obama: 5 years

Farmer Snaps Picture Of Nessie?

A farmer who snapped a picture of a rainbow over Loch Ness believes he also caught an image of the famous Loch Ness Monster.

Another fine Ness: Fish farmer claims to have captured picture of famous monster

Hannity's America - FOX News - "Night Neighbors"

Reminder: This Weekend Is The Mothman Festival

Come celebrate the mysteries of the Mothman in Point Pleasant, WV.

Search For The Mothman Part 1

Search For The Mothman Part 2

Search For The Mothman Part 3

Reminder: Kecksburg "Old Fashioned" & UFO Festival This Weekend

This year marks the 46th year-anniversary of the Kecksburg UFO Incident. Kecksburg will be celebrating with it's annual "Old Fashioned" and "UFO Festival".

Kecksburg festival features historic event

Unsolved Mysteries - Kecksburg UFO Part 1

Unsolved Mysteries - Kecksburg UFO Part 2

UFO Files - Kecksburg UFO


Otherkin is a term describing individuals who do not consider themselves to be human, save for outer appearance. Individuals who adopt the label of otherkin tend to identify with mythological or supernatural creatures and claim to be such, either in spirit form or in a past incarnation.

The term otherkin originally only implied individuals who believed themselves to be fairies, elves, or changelings. In time the term has been broadened to include other supernatural creatures such as witches, vampires, werewolves, unicorns, dragons, mermaids, angels, demons, and even aliens. Additionally, people who believe themselves to be reincarnated animals are also included under the umbrella of otherkin.

One should show extreme caution when attempting to label someone as being otherkin, as many people object to such classification. For example, most people who believe themselves to be witches, vampires, or werewolves take much offense to the label. Those people who consider themselves fairies or elves tend to be the most accepting of the label.

Otherkin FAQ

Man Who Believed HImself An Elf Murdered

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Celebrity Seance Planned At Famous Ice Cream Parlor

A celebrity seance will be held a the famous ice cream parlor, Serendipity. Will any of Hollywood's departed golden stars show?

Marilyn Monroe's Ghost, Other Dead Stars' Ghosts To Be Summoned At Serendipity 3's Celebrity Seance

Lovely Molly (2012)

Juan Of The Dead (2012)

The Howling: Reborn (2011)

The Walnut Girl

The Walnut Girl is the alleged ghost or spirit of a 9 year-old girl who haunts locations in Armona, CA. The phantom achieves her name due to sightings that tend to take place near walnut trees.

Appearance: The Walnut Girl never shows herself to adults or boys. Only girls around the age of 9 years-old report seeing her. She is said to appear as a naked girl with a hairstyle from the 1800s.

Lore: According to legend, one day in the latter 1800s, a group of girls decided to go skinny dipping. A group of boys discovered them and the girls fled into a grove of nearby walnut trees. The youngest of the girl remained in the water and tried to hold her breath underwater in an attempt to fool the boys into thinking she had also fled. Unfortunately her plan did not work and she ended up drowning. The spirit of the unfortunate girl is believed to haunt the area to this day.

Powers: Unknown

Defense Against The Walnut Girl: The Walnut Girl is little-to-no threat to people.

The Walnut Girl Of Armona

The Walnut Girl

Reminder: Secret Circle Tonight!

The Secret Circle debuts tonight on the CW.

UFOs Under Investigation - Impostors Or Cosmic Visionaries

Man Accused Of Dangerous Driving Claims Phantom To Blame

A man who allegedly did 'doughnuts' at an intersection, creating dangerous driving conditions and halting traffic, claims there was a mysterious man in his car who he felt was going to harm him. The driver, one Colin Brown, claims the maneuvers were made to alert people to the presence of the man. Brown claims the man then fled on foot but no witnesses reported seeing a second person in Brown's vehicle, nor fleeing from the scene.

Witness Tells Trial Driving Was 'Dangerous'

NASA Admits Objects Under Shuttle Are Unknown

Wiccan Witch Named Witch Charged In Bizarre Prison Sex Scheme

A Wiccan chaplain named Jamyi Witch has been arrested for her role in a bizarre scheme to get an inmate transferred to a new facility. The scheme allegedly involved drugging the inmate and having sex with him while staging a fake hostage scenario.

Wiccan Prison Chaplain Charged

Wiccan prison chaplain charged with sexual assault of Oshkosh inmate

UFO Over Phoenix, AZ

Arizona residents report seeing a UFO last night. According to Brian McElhatten, there were two objects. The first was the UFO which lasted for about 15 minutes and then a later meteorite or fireball.

Reports of 'glowing object' flying across Arizona sky

UFO Over Los Angeles?

Hundreds of people report seeing a strangle light in the sky in California. Some witnesses even claim the object crashed or landed.

Hundreds Report Seeing Strange Lights In The Sky

Johnston, Ken

Ken Johnston was a former NASA Data and Photo Control Dept. manager who had worked with NASA for over 23 years and served during the manned Apollo Lunar Program. Johnston was fired after making the accusation that NASA is covering-up evidence proving alien activity on the moon in the way of alien cities or bases and artificial objects on the moon. To be specific, Johnston claims to have been ordered to destroy photographic evidence of alien objects on the moon.

Ken Johnson At The Smithsonian Part 1

Ken Johnson At The Smithsonian Part 2

NASA Whistleblower: Alien Moon Cities Exist

Dog Soldiers: Red (2011)

This is a teaser trailer for a new Dog Soldiers: Legacy web series.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Coast To Coast AM - September 13, 2011 - Black Magic, Evocacations & The Occult - E.A. Koetting

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Reminder - Deadliest Warrior: Vampires vs. Zombies Tonight!

The show, Deadliest Warrior: Vampires vs. Zombies airs tonight on SPIKE.

Documentary Review: Eyes Of The Mothman

The documentary is Eyes of the Mothman. You can view the trailer below.

I almost don't know where to begin so I will start with the basics. This is a very long and thorough documentary, approximately two and half hours in length. It covers almost every single facet of the strange goings-on in Point Pleasant, WV, in 1966-67, everything from UFOs, Mothman, Indrid Cold, Men In Black, and even the Curs of Chief Cornstalk. Included are also a history of the town, and segments on the Silver Bridge collapse and the production of TNT and explosives at the TNT area and it's subsequent pollution of the environment. Additionally the special features containing further interviews, commentary, a 'behind the scenes' segment, and a segment with the impressions of a psychic.

If you want an extremely thorough documentary concerning Mothman and the other paranormal occurrences that took place in Point Pleasant, then this is the documentary for you. Included are many interviews with believers who are down-to-earth and quite frankly, very believable. As far as negative things go, the only issues I have are trivial, such as that the length makes one not want to watch it in one sitting and that the documentary could have used just a sprinkle of sensationalism and/or drama to keep viewers attention. It's a little boring at times.

On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest, I give this documentary an 8.

Visit the Eyes of the Mothman website below for more info:

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UFOs Under Investigation - UFO Hunters

Interview With An Alleged Vampire

An interview with "Peter" an alleged 299 year-old vampire.

Real Interview With A Vampire

Personally I find the comments more fascinating than the interview.

The Moon: What's Up There?

Is there strange goings-on on the face of Luna above?

Aliens On The Moon?

Dan Aykroyd: Britney Speares, UFOs, The Men In Black, & Crystal Head Vodka

Dan Aykroyd opens up about his experiences while promoting Crystal Head Vodka.

Dan Aykroyd talks UFOs, recounts phone conversation with Britney Spears interrupted by Men in Black (yes, really)

Crystal Head Vodka

FYI: I saw Crystal Head Vodka at my local liquor store over a year ago and immediately wanted it! It's a really cool looking skull bottle. The last time I went in to the liquor store they had new ones with a plastic wrap that looked like it was for Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead).

Vampyres (2007)

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8

'Vampire' & 'Satanist' Charged In Triple Murder

A self-professed vampire and satanist is among three men who have been charged with a triple homicide.

Man charged in Mass. killing claimed to be vampire

Pascagoula Abductee Passes Away

Charles Hickson, one of the men who claimed abduction by aliens during a 1973 encounter, has passed away.

Gautier man made famous by alien abduction dies at 80

Charles Hickson, who became known for his claimed 1973 Pascagoula UFO abduction, dies at 80

Area 51 Confidential (2011)

Area 51 Confidential to Premiere in Las Vegas and OKC

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


The term Booger, a.k.a. Booger-Boo, Booger-Bear, Booger-Man, is a term used to describe the creature more commonly known as Bigfoot. The term is used primarily in the Southern U.S. and extending west into Texas.


UFOs Under Investigation The Day The Gods Fell To Earth

Book Review - Powerful Protection Magick: Guarding & Reclaiming Your Power

The book is, Powerful Protection Magick: Guarding & Reclaiming Your Power by Ellen Dugan.

This book is a very basic introduction toward the philosophy of protection magic. I did not finish the book simply because it is so elementary in nature. The good thing about this book is that it is a good starting point for beginners to magic, especially by communicating that the standard "Wiccan variety" of simply shielding will not, emphasize not, be enough to protect you from people with power who mean you ill. Repeat, the simple "Wiccan-style" shielding or the simple protection spells taught by Wiccans are simply not enough to protect you from a person who means you ill and wields considerable personal power.

The bad thing about the book is that it is long-winded. This 200+ page book could easily have been reduced to under a hundred pages. The other bad thing about the book is that it contains little in the way of actual workings. The protection spells provided did not appeal to me as a practitioner.

On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest, I give this book a 5.

Hex Education - Voodoo And Hoodoo With Author Denise Alvarado

An interview with author Denise Alvarado concerning Louisiana Voodoo.

Hex Education - Voodoo And Hoodoo With Author Denise Alvarado


The Grindylow is a water monster in English folklore.

Appearance: Grindylows appears as either a reptilian or amphibian humanoid with long, sharp claws and teeth. Modern artists also tend to give the beast tentacles. To view images of Grindylows, click HERE and HERE.

Lore: Grindylows inhabit bodies of water and especially loves bogs. Grindylows will lie in wait for a victim to wander to close to the edge of the water at which point it will lunge at the victim and drag him/her underwater. The Grindylow will then drown and devour the victim. Grindylows especially enjoy eating children.

Powers: Unknown

Defense Against Grindylows: Avoid going near bodies of water, especially bogs.

Trivia: Grindylows appear in the Harry Potter series.

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A Taste Of The Vampire (1998)

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Wishing Trees

You may have heard of throwing a coin into a fountain and making a wish, but have you heard of pounding a coin into a tree?

Who says money doesn't grow on trees? Coins mysteriously appear in trunks up and down the country

Chile Officials Using Psychic To Locate Missing Crash Victims

Defense Minister Andres Allamand has confirmed that a psychic is indeed helping in the search for 17 missing plane crash victims.

Chile enlists psychic in search for plane crash victims

Cludia Schiffer Has Estate Exorcised?

According to the article below, Claudia Schiffer had ghosts from her estate exorcised.

Claudia Schiffer evicts ghosts from house

Monday, September 12, 2011

Halloween's Around The Corner....Time For Practitioners/Life-Stylers To Stock-Up

Black Glitter Skull, Witch Broom, Faux Crystal Ball,
Gargoyle Statues & Skull Necklace
Halloween is just around the corner and it's that time of year for magical practitioners to take advantage of the holiday and stock up on much needed items. Below are some of the things magical practitioners can purchase this time of year.

A Practitioner's/Life-Styler's Halloween Shopping List

- Black, Orange, & Figural Candles

Black and orange candles are rarely found in stores at any other time of the year other than Halloween/Thanksgiving time. This is the perfect time to stock up on these colored candle. Also be on the look-out for figural candles such as devils and skulls that one can use in magic as well.

- Black Cloaks, Capes Or Hooded Robes

If ritual garb is your thing, look for relatively inexpensive cloaks, capes, or hooded robes.

- Witch Hats

In the past, Wal Mart has sole very cool-looking "Harry Potter"-style witch hats. Even if you don't plan on wearing them they can make very interesting Halloween decor. For a quick table-top decoration, place a witch hat in the center of a table.

- Witch Brooms

I picked my witch broom up for $3.99 at Party Galaxy. Wal Mart also sells them but I've noticed that some years they do not carry them. These witch brooms are roughly the same size of broom sold by most occult shops. Practitioners can also personalize their brooms by adding ribbons, bells, and other items to them.

- Faux Crystal Balls

I picked mine up at the Halloween Store for $9.99, with a half-off coupon. So I paid about $5 for it. Be careful. These faux crystal balls are made from globe light bulbs. The glue used in them often will come free and float in the water. I picked out the best one they had available but my faux crystal ball has some rather disgusting looking 'floaters' in it. Only when the ball is still does it resemble a crystal ball. If one prefers, one can attempt to make their own crystal ball so as to avoid any of these floating contaminates.

- Skulls

I purchased my black glitter skull at the Dollar General for $3.50. Both the Halloween Store and Party Galaxy carry this very cool-looking resin skull with tribal decorations for about $15. I'm hoping I can get it shortly. Skulls can be used for all-year decoration or just for Halloween time. The can be included on ancestor altars for remembrance of the dead.

- Black Fingernail Polish & Make-Up

For the more Gothic-inclined, this is the time of year to stock up on black fingernail polish and make-up.

- Statuary

If you are into gargoyles or Gothic statuary then now is the time of year to purchase such. For the past 4 years or so, Dollar Tree has come out with some good gargoyle and Gothic statues. At just a dollar a piece the price can't be beat.

- Horns

For male Wiccans & Neopagans who honor the Horned God and wish to emulate him on Samhain, this is the time of year to purchase faux horns. If you want to make a complete package then "hoof" shoes can also be purchased, though you may need to purchase these online as I've not seen the hoof-shoes in stores.

- Fairy, Angel, Or Demon Wings

If that's your thing, buy them now.

- Fangs

Vampire life-stylers may wish to take advantage of the holiday to purchase fangs. I'm not talking about the cheap plastic variety, but of the kind that are applied to the canine teeth and look very professional. I've seen prices ranging from $20 on up.

- Cauldrons

Are you a witch in need of a cauldron? You can find many plastic and sometimes even metal ones at this time of the year. You can also try your local thrift store as they may have nice brass versions you can use. I have a lion-footed brass cauldron that I picked up at a local thrift store for about $4 a few years back. If one prefers, a "flaming cauldron" can be bought and hung. Fabric, light, and a fan give the impression of a suspended cauldron with fire. I owned one for several years before it finally broke.

- Gothic Jewelry

Now is the time to purchase Gothic costume jewelry. Much of it will be cheap and will not last, but occasionally one can find a good buy, an item that will last many years.

- Black Cats, Crows, Owls, Bats, Snakes & Other Critters

Want a cool black cat, crow, raven, owl, bat, or snake for your altar? Now is the time to purchase them.

Happy Shopping!

Book Review: Biblio Vampiro

The book is Biblio Vampire: An Essential Guide to Vampires and, More Importantly, How to Avoid Them by Robert Curran.

This is a fun little book. I actually read this last year but picked it up again for a second read-through. The book covers the lore of vampires and how to identify vampires. Included are very spooky and interesting artwork. There is actually nothing bad about this book. Children will love it. Adults in touch with their inner child will love it as well.

On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest, I give it a 10.

Jenny Greenteeth

Jenny Greenteeth is a water hag in English folklore.

Appearance: Jenny Greenteeth appears as a monstrous old woman with green skin, long, matted hair, and as the name implies, incredibly sharp, green teeth. For an image of Jenny Greenteeth, click HERE.

Lore: Jenny Greenteeth lies in wait in bodies of water in England, waiting for children to wander too close to the water's edge. When a victim wanders too close to the water's edge, Jenny Greenteeth lunges and drags the poor soul down into the depths of the water where she drowns and devours them.

Powers: Unknown

Defense Against Jenny Greenteeth: Stay away from the water's edge.

Trivia: Meg Mucklebones from the 1985 movie, Legend, is based on Jenny Greenteeth.

Meg Mucklebones

Jenny Greenteeth

Jenny Greenteeth, Folklore Character

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A girl with supernatural powers gets revenge on school bullies. This was a made-for-t.v. version of Stephen King's Carrie.

Aleister Crowley: Without Walls

Part 1

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