Sunday, August 21, 2011

Your Questions Answered.....#4

As usual, all identities are kept confidential and the questions are rephrased.

1.) So I guess you believe in that 'Star Trek' sh*t?

Answer = No. In Star Trek aliens and human beings are considered equal. In reality, human beings would be inferior to any advanced alien species. Human beings will never be considered equal to any advanced alien race. Remember, there are likely species that are millions, if not billions, of years older than the human species. Humans will never be their equals, and rightfully so. So no, I do not believe human beings and aliens will ever live together as equals. 'Star Trek' is a science fiction series that is based off of the narcissistic and immature fantasies of human beings.

2.) Can a Christian put a curse on someone? My father believes my grandma cursed him but she is a Christian. If it is a curse, can you help us remove it?

Answer = Yes. According to lore, a mother cursing her child is one of the strongest curses possible. Now, it's different if it's an abusive mother, but if the she is a good, loving mother and her son did something so unforgivable and she curses him saying, "I curse the day you were born", "I regret ever bringing you into this world", etc., then yes that is an extremely powerful curse. Will I help you to remove the curse? No. (Her father deserves the curse. I can't post the reasons why due to confidentiality. I did tell her that she will likely need to pay a professional to remove the curse.)

3.) Do you happen to know the name of a demon that appears in a black, hooded-cape and has red, glowing eyes? I've seen this thing since I was a kid and I don't know what it is.

Answer = I am not familiar with a specific demon that matches that description. If you think you are being attacked by it then there are many ways in which you can protect yourself. (Tips sent via email)

4.) Do you know of any spells that involve putting sand down? While coming home I noticed that someone had put a layer of sand down on the steps. My immediate thought was that it was something to do with a spell but I guess it also could have been done by children.

Answer = Your intuition may be correct. It may be that someone was trying to capture your footprint for foot track magic. If someone captures your footprint then they can use it to do all kinds of nasty things to you. Then again, kids do weird things so it's possible it was just a neighborhood kid playing around.

5.) My fiance has cheated on me twice. The first time happened about a year after we had been together. Now that we are supposed to get married I find out that she's been cheating on me with a guy from her past for about three weeks now. Her friends all knew and didn't tell me. Is there a spell I can use to get rid of that other guy and to keep her faithful?

Answer = Yes. You can do a Hot Foot Spell to send him away in a hurry. There are things you can do to keep her faithful. Most of the workings involve ingredients that will magically burn her, dry her up, and make sex with any other men painful for her. However, please allow me to give you some important advice. Save yourself future pain by breaking up with her now. If she cannot be faithful to you before you are married she definitely will not be faithful to you while you are married. You deserve someone who can be faithful to you. Because I'm a guy I know guys can be quite stupid when they are in love. So my guess is that you will go ahead and forgive her. I would just respond by reminding you of the wisdom of Ludacris, "Can't Turn A Ho Into A Housewife".

6.) Can you write about dead hour? It was on Paranormal State.

Answer = Yes! I think I will go ahead and write a blog about 'dead hour' soon. I first heard about that from a documentary that featured a segment on the film, "Midnight int the Garden of Good and Evil". I'm not quite sure when I'll get around to doing it but I'll try to do it soon.

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