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Your Questions Answered....

Below are some of the questions readers have sent in. I answer any questions I receive as quickly as I can. But with regard to posting them, I let the questions build a bit. All names and identifying information is of course treated confidentially. I also rephrase all questions.

Your Questions...

1.) Do you shop at Lucky Mojo? If so, can you recommend what I should purchase for trying to attract my soul mate? What do you think their most powerful oil is?

Answer = I do not shop at Lucky Mojo, sorry.

2.) Why do they call it a doll-baby and not a baby-doll? Is it offensive to call it a voodoo doll?

Answer = A doll-baby is a doll that looks like a baby. A baby-doll is a baby that is as cute as a doll. I personally do not find it offensive to use the term voodoo doll and I often use voodoo doll, doll-baby, and poppet to refer to the same thing.

3.) What's the difference between voodoo and hoodoo? Why do some people refer to it as voodoo-hoodoo?

Voodou (Voodoo) is a religion. Hoodoo is a magical practice. The majority of people who use the term "Voodoo" to describe Hoodoo are outsiders to the practice and use the incorrect term out of ignorance. People who use the term "voodoo-hoodoo" are somewhat closer to the truth but still can't seem to drop the voodoo part. In fact, I don't even like using the term Hoodoo and much prefer the term Conjure or Rootwork instead. Both Conjure and Rootwork are acceptable synonyms for the practice.

4.) Is there such a thing as an animal ghost, like a pet cat that comes back?

Answer = Yes. All I can tell you is that people have reported the ghosts of animals, usually pets. People have even claimed to have captured photographs of the ghosts of pets.

5.) Is there a spell or curse to make someone gay? Is there a spell to change gender, like if a guy feels like he was supposed to be a woman can he use magic to turn into a female?

Please see my blog, Using Magic To Turn Straight People Gay

As far as a spell for a male to turn into a female, you would be better off doing a money spell to acquire the funding to get a sex change.

6.) Back in 1986 I had to help clean out my grandma's house after she died. She had one drawer in her dresser that was locked. When we opened it up we found all kinds of weird things like square bottles of oils and feathers, and a small wooden box with dried plants in it. She had a few small booklets on witchcraft or occult topics but she also had a bible and a Psalms workbook. My family completely freaked out. Was my grandma a witch?

Answer = No. You grandmother likely practiced Hoodoo. The majority of people who practice Hoodoo are Christians. I'm betting the oils you found in your grandmother's drawer were probably like these HERE. Most people don't realize that if you are American and hail from the south, then you are likely only a few generations removed from Hoodoo. As in I would venture that majority of people in the South have a grandmother or great-grandmother who practiced Hoodoo in some form. And if it's not Hoodoo proper, then it's definitely some form of folk-magic. You can rest assured that your grandma was not a witch.

7. Do you believe that Ouija boards work. Are they evil? Can you become possessed by using them? My friend's Mom claims that she and her friends had one and that Satan came through the board.

Answer = Like many youth I too experimented with a Ouija board. After observing the people while playing the forbidden game I became convinced that there was always someone that I refer to as the "leader" who moves the planchette and the other people simply follow and somehow remain unaware that the leader is the one who is moving it. I've never had a genuine paranormal experience with a Ouija board. I even broke the taboo of never playing with it alone. I did not twist my head around or spit pea soup. I'm afraid I do not believe in the power of Ouija boards based on my own life experiences with them. Other people may disagree with me and that's fine.

8.) Are you a Satanist?

Answer = No.

9.) What do you know about Tulpas? Can you give me more information on them?

Answer = A Tulpa or Thoughtform is an entity created from the willpower and intense meditation of a mage. According to lore they are dangerous and quickly rebel. More information will have to wait until I write a blog entry on the topic, which I plan on eventually doing.

10.) Is it true that curses only work if you believe in them?

Answer = No. But luckily, just because a person thinks they may be cursed doesn't mean they truly are. And just because a person may threaten to put a curse on another person doesn't mean they really did.

11.) Where can I buy a Lodestone?

Answer = You can purchase them online or at most occult shops. Indio/Wisdom sells small ones for a reasonable price. You can purchase them HERE.

12.) How can I train myself to remember my past lives?

Answer = Sorry, that's beyond my scope. From the stories I've told most people have bits of memories, but as far as actually remembering details then the only way I've heard about doing that is with hypnosis and you would need to go to a qualified hypnotist that specialized in past life regression.

13.) Do you believe in the Loch Ness Monster. What about Bigfoot?

Answer = I believe the Loch Ness Monster is probably a large fish or eel. I believe Bigfoot may or may not exist.

14.) Do you believe in UFOs?

Answer = Yes. Do I believe that every UFO is an alien craft? -No.

15.) When my best friend and I were young, back in the early 60s, we both saw a boy float out of the woods. The boy was about our age and looked normal except that he had either black or brown eyes without any whites in his eyes. He sorta kind of gave us a side-ways look and then floated right back into the woods. Have you ever heard of such a thing? What was he?

Answer = It's hard to say. It could be a Black-Eye Kid or it could be an alien abduction. The "boy" may have been what's called a Screen Memory. Or perhaps it was just a ghost? Whatever it was your story gave me goosebumps!

16.) Can you help me with a question on 7 day candles? When I burn them the flame always leaps up really high. The glass become very hot and the top of the glass turns black. Am I doing something wrong? What does it mean, if anything?

Answer = You are more than likely using too much condition oil to dress the candle, especially if it has a mineral oil base. Try using less oil next time. As far as meaning, generally when the glass darkens it's a sign of obstacles toward the manifestation of your desires.

17.) Is there a magic spell that can change me into a vampire? What about making me fly?

Answer = In a nutshell, no. If you google it then I'm sure you will find some spell claiming to be able to turn someone into a vampire but I wouldn't believe it. Like many people, I'm guessing you buy into the Hollywood version of the vampire. This is not the vampire that people really believed in. Trust me, you do not want to be the type of vampire that people actually believed in! Think more along the lines of a zombie/ghost! As far as a spell to make you fly, there are reported recipes for flying ointments but these all employee the use of hallucinogenic plants and not true flight. Then there's what is called astral travel, where one leaves their body and can travel on the astral plane. This is a skill that usually takes time to develop and master though. Unfortunately I can't help you further as I don't astral travel myself.

18.) Do werewolves really exist?

Answer = I don't know. I know there are people who believe themselves werewolves. I met the sister of a classmate at a club one night back in the 90s. She proceeded to tell me that her boyfriend was a werewolf. She claimed he actually got hairy and that his teeth and nails grew during the full moon. Did I believe her? -Not really. But to this day there are people who claimed to have seen a werewolf, such as the Beast of Bray Road or the Dog men.

19.) What do the aliens want?

Answer = I ultimately don't know. But I think if they are indeed abducting people and performing cross-breeding experiments then I believe that Dr. David Jacobs may be closer to the truth and that this may be an attempt at colonizing the planet. It's possible the human species may be in the middle of a being assimilated. Then again it may be pointless to try to use human logic on an alien mind and that we may never know what the true motivations are for any visiting race.

20.) What do you think happened in the Roswell Crash?

Answer = I think that either the witnesses were telling the truth, that an alien spaceship crashed in the desert outside of Roswell or that some other top secret craft crashed. I do lean toward the extraterrestrial explanation though.

21.) What is necromancy and can you write something about it?

Answer = In a nutshell, necromancy is the summoning of and commanding of the spirits of the dead in order to tell the future. Yes, eventually I will write a blog on the topic.

22.) How can I sell my soul to the devil and get magical powers?

Answer = In folklore there are a variety of methods for doing so. Honestly, I don't feel comfortable sharing any of the folklore with you at the present time. Plus I sense that you are quite young and I would feel bad giving this information to you, as again I'm talking FOLKLORE.

23.) Have you ever been the victim of a curse?

Answer = Back in 1999 a somewhat-famous Satanist threatened to put a curse on me for arguing against some of the horrible practices he specifically engaged in, a topic I won't get into here. At the time I didn't take the threat seriously nor did I take precautions to protect myself. The result was that within a week of the threatened curse my dog had to be put down from a tumor in her nose that spread to her brain, I developed a strange growth in my nose that doctors didn't know what it was (it was later diagnosed as a wart), and I got into a car wreck from a torrential and without warning downpour of rain that caused me to repeatedly strike the walls of both sides of the highway. My car was demolished and as a result of the loss of transportation I subsequently lost my job. So yes, I do believe in curses and I now know how to protect myself as well as dish it out if needed.

24.) Do fairies really exist?

Answer = I don't know. Many cultures believe in fairy-like beings so perhaps it's possible?

I want thank all of my readers who have sent in questions. Feel free to continue asking me anything regarding the topics of this blog. You can email me at

Thank You!

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