Friday, August 19, 2011

West Memphis Three Free At Last

The West Memphis Three have been freed over an Alford Plea. In exchange for pleading guilty to a lesser charge the trio have been sentenced to time served and released. The trio are still allowed to profess their innocence.

I cannot believe that after 18 years it's finally over. The trio are now free. I wouldn't say that I'm ecstatic because this is not the outcome I would like. I would like the trio to be able to clear their names and be exonerated. However, I do understand the trio's decision to take the deal as Damien was on death row.

What saddens me most about this turn of events is that it officially closes the case. The real killers got away with it. It bothers me greatly to think that for 18 years now the real killers have been out there and now they have officially gotten away with murdering three young boys.

Today's outcome was kind of a let down, but I'm glad that three innocent men have been freed. I think I'll go listen to some Metallica and let everything sink in.

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