Monday, August 15, 2011


Two-Face, a.k.a. Double-Face, Sharp-Elbows, is an ogre-like monster found in the folklore of the Plains Indians.

Appearance: Two-Face is human in appearance save for the fact that it has a second face on the back of it's head. Two-Face also has horns or sharp spikes growing from it's elbows.

Lore: Two-Face eat humans.

Powers: Two-Face has the power to hypnotize people or put them in a trance with his eyes. Anyone who looks into his eyes are doomed. The victim will become entranced and then Two-Face will approach and kill them with the spikes on his elbows. The corpse will then be dragged off to be eaten.

Defense Against Two-Face: Do not look into the monster's eyes. If one encounters a Two-Face one should immediately flee the scene and seek safety.

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