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Skadegamutc, (pronounced "skuh-da-goo-much"), a.k.a. "Ghost-Witch", are undead vampiric monsters in the folklore of various Native American Tribes but are especially associated with the Wabanaki peoples.

Appearance: By day Skadegamutc appear as corpses. Come nightfall the Skadegamutc revives and searches for prey.

Lore: When a witch or evil person dies then it is believed they may not stay dead and may return as Skadegamutc. In some legends, any dead person may return as a Skadegamutc. Skadegamutc feed by sucking human blood and consuming human flesh. Skadegamutc can shape-shift into balls of light and in this form they can quickly scour the land seeking prey. Most of the legends of Skadegamutc involve a group of hunters or people who unknowingly take shelter near a corpse or open-air burial. The corpse then revives at night and attacks and usually kills one or more of the group.

Powers: Skadegamutc can shape-shift into balls of light, Skadegamutc possess powerful black magic they can use to curse people, Skadegamutc possess incredible strength. Skadegamutc possess the power of camouflage and can blend into the background. Skadegamutc are generally immune to weapons.

Defense Against Skadegamutc: Skadegamutc are vulnerable by day. The only way to kill a Skadegautc is to burn it. In certain legends, arrows seem to scare off or stop a Skadegamutc from attacking, but it is not known if the arrows deterred the attack or if simply the presence of multiple people, as Skadegamutc tends to prefer to hunt individuals who are alone or separated from a group.

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