Saturday, August 27, 2011

Schafner, William (1941-1970)

Captain William Schafner was a United States Air Force Pilot who attempted to intercept a UFO and then subsequently crashed.

On September 8, 1970, a UFO was picked up on radar flying over the North Sea. Two Lightning jets were ordered to scramble. As the jets neared the UFO, the UFO suddenly accelerated from circa 900 mph to circa 17,000 mph and disappeared. When the jets landed the UFO returned. Two Phantom jets were ordered scrambled as they could out fly the Lightning jets. Both failed to intercept the UFO. At this time both Thule Air Force Base and NORAD began to track the UFO. Two more Lighting jets were ordered to scramble. Captain William Schafner piloted one of these Lightning jets and was able to give a description of the UFO. According to Captain Schafner, the UFO was cone-shaped with a bright blue light. A separate UFO described as a large, "soccer ball" that appeared glass-like, flew in front of the larger, cone-shaped UFO. As Captain Schafner neared the UFO radio contact with him was lost. On the radar screens, both the blips for Schafner's Lightning jet and the UFO temporarily merged. When the blips separated the blip for the UFO split up into two separate blips, indicating two different UFOs, with each UFO moving off independently. Radio contact with Captain Schafner was restored but Schafner complained of blacking-out and seemed to be suffering some form of side-effect from the encounter. Additionally, Schafner claimed his controls were not responding. Schafner was ordered to ditch the jet in the sea. Schafner was never seen again. Approximately one month later, Schafner's lost Lightning jet was found. Schafner's remains were not located in the cockpit. It was also determined that Captian William Schafner did not eject either. The official explanation is that somehow Captian William Schafner manually exited the plane, without a dinghy, and was presumed to have drowned.

Cover-Up?: The accident report makes no mention of a UFO and claims that Schafner became disorientated and crashed his jet into the sea and then drowned.

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Rhonda S. said...

I believe. I think they are here to one day live with us or that they are studying us. I don't think they meant to kill this man.

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