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Pukwudgies are fairy or troll-like beings in the folklore of several Native American tribes, but especially of the Wampanoag people in and around Massachusetts.

Appearance: Pukwudgies appear as small people, approximately three-feet tall and having a large nose, large, ears, and long fingers. Their skin color is either bluish-grey, or ashen, and according to some sources their skin glows in the dark. Pukwudgies may also be part-porcupine and may possess porcupine quills on their backs. Pukwudgie clothing is made from items taken from nature and may serve as a form of camouflage.

Lore: In the distant past Pukwudgies were friends of humanity. Unfortunately some Pukwudgies are now quite hostile toward humans. Pukwudgies delight in kidnapping children, like their European Fairy counterparts, and use their magic to lure people to their doom, such as to fall into a body of water and drown or to walk off a cliff. They also shoot magical arrows that will sicken and kill a person with time. If that wasn't enough, Pukwudgies trap and control the souls of anyone they kill. Not all Pukwudgies are evil and sometimes beneficial Pukwudgies do good things for people but one should show caution when dealing with them because they are tricksters and delight in making mischief.

Powers: Pukwudgies have the power of invisibility, the power to shape-shift into animals, especially porcupines, as well as balls of light. Pukwudgies have the magical power to confuse people in order to lure them to their deaths. Additionally, Pukwudgies shoot magic arrows that will cause the victim to sicken and die with time. Pukwudgies enslave the souls of their victims. Pukwudgies are also said to have power over fire or to delight in setting fires.

Defense Against Pukwudgies: If one encounters a Pukwudgies the best thing that person can do is to simply ignore it. Because Pukwudgies are extremely similar to European fairies, it is possible that salt, the Lord's Prayer, and Iron may be helpful in repelling them.

Pukwudgie Sightings Today: People continue to report sightings of Pukwudgies to this very day. Be cautious when out and about in the woods and out of the way places near the Great Lakes region or New England.

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Metal Missionary said...

I know that Pukwudgies are believed to be in the eastern United States, but I'm convinced there is at least one in Utah.

In the small town my grandparents are from, Santaquin, UT, is a restaurant called The Family Tree. It has been said to be haunted for as long as my grandmother can remember. Legends of a Native American curse on the land are local folklore.

There is an entity that brings harm and even death to people and uses their spirits to make itself stronger. It is not human. I've attached a link to Travel Channel's The Dead Files investigation of the restaurant. In the scene the only thing that seems to not be similar to Pukwudgie characteristics is the size she describes it to be.

I'm most likely the only person to think a Pukwudgie is in Utah. Call me crazy, but I'm convinced.

Anonymous said...

Pukwudgie is actually a spirit or ghost of a Grey or Grey's (aliens)
this is how they appear magical. However they can't actually trap a soul unless they can control it with fear. (Another reason they hate Christians)

DocConjure said...

@ Anonymous at 7:04 PM,


Anonymous said...

Skinwalkers shape shifters

Anonymous said...

There are other Native American Fairy like entities in United States besides Pukwudgies. Some are travellers from Europe but there are still others that are very native to these lands.

Ralph Hutchinson said...
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Ralph Hutchinson said...
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Ralph Hutchinson said...
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Ralph Hutchinson said...

You got them in Utah!

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