Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Jack Ball

A Jack Ball is a small round ball containing a core of items, usually roots, herbs, stones, and a personal concern, all rolled together in wax, that is wrapped in red string with enough string left so that it can be held with the ball suspended. The creation and use of Jack Balls is a practice associated with Hoodoo/Rootwork/Conjure. By nature, a Jack Ball is a combination of mojo bag and pendulum. Jack Balls receive their name due to the similarity in appearance to the red ball used in the game of jacks. As for use, a Jack Ball is either used as a pendulum in order to divine answers to yes or no questions or is swung around by the practitioner in order to produce a magical effect. Like mojo bags, a Jack Ball must be fed regularly, usually with whiskey, perfume, or condition oils, and is usually kept in a red flannel bag until it is needed.

Examples of Jack Ball uses:

1.) John wants to know if Suzie will go out on a date with him. He takes out his Jack Ball and uses it as a pendulum. The Jack Ball sways vertically, which John interprets as meaning "yes".

2.) Darla has a Jack Ball for domination over her husband. From time to time as she deems necessary, she will lock herself in her room, take out her Jack Ball, and swing it around in a circle clockwise while speaking the name of her husband and stating phrases such as, "Franlin Russell Jefferson,You are under my power! Do you hear me? You will do what I say. I'm the one in control..."

In the YouTube clip beow, Carolina Dean has made a video on how to make a Jack Ball.

Jack Balls


"Love Me Or Die" Jack Ball Spell

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