Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Griggstown Cow

The Griggstown Cow, or Ghost Cow, was a legendary phantom cow that was said to appear on foggy nights in the area near the canals in Griggstown, NJ.

Appearance: The Griggstown Cow appeared as a normal cow.

Lore: For 30 years witnesses would report seeing a phantom cow roaming the area on foggy nights. The cow never left any tracks or proof of it's existence. Local police scoffed at the sightings and the "Ghost Cow" was believed to be a local legend.

Truth Revealed: The Griggstown Cow turned out to be a real cow when an old bull was found lying in a ditch near the canal in 2002. It is believed the cow may have escaped from a dairy farm and had been living wild for almost 30 years. Due to the bull's age and condition, it was euthanized and buried nearby. Only time will tell if the ghost of the "Ghost Cow" returns.

The Legend Of The Ghost Cow

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