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Freezer Spells

Freezer Spells is the name for a category of spells in the Hoodoo tradition, as well as in other magical traditions, which involves the use of a freezers to freeze a object solid for the magical purpose of freezing-out an enemy or situation. By nature Freezer Spells are similar to Shut Up Spells but can also be used as part of enemy work, Banishings, Binding Spells, and even Black Magic curses. Freezer Spells usually involve a few basic containers, such as an ice cube tray, a glass cup or jar, a beef tongue, a vegetable, or a paper towel packet. Nearly all Freezer Spells involve the use of a freezer. However, if the spell is done in winter during a cold spell, preferably with ice/snow on the ground and when it is below freezing, then the item(s) can be placed outside to naturally freeze. Once frozen the items are generally kept in the freezer until the threat has passed or the person is no longer a concern.

Three Easy Freezer Spells

1.) To Freeze Out An Enemy, Competitor, Or Incapacitate Someone & Remove Them From Your Life

Items Needed:

- Fixed Paper With The Person's Name
- Personal Concern (optional)
- Paper Towels (brown paper towels preferred)
- Black String (optional)
- Zip-lock Plastic Bag (optional)


Fix the paper with the enemies name. Fold it away from you three times, turning counter-clockwise in between each fold. Place this on a paper towel. Add the personal item if acquired and fold the paper towel up into a packet. Make sure to fold it away from you while turning counter-clockwise between each turn. Wrap the string around the packet and then tie it off with an odd number of knots. Thoroughly wet the packet and then place it in the back of the freezer. If you prefer, you can place the packet in a zip-lock plastic bag prior to placing it in the freezer.

2.) To Bind And Banish A Bully

Items Needed:

- Fixed Paper With The Bully's Name
- Glove Of Garlic
- Glass Cup Or Jar


Fix the paper with the name of the bully. Take a clove of garlic and set it on the table. Poud the garlic clove with your fist while cursing at your enemy. Take the garlic clove and rub the fixed paper in a direction moving away from you thirteen times. Make sure that while rubbing the garlic clove rubs over their names. Take the paper fold it as small as you can possibly fold it but make sure to fold it away from you and while turning counter-clockwise between each fold. Drop the paper in the glass cup or jar, add water, and then set it in the back of your freezer.

3.) To Quickly Freeze-Out A Rival Or Enemy

Items Needed:

-Fixed Paper With The Person's Name
-Ice Cube Tray


Fix a paper with the person's name. Fold it away from you and and as small as you can possibly fold it. Make sure to turn it counter-clockwise between each fold. Take this fixed paper and drop it into an empty ice cube tray. Fill the tray with water and stick it in your freezer. Avoid using that tray of ice cubes until the threat has passed.

WhiteTrash: Hoodoo Freezer Spell

For more information on Freezer Spells in Hoodoo, click on the link below.

Ice Box & Freezer Spells In The Hoodoo And Conjure Tradition


Anonymous said...

Hello Doc. Thank you for sharing very interesting knowledge of Freezer Spells.
Is it okay if I do such a spell to freeze out a possible transfer of my sweet lover? I don't want him to move away to a distant city. If he stays here, he knows he'd still have his current good position at his work place. Oh, I wouldn't wanna freeze him out of my life. Just stop any long distance transfer. I know the name of the company my man works at. I have the company card with his job title printed on it. And I have a lil of his blood on tissue. Please help. How should I do this? Thank you.

Nicole Oliva said...

Hi, I have a question. I have this situation at home, my mom is married to my step dad for now 14 years and he has a daughter that is 21 and she has been in my life since I was four and her and I have never gotten along. She lives in new jersey with her mom daughter and fiancé but they came down to Miami to live here until they find a place. It's been a month already and they still havn't moved out. I know the freezer spell and I've done it before but the problem is that I have to find a way of freezing my step sister without my mom knowing or finding her name in the freezer. Is their anything else I can do to freeze her? I want my mom back, since my dad passed my mom is the only thing I have left and my stepsister is causing too many fights between my mom and I. HELP PLEASE?!

Anonymous said...

I did that on someone and it totally worked.

Jose and Janaina Poventud said...

I found a paper bag like from the pharmacy in my fountain and inside of it after I picked it up and ripped from being wet these items fell out; a folded up small towel, a small cement cup and 2 cotton balls with some sort of liquid on it. When It ripped threw the bag and fell to the ground I instantly felt a wierd feeling and have been all day. Can anyone help with this? Or maybe im just crazy but I feel like someone is doing this to me on purpose(voodoo).

Tjome said...

I have a bf he is abusive but I can't get rid of!

Tjome said...

I have a bf who is abusive but he won't leave no matter what I try. Help!

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