Thursday, August 18, 2011

Flying Head

Flying Head is a demon or monster associated with the Iroquois people..

Appearance: A gigantic, decapitated, horned-head, the size of a full grown man, with long hair, razor sharp teeth, wings and talons.

Lore: This demons was created with the young men of a tribe rose up and murdered their male elders over a dispute. The young men decapitated the male elders and threw the heads into a lake. The lake bubbled and frothed and the Flying Head demon arose from the waters to avenge the crime. Flying Head eats people and spreads disease.

Powers: Flying Head possess great strength and can fly. Flying Head is the bringer of disease.

Defense Against Flying Head: Flying Head demon was defeated by accident one day when it was silently stalking a woman to eat. The woman was roasting acorns on hot coals. Flying Head watched her retrieve something and eat it. Flying Head then confused the hot coals for acorns, gobbled them up and suffered severe internal burns. He then flew away and was scene no more. Another story goes that Flying Head saw the woman eating acorns and mistakenly believed she was a more powerful demon as he assumed the acorn was a hot coal. He then flew away in fear and was seen no more. Flying Head may have died from it's wounds or it may still be somewhere out there. Currently, Flying Head only seems to appear to people in dreams and not in the waking world. If one dreams of Flying Head then it is an omen for a coming illness.

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