Thursday, August 25, 2011

El Silbon

El Silbon, a.k.a., "The Whistler", is a spirit or monster in the folklore of Colombia and Venezuela that eats people, especially children, drunks, and unfaithful men.

Appearance: El Silbon appears as a tall, lanky, undead man carrying a bag of bones. For images of El Silbon, click HERE.

Lore: There are many different stories for the origin of El Silbon. Most stories involve a spoiled man-child who kills his father. His grandfather then curses him, transforming him into El Silbon. As an undead spirit, El Silbon must roam the world. He carries a bag containing the bones of his victims. Each night El Silbon must stop at a house to count the bones to make sure they are all there. Interestingly, if the household does not waken by the noises he makes while counting his bones then it is a bad omen and means that someone in the home will soon die. If the family is awakened by his clamoring then the household will experience good luck.

El Silbon's Curse: Els Silbon is under a curse for the punishment of his sins. His curse entails eternal pain, as his brother tortured him with a whip and then rubbed red pepper into his wounds, eternal wandering, and eternal attack from a spectral dog that constantly chases him. This is the curse placed on El Silbon for his sins.

Powers: El Silbon is stronger than a man. El Silbon, a.k.a. "the Whistler", achieves his name via the fact that his whistling is heard prior to an encounter with him. Interestingly, if the whistling sounds loud then it means El Silbon is actually far away. If the whistling is faint then one should immediately flee as El Silbon is nearby.

Defense Against El Silbon: El Silbon fears whips, red pepper, and dogs. El Silbon is more active during the rainy season, so use extreme caution during this time of the year.

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