Wednesday, August 31, 2011


The Ceasg  are the Scottish version of mermaids.

Appearance: The Caesg has the upper portion of a beautiful woman. Below the waist the Ceasg have the tails of salmon.

Lore: Ceasg inhabit the lakes and waterways of the Scottish Highlands. Ceasg are curious about humanity. If a man can manage to capture a Ceasg then she will grant him three wishes in return for her release. Ceasg will occasionally marry humans but unfortunately the marriage usually does not last. The call of the water is too strong and eventually the Ceasg will return to her watery domain. The male offspring of a Ceasg and a mortal are believed to grow to be excellent sailors. Unfortunately, Ceasg occasionally do drown people

Powers: The Ceasg can grant three wishes to anyone who manages to capture them. The Ceasg can take human form in order to marry a mortal.

Defense Against Ceasg: The best advice that can be given with regard to mermaids is to simply ignore them and quietly leave the area. If a mermaid should approach, in the very least show them respect. Do not look them in the eye and do not go with them should they ask.


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