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Bukwus, sometimes spelled Bukwas, is an undead or zombie-like creature and forest spirit of many Northwest Indian tribes. Bukwus is associated with the spirits of drowned people.

Appearance: Bukwus appear as hairy, drowned, bloated, and decaying corpses.

Lore: When Bukwus are not attempting to kidnap, drown, and eat children they enjoy approaching humans and offering them some of their food. Any person who is foolish enough to eat or drink anything given to them by a Bukwus will turn into a Bukwus for the gift of food or drink is actually an invitation to join the ranks of the undead. Bukwus are believed to consume the souls of their victims.

Powers: Bukwus possess great physical strength and can make themselves invisible.

Defense Against Bukwus: Do not eat or drink anything given from a Bukwus. Avoid travelling in the woods and near bodies of water at night.

Bukwus And Bigfoot: There has been much confusion about Bukwus being another name for Bigfoot. Bigfoot is also a spirit being to many Native American tribes but Bukwus is an undead being, the ghost of a drowned person. Bukwus will turn other people into more Bukwus. Bigfoot doesn't do that. Both creatures are believed to be hairy. Some people insist to this day that Bukwus are gentle, shy, hairy "forest devils", indicating that Bukwus is indeed Bigfoot. I personally do not think Bukwus is Bigfoot, but I won't argue for or against and will just let people believe what they want to believe regarding such.

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