Thursday, August 18, 2011

***BREAKING NEWS*** - West Memphis Three Case

A judge has ordered a new hearing for tomorrow, August 19. All three men convicted in the 1993 murders of three boys in a "satanic ritual" will be present, along with their attorneys. A gag order has been issued so there is no further information. Rumor has it that at least two of the men will be released.

Many believe the three men are innocent and feel they were victims of a witch hunt. The murders took place during the closing years of the "Satanic Panic" hysteria.

Surprise hearing for "West Memphis 3" on Friday

For those who are not familiar with the West Memphis Three case, check out my blog entry by clicking the link below.

The Demoniacal - West Memphis Three


The rumor is that the three will be made to take a plea deal where they plead "no contest" and will be sentenced to "time served" and released. Unfortunately this will not clear their names but they will be free. Then again, it's possible that the judge will simply toss out the convictions and assert a new trial. We will have to see how it goes. From the way it looks now, for the first time in 18 years Damien, Jason, and Jessie may walk as free men. Let's all cross our fingers!

(I've been setting lights and praying sporadically for their release for many years now. They deserve justice and those poor murdered boys deserve justice as well. The killer is still out there and has been free all these years.)

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